Possible Trump Presidency X-X

Possible Trump Presidency X-X

Considering how things are going so far tonight, I have to ask... what would a Trump presidency mean for Tesla?

Ross1 | 8 novembre 2016

The end of civilisation as we know it.
You call yourselves a First World Country. Humbug.

Frank99 | 8 novembre 2016

I don't know think I'll ever redeem my Model 3 now; I'm packing the family and we're trying to decide whether a quick run to Mexico or a 2-day run to Canada is the best answer. Thank God I've got an ICE with 400 mile range...

I hope SpaceX has their Mars rocket ready soon; is there a reservation list?

McLary | 8 novembre 2016

Trumps' breath alone will probably melt what's left of the icecaps.

Efontana | 8 novembre 2016

When it comes to Tesla, Trump does not have a leg to stand on. The Motto is "Make America Great Again."
Bring back jobs.
Tesla does those things as well as anyone.

Seems like he would support a company like Tesla. Would have to.

SO | 8 novembre 2016

@Efontana- you are thinking logically. "Trump" and "logical" are not typically used in the same sentence.

Wzembrodt | 8 novembre 2016

It means we don't have to put up with the criminals with the last name Clinton ever again.

ckcland2 | 8 novembre 2016


RedShift | 8 novembre 2016

So, the ignoramuses and stupid idiots have won. Oh well, let's get high, marijuana is legal here in California. And there's nothing you bums can do about that!

Waiting for Putin to come to the whitehouse for vodka shots next!

Mazdarati | 8 novembre 2016

NOOOOOOOO HATE HATE HATE HATEHATEHATE... sorry, got a little worked up there. I don't know what it could mean for Tesla, but seeing his views on global warming does not look promising.

SCCRENDO | 8 novembre 2016

@redshift. A sad day in American history. We survived 8 years of Bush. We will survive Trump. He has committed his first act. The Dow is tanking. There goes my retirement.

Wzembrodt | 8 novembre 2016

A great day for American! Last sound Hillary will hear...

"Lights out" Clink

Wilber | 8 novembre 2016

I would expect him to:

1. promote coal and oil in a big way and try to elminate any regs favorable to solar/wind and similar. So, Solar City will take a big hit.

2. Try to eliminate the $7500 federal tax credit
3. Cancel Obamas plans (and $$) for clean energy - including the money for charging infrastructure.

I am sure i am forgetting other things he will try to do. A very grim day for the transition to sustainable transport....

carlk | 8 novembre 2016

Deplorables got what they wished for. Let's see what President Trump will do for them. Lol.

Wzembrodt | 8 novembre 2016

Guess what? We no longer have a president that apologies to the rest of the world for America. Proud to be an American

SCCRENDO | 8 novembre 2016

Perhaps a president who sends off a nuke or two to show the world

Wzembrodt | 8 novembre 2016

Perhaps a president that doesn't accept money for favors. Perhaps a president that didn't enter public service to get rich

Mazdarati | 8 novembre 2016

Just silently ignore him...

2015P90DI | 8 novembre 2016

Not "possible". Pennsylvania just called. It's over. Trump is the President Elect.

SCCRENDO | 8 novembre 2016

Pennsylvania still too close to call on CNN and MSNBC although I do expect Trump to win it

bryan.whitton | 8 novembre 2016

I suspect that the USA will very soon enter a economic depression. This is typical of a republican presidency. I think that long term we will see the middle class continue to shrink. The whole trickle down economic theory is a fall back to the days of aristocracy and royalty. There was a minimal middle class in those days as well. Everyone was dependent on the ruler of the kingdom. Well it doesn't work. Civilization stagnated for millennia, we will continue to collapse economically and socially until there is social upheaval and chaos.

That is the best that we can expect. The worst is that he draws up a treaty with Putin and ignores congress and we go under Russian rule and he is 2nd in command of the new order.

McLary | 8 novembre 2016


Efontana | 8 novembre 2016

Wonder if the vicarious motto, "I'm with her," is flawed and fragile in comparison.

compchat | 8 novembre 2016

Trump Wins ! Hilliary Vanquished.

Finally something good for the country. President Trump WILL make America GREAT again !

He has a tremendous challenge ahead of us so I suggest we all support his efforts. The American people thought that he was the candidate to change the downard spiral of our country brought on by 8 years of Obama.

He will immeidatley void, destroy and cancel Obama Care. I hope he replaces it with something less expensive and more expansive. Everyone she have some form of medical insurance (IMHO).

OH, and btw, marijuana is now legal in California for recreational use. Trump needs to change federal law on marijuana and make it legal for those States that have Medical Marijuana Laws.

OH, and he's going to BUILD THE WALL ! With a republican house and senate he should be fairly easy crusing for him to pass his agenda. And the media will have to start respecting him now.

As for Hiliary, she can retire and take her daytime naps. She never had the energy to be a great President. But now there will be plenty of time for her to catch up on her beauty sleep.

The people have spoken. Now give President Trump the chance he earned.

SCCRENDO | 8 novembre 2016

I think Van Jones puts things in perspective
Emotional Van Jones: How do I explain this to my children?

dborn | 8 novembre 2016

He is going to be a good president. He is going to get rid of political correctness, finally. America may avoid the European disaster and a Muslim senior advisor in the White House.
Tesla is going to have to produce great cars and compete on the open market. Why is that a bad thing? Cheap imports from China gone, no advantage in manufacturing over there, jobs therefore back to America.
For Australia, our exports will simply go to the USA instead of China. The sun will rise tomorrow, the world is not gonna end. Anyway you can't tax the climate into submission.

Wzembrodt | 8 novembre 2016

It was time for a change. Enough with the career politicians.

McLary | 8 novembre 2016

Republicans have the house and the senate locked up. Not good to have all the power on one side.

krissu | 8 novembre 2016

Hi there on the other side of pond, greetings from Europe! What kind of democracy you have there with 300+ million people and you end up with these 2 to choose from? Pity that Björn was not born in US:)

Ross1 | 8 novembre 2016

Should China get cold feet or be spurned and call in its debt, USA will be bankrupt. That easy.

And, it is Germany all over again.

zipmafia | 8 novembre 2016

Trump just won. FML.

Efontana | 8 novembre 2016
dborn | 9 novembre 2016

Oh, and finally the end of the rule of the worst president in US history, beating out Carter, and boy, that was a disaster. Hillary would simply have given more of the same. No more bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia.!

compchat | 9 novembre 2016


We have a democratic system by the people and for the people. The people selected Trump. Since Brexit you should understand what is going on in the USA without making derogatory remarks. A huge change was needed. That's what we selected. As a proud voter for Trump I wish him the best of luck. Maybe we can avoid importing all the terrorists imported into Europe by your liberal policies on immigration. Did you forget the attack in Paris already ?

malcolm.hall1932 | 9 novembre 2016

Don't be disheartened folks, there's a silver lining. Trump winning was the best outcome for us under the circumstances. His followers, plus Congress, would have made Hillary Clintons plans impossible to execute. In addition they would have become even stronger by the next General Election. This way his supporters will truly see him for what he is "The Emperor Has No Clothes" and will bitterly reject him. Thus making way for a more civil and democratic election next time around.

ckcland2 | 9 novembre 2016

Did you say Silver lining? Calling Silver....

RedShift | 9 novembre 2016

Oh, yeah, he is going to bring the jobs back! You know how to hack, Trump supporter? Hope so, for Putin is setting up a huge hacking outfit right here in the US of A and needs some hackers. What is that you say? Dropped out of high school? Too bad for you then!

Lets see, how to bring those jobs oh, there's COAL! Oh wait, that is getting some serious competition of natural gas, no big investments into that one, scratch that...oh, let us impose TAXES on companies offshoring! Ummm that might backfire as companies lay off workers to compensate the higher wages they have to pay and resort to automation... damn, this presidency thing is going to be harder than I thought!

And why the heck is Mexico refusing to pay for that wall? Get me the Mexican president on the phone!

Special thanks to SAM O for not voting Hillary. You know, Donald must be so grateful to all you selfish Bernie supporters. You are special. Smart, but stubborn enough not to see the results of your actions. Wonder if it made a difference. Looking at the thin margins in some states, maybe it did.

gekcut | 9 novembre 2016


I agree, let's hope we are wrong.

RedShift | 9 novembre 2016


"Perhaps a president that doesn't accept money for favors."

Except from Putin.

Even you will wake up, once this high has worn off. I predict you will have a yuuge hangover.

J.T. | 9 novembre 2016

@compchat The people have spoken. Now give President Trump the chance he earned.

The people spoke in 2008 and 2012. Did the Republican obstructionists give Obama the chance he earned?

McConnel's proclamation that the Republicans would make Obama a one term president was anti-American. The Republicans, for the last 16 years have been the little kid on the playground who takes his ball and goes home when things don't go his way.

If they expect the Democrats to act like grown ups, perhaps they should start.

Al1 | 9 novembre 2016

Once Mexicans and illegal immigrants are out there will be some jobs available for those who are willing to take. Construction, pizza delivery, strip dancing you name it.

Wzembrodt | 9 novembre 2016

@RedShift, sorry about your loss.

J.T. | 9 novembre 2016

@RedShift You know, Donald must be so grateful to all you selfish Bernie supporters.

Selfish? Hillary was the selfish one. If she really wanted the Democrats to win she would have stepped aside and let a decent person run. ANY DECENT PERSON would have beat Trump.

So, don't blame Bernie Supporters for not coming out anymore than you can blame African-Americans for not supporting Hillary with the same fervor they showed for Obama.

This election was the Democrat's to lose. The Republicans put up the weakest, most flawed, most inexperienced, most divisive, most disgusting candidate they could.

The Democrats blew it. Don't blame Bernie's supporters for getting pissed off at the DNC for playing fast and loose with the rules. Blame Hillary for creating an atmosphere where that kind of conduct was acceptable.

RedShift | 9 novembre 2016


No dumbo, we have legalized Marijuana here. You on the other hand, have to live with your choice and the shitty consequences if your stupidity for the next couple of years.

Wzembrodt | 9 novembre 2016

Wow, seems like a personal attack - I will let the moderators know. Stay classy

RedShift | 9 novembre 2016


Can't say I disagree. However, BERNIE supported Hillary. And these blokes still went the other way, all the while thinking, ' oh, Trump does not stand a chance!'

So, yeah, I am not going to stop blaming. However, the biggest factor was the organic support from the manure pile..(sorry, getting carried away) I mean, the organic support from the rural, white and uneducated voters.

Yes, this was a big middle finger to the 'establishment'.

Ethan_M | 9 novembre 2016

Hey folks, my intent wasn't to get some good 'ol 'Merican political trolling on...

Can we PLEASE keep to the topic?

I earnestly would like to know people's thoughts on how the Trump presidency will impact green / renewable energy, and Tesla.

Many thanks.

Remnant | 9 novembre 2016

@McLary (November 8, 2016)

<< Republicans have the house and the senate locked up. Not good to have all the power on one side. >>

At this historical juncture, Republican is not "a side" in a debate, but a tsunami caused by the will of the Americans to restore the Founders' principles of Faith, Liberty, and the Rule of Law. The latter is well rendered by the Latin phrase, IURIS PRAECEPTA SUNT HAEC, HONESTE VIVERE, ALTERUM NON LAEDERE, SUUM CUIQUE TRIBUERE.

Honesty, Personal Accountability, and Equal Justice will be reborn and Political Correctness will no longer hold any sway.

Time to restructure your views.

Congrats for your opportunity to be enlightened and live among the freest people on Earth.

vperl | 9 novembre 2016

There is a magic number of Tesla's produced, then the 7,500 Dollar tax credit goes away.

The projection for Tesla for reaching that number was Modish to late 2017, Tax credit goes away.

Someone probably has precise dates, times and numbers

dsvick | 9 novembre 2016

And back to the topic at hand ....

What does this mean for Tesla?
How much clout/influence will the big three automakers have now? How will that affect Tesla's efforts to get more service centers and showrooms?
Will the tax credit get extended? Keep in mind it was it the republicans that had the "drill, baby, drill" chant going.
On the other hand, they are an American company, doing (currently) all of their production in America which should be exactly what is wanted.

dsvick | 9 novembre 2016

My questions above were rhetorical ... :)