UK, Model X owners?

UK, Model X owners?

Hi, I'm sat sitting, waiting til march 2017, for my Model X to arrive.

Just thought us Brits should start a UK post, so any owners, or like me those that are waiting, come and say hi!

What have you got / ordered?

When did it arrive / will it arrive?

And of course, Any issues or comments that may help other U.K. Owners.

carlbrown | 2 décembre 2016

U.K. Here, March delivery hopefully on a P90D replacing a RR Sport SVR

Just had a VIN assigned today I believe so getting closer!

ndhenson | 2 décembre 2016

Hi Carl, when did your order get confirmed? Mine was 1/12/16, so not sure when I'll hear anything from tesla next...

It's going to be a long few months..

I'm waiting for a Black 75D, to replace my M4.

ndhenson | 2 décembre 2016

Website states, late march at the moment..

david | 2 décembre 2016

I've been waiting since earlier this year having ordered a founders version. Expected delivery date is later this month or early january so not long now! Have a P90DL on order. My vin was assigned on the 7th october if that gives anyone an indication of how long it takes from that point to delivery.
I heard a rumour recently that they are actually flying model Xs in to the UK which I find difficult to believe but I suppose they could be trying to rush deliveries prior to the quarter end.
This is my third tesla, the waiting doesn't get any less painful!

carlbrown | 3 décembre 2016

Order was confirmed on 22nd September and VIN assigned 2nd December which is 330xx.

Whats made you want to part with the M4?

Flying orders in would be impressive if not quite expensive for them to do. Just hoping to take delivery before April when Supercharger rules and VED rules change.

David - Agree with the wait, this ones been relatively short for me, waited nearly 13 months for a Range Rover. Never gets any easier!

ndhenson | 3 décembre 2016

David / Carl, I've never waited for a car before, it's killing me...!

The M4 was a wonderful car, but I also have use of all things, a Vauxhall Ampera (or Chevy Volt) and guess which car I started to prefer driving...

The Ampera is so smooth, quiet, and feels so modern againest the M4, which was all noise, growls, pops n bangs. The performance was great, but the noise became 'un-necessary' in the end. I've sold the M4 now, as it was only going to depreciate further over the winter, so it's going to be a long dark winter waiting for the X75D...

One question to you both, did you use a referral code to get any discounts? I asked about discounts but was told that Elon himself had forbidden them, I have since discovered that I could have got £750 off simply by clicking on a strangers link, hardly seems good customer PR..? Might try retrospectively...!

david | 3 décembre 2016

No discounts available other than the owner referral code. I have managed to convince loads of people to use my referral code in the past which is why I am getting a founders model, don't think tesla will allow retrospective discount but if they do feel free to use my link! You could ask the sales office you bought through to apply it perhaps..
Bought my first tesla model S in 2014 and moved from a 6.0 W 12 Audi which made loads of noise. Strangely didnt/don't miss it, as you say it all seems so old fashioned. Owning a tesla totally ruins you, you're no longer a car nut.

carlbrown | 3 décembre 2016

Yup, no discount for me, Wasnt aware of the referral code system when I placed the order, saw the X for the first time at Salon Prive after being invited by JLR's Special Vehicle Ops and decided I wanted one!

Interesting you say about the M4, had one myself and liked the performance but found the interior pretty poor and wasn't a fan of the noise compared to the Range Rover, (5 litre V8 with 550hp and sounds like thunder!)

Recently brought a Morgan 3 Wheeler, which is all the fun I could need from a car. Complete opposite to the Model X, no power steering, no heaters, no roof, a V twin motorbike engine. Built down the road from me too so got to see the factory where they are built!

ndhenson | 3 décembre 2016

I've asked the SC at Digbeth, let's wait and see...!

However, I have noticed that the list prices have taken a hike since my order, the same car now is nearly £4000 dearer..!

ndhenson | 3 décembre 2016

However, I don't agree about no longer being a car nut..!

Just that the Car has evolved!

david | 3 décembre 2016

I would still have a Morgan for summer day driving so perhaps I still am a bit of a car nut..
Driving my wife's car or hire cars seems so darn inconvenient, noisy and dated now. The whole gear changes, lack of massive touchscreen, wait for the power to kick in and having to concentrate in busy traffic is such a bore!
Price of Tesla's has been hit big time by currency changes recently, think the service centre should be able to apply discount without affecting your order.

noise | 4 décembre 2016

Just been notified of my VIN for Model X 90D, 7 seats. Wirral, UK. No estimate of delivery yet but dealer says late March. Replacing a Discovery 3.

Referral code: iain5656

Drboltz | 5 décembre 2016

Ordered P100D, mine is built and currently on a train to Houston i'm told. My delivery slot was end Dec/Early Jan but has slipped to end jan early feb.

For me the "my tesla" page has never shown a delivery slot and is stuck in "your tesla is in production" despite speaking to the DS and being told the above "in transit post production"

He says there is a software glitch on X orders for UK, anyone else seeing the same?

ndhenson | 5 décembre 2016

Drbolyz: Good news that it's built, same the delivery has been held up, any reasons given? Is there any truth to the 'air freight' rumour?

Noise: What was your period from order confirmation to getting the VIN number?

I only ordered mid Nov, and was told that I'm late march, but I've been playing around and can still 'build' a custom order X that shows as late march! Hope they're not being misleading due to the Supercharger / Taxation changes coming in in April 2017.

Drboltz | 5 décembre 2016

Hi, i think from confirmation to vin was maybe 3 weeks, i then got a call asking if i would accept my order being brought forward. Mine certainly isn't going air freight (wish it was as i'm carless from jan based on them telling me a end of dec delivery when the called to bring it forward) - i've been told its on a train right now to houston where it goes in a container on a ship to holland for final assembly then onto the UK

ndhenson | 6 décembre 2016

I spoke to the Delivery Peeps today, My car will leave the Factory last week in Jan, then spend a month on a train, then a week on a boat, then only a few days in Holland, before adorning my driveway the 2nd or 3rd week in March!

I certainly hope this is the case, I have already put in writing that I am not liable for any increased taxation come April 2017. (And of course expect the free Supercharging to be honored anyway)

On a brighter note, I got my wall charger today! Anyone else bothering with these or making do with the included leads?

carlbrown | 6 décembre 2016

Spends a long time on the train!

Interested to know what happens in Holland for final assembly

Been told that mine should role off the line on Boxing Day and should be at dealers around 26th Feb

Yup, planning to get the tesla wall charger too, who did you use for installation? Was it one of the recommended people tesla suggest?

Richardm | 6 décembre 2016

I reserved mine in Aug 2015, had the VIN in late October and am now in transit, expected date is end of January. I have 2 colleagues with S's so it has been a painful wait. spec is 90D 6 seater in Titanium, white interior and premium package.

Have been driving a PHEV whilst waiting - thats been ok, hugely short on range and pretty poor mpg.

Macca99 | 6 décembre 2016

DrBoltz - think I am in the same boat (not literally unfortunately). P100D 'completed production' on 11 November (I was informed via email) but website still says 'in production' 3 weeks later. I was also called and asked if I wanted to bring forward delivery to this year, and my DS very confused as his deliver schedule says late Dec/ early Jan, but car appears to be in queue to get on the train. Guess we are looking at a delay. What vin are you? Ours ends in 028872. Also, have you looked into insurance yet? Anyway I have a call out to my DS to find out what is going on and will let you know if I find out anything helpful

ndhenson | 6 décembre 2016

Carl, I'm an electrician so I'll install the wall charger myself, it's going directly beneath the mains board so couldn't be easier. I've gone for the 7.5m lead so the car can be parked either way around.

Richard, that's only 5 weeks from VIN to transit, pretty good, just a shame that they're on the train for so long! Can't quite get my head around that, on my map the US is only about 12" wide!

My DS told me it's best to stop looking on the 'my tesla' page, saying that it might not refresh until end of Jan anyway, ( but I've still checked it about 10 times tonight..!)

Good luck to you guys though, hope that all the cars arrive safely and on time...!

jbanfie | 7 décembre 2016

Hi Gents,

I got my VIN (and not much more info) on 5 December - again for a target 1st March Delivery.

Please keep any info coming as it's all a bit of a dark tunnel.

Mine is a P100DL - deposit paid in November 2014, I was number 92 in the UK!

I was told you can't have a wall charger until you have a VIN, so I'm going to deal with that after Christmas, I was also phoned for earlier delivery, but didn't want one of the first RHD down the production line.

The autopilot 2.0 thing is very interesting/confusing, but no one could tell me what it did over 1.0 and the cost to enable after delivery was the same so I didn't bother - I can't see the self drive thing getting approved in the UK/Europe any time soon so I'm not doing that right now either. Very pleased to have all the option on all of that though. Tesla Delivery manager agreed with all that thinking.

My insurance for the X was about £400 on a policy with 4 cars with Admiral, but I'm 45 and live in lovely Somerset - lots and lots of no claims.

As I say - interest to hear peoples news and experiences



Drboltz | 9 décembre 2016

Macca99 i'm 3 vins away from you!

Called again today, they have put an expedite on it as its still not hit the train yet and sat in car park at factory.

jbanfie you can get a wall charger without vin, use you rorder number call the tesla center and go for parts, ask them for the charger against your order, i did and they sent it arrievd next day. Lucky to have 3P at home so all fitted and sorted against my expected uprated charger p100d model x

Macca99 | 9 décembre 2016

Wow. Drboltz I think our cars are both stuck. I have been trying to get news of mine as the expected delivery still says 29/12, but the car still seems to be in Fremont. My DS has no idea, keeps saying he has expedited request to find out more but never seems to find anything out. I was holding out for a mistake or some barcode not being scanned and it being in transit, but if your eta has moved to early Feb guess I should probably resign myself to that also.

Macca99 | 10 décembre 2016

Update: just checked 'my tesla' again and it now says that my car is in Tilburg! Drboltz hopefully same for you

ndhenson | 10 décembre 2016

Update #2

So does mine?

That four months ahead of schedule.....! Confused!

mgbaillie | 10 décembre 2016

There must be a problem with my tesla. I only received my vin (32561) on 1st December and it's now showing as in Tilburg

ndhenson | 10 décembre 2016

I've not even had a VIN forwarded to me. Guess it's a bug with the website, but can't help wishing...!

jbanfie | 10 décembre 2016

Mine too says it's in Tilburg again only got my VIN on 5th. I'll put a call in on Monday to see what the deal is.

If it is there then I can't see any issues with getting it in March.

Good news I guess

I do find all of this a little confusing - clearly Tesla's communication skills are still a little behind what I would expect!

Drboltz | 10 décembre 2016

Yeah, my tesla now says its in tilburg too

i'm guessing they had computer issues and its really made it here but didn't update till now?

now says

Estimated Delivery Range: January, 2017 - Early February, 2017

ndhenson | 10 décembre 2016

I've no estimated delivery range? Where is that shown?

Shouldn't be getting excited, it's clearly a bug! Isn't it?

carlbrown | 10 décembre 2016

Mines apparently arrived in Tilburg too!

My Tesla didn't even mention that the car was in production and no emails with updates.

Hopefully an actual update rather than a bug!

Drboltz | 11 décembre 2016

Mine never said a date before when in production and certainly when I spoke to ds on Friday he confirmed it was in California according to their systems and opened a case with the factory. I want to be positive and it's over in Holland but I doubt it.

Drboltz | 11 décembre 2016

its back to saying "in production" now.....

ndhenson | 12 décembre 2016

".....Your Tesla order has been confirmed and scheduled for production in our factory..."


gaurav.sheel | 12 décembre 2016

Hello everyone,

I was always curious to find other Model X owners from UK here on forums.

we booked ours on 19/08/16.
Standard White (the discontinued white) 90D with in White interiors PUP, standard audio, sub zero weather convenience (must requirement from Wifey :) ) standard wheels and tyres.

My tesla says 'In production'

VIN ending (.33051)

Please keep the information flowing - i can hardly wait to get my hands on my Model X.


Saxman | 12 décembre 2016

@Drboltz does it specifically read...IN PRODUCTION

or does it read exactly like @ndhensen..."confirmed and scheduled for production. .."?

Drboltz | 12 décembre 2016

Says "your tesla is currently in production". Spoke To ds today he said it finished production on 23/11 but still sat there. He had no answer to his case and several others in same state as me.

ndhenson | 12 décembre 2016

I know we now know (knew all along) but my DS has just confirmed it was a glitch, with the website.

Just hope that's the end if it, I've just read into the VED liable on any car delivered after March 2017, just the small amount of £310 per annum, please sir!

Let's hope Tesla's Customer Service don't mind getting a bill every April!

Drboltz | 13 décembre 2016

wahoo, she's on the move

"Your Tesla has been built and is in transit from our Fremont factory to the port within the United States."

still not confident on date though personally

"Estimated Delivery Range: Late December - January, 2017"

Macca99 | 13 décembre 2016

Drboltz - that is great news! Congrats
is there anything you did to break the bottleneck? My P100D has been (apparently)sitting at the factory since production was completed 11th November. My DS - based in Birmingham, initials JA - has been trying to find out more, but even with escalated requests I have zero information. Aside from the expected delivery late Dec/Jan which - if the above is true - is not feasible. Or was it just a waiting game for you?
Thanks - Macca

Drboltz | 13 décembre 2016

My DS is based in hounslow but i have been talking to the same James like you, i mentioned your forum name yesterday and he knew you, said he was also goign to chase yours same time.

Does your my tesla still show in production?

Macca99 | 13 décembre 2016

It sure does...."In Production'. The good news is that I don't think that can be true, unless they are taking extra care over my car which has been in production over 30 days. The bad news is that they can't seem to track a 3 ton vehicle to the nearest continent. makes me a little unsure of using Autopilot on the M4 :). Still, it is what it is, am sure they will sort it out soon.

BAT1 | 14 décembre 2016


Your Tesla has arrived at the Tilburg Factory in the Netherlands for final assembly. Your Tesla will soon be in transit to your delivery location. Learn about your Tesla. View walkthrough videos.

ndhenson | 14 décembre 2016

Good Work BAT1!

When were you expecting to take delivery?

And more importantly, what are you getting?

BAT1 | 14 décembre 2016

Still est delivery Late Dec/Jan. MX P100D.
Vin issued Oct16
In production 31/10/16
Finished production 05/11/16
Shipping by train 6/11/16
Then bobbing across the pond until today. :-)

Macca99 | 14 décembre 2016

DrBoltz - update... they have found my car. Even though it still says 'in production' they assured me it was en route and they gave me an expected date to the service centre now around 3rd Jan ... delivery would be some number of days after that. Great news (I think). All the best for your delivery also - Macca

ndhenson | 15 décembre 2016

Great news boys! What Colour / Spec have you gone for BAT1?

Keep the good vibes coming, I'm still waiting for a VIN, but every sleep, is a sleep closer...!

ndhenson | 15 décembre 2016

Come to think of it, who is going for which colour..?

Solid Black,
Midnight Silver
Obsidian Black, +1
Deep Blue,
Pearl White,
Red Multi-Coat,

Think I know which will be most popular, be interesting, Copy, Paste & Edit the above list ..

gaurav.sheel | 15 décembre 2016

I have ordered the Original white - that is not available in the design studio anymore.

gaurav.sheel | 15 décembre 2016

not trying to hijack the thread - Is anybody going for custom number plate for their Model X ? and Have you thought about what are you going to name your Model X? :-)

Everyday is a difficult wait .. can hardly control a smile on my face when i think about the day when my X will be delivered.