What options on private sale

What options on private sale

I am looking at a 2015 Model S for sale at a dealer that has no knowledge of Tesla cars. I would like to know what options it has and if Supercharging for life is included. I can confirm the obvious options. I called Tesla Service with VIN, and they would not give me any information. Is there a way to get the Monroney sticker information with the VIN. Was lifetime supercharging included on all 2015 Model S?

lilbean | 14 décembre 2016

I haven't tried this but I found it on line.
I believe you get supercharging for life. :-)

SamO | 14 décembre 2016

All 85s ever produced have Supercharging.

Captain_Zap | 14 décembre 2016

Here is a VIN decoder. | 14 décembre 2016

@Captain - Thanks for posting our VIN decoder.

Unfortunately, the VIN does have much about options. You can tell AWD vs RWD. You may have to look over the car carefully. For example, see if you can set a navigation address (then you have the Tech package). The options packages changed quite a bit over the years, so at some points, options were either standard, part of a package, or an extra cost item. Sorry I'm not more helpful on this.

tom168 | 14 décembre 2016

2015 Model S could be 60, 85, 85D or 70D. 85, 85D and 70D have lifetime Supercharging. For 60, if the previous owner did not pay for the option, new owner could pay $2500 (?) to activate the lifetime supercharging.

ron | 15 décembre 2016

Thanks tom168. I forgot to say it's a 70D.

PhillyGal | 15 décembre 2016

It might be easier for us to list a couple a features that you can physically look for.

Air Suspension: Play around with the center screen settings and see if any options for it are present. If so, the car has it
19 vs. 21" wheels (look)
Leather vs. Textile seats (look)
Pano glass roof vs. body colored roof (look)
Autopilot software: Again, go in and check the settings. Or, test drive on a highway and look for a small gray steering wheel and speed dial icon on the top/center. These let you know that TACC and AP (Autosteer) are available for use.
Sound upgrade: Does anyone know what to physically look for?
Premium upgrades: Someone needs to correct me if I'm wrong but if the rear hatch can be auto opened by fob, this car has the premium package

70D means it's not performance so that's an easy one. D means it's got dual motors (all wheel drive)

PhillyGal | 15 décembre 2016

Also, the 70D was announced in April of 2015 so that's the oldest it could be.

The packages and options change frequently so I'm just going off of memory but hopefully someone who bought a 2015 70D can chime in. | 15 décembre 2016

@PhillyGall - excellent rundown!

Fro the sound upgrade, you can tell if you look in the trunk area. Look at the left side and see the deep pocket. If the right side is similar it has standard audio, if it is blocked off (the subwoofer resides in there) then you have the Ultra High Fidelity Sound package.

ron | 15 décembre 2016

PhillyGalland TeslaTap,
That's very helpful. Thanks.

Rocky_H | 15 décembre 2016

Also, if it has the Cold Weather package, there is a controls menu screen for that, too, where you can turn on the rear seat heaters.

Rocky_H | 15 décembre 2016

Oh, and while you are not connected to a charging plug, you should be able to go into the screen for the battery/charging. Check what maximum current level it shows. It might say 40 amps or it might say 80 amps. That should tell you if it has just the single charger in it, or the double charger.