For such a premium car at a premium price I am shocked to experience the poor customer service .
With no return calls, un answered emails, confusing information and no action, I am considering cancelling my order completely.

My personal gripe is that I've received no trade in quote since June instruction, after reminding my DS in July, October there is still no action.

ClearLy there will be a reduced valuation but ultimately who is responsible for,that?

California tesla HQ seriously need to look at the running of UK Operations, it is,unacceptable and needs addressing.

Macca99 | 15 décembre 2016

Hi. I just got a Trade-In quote - the way I did it was to call the original sales rep who sold me the car (not the DS). She directed me to an online tool to input all the info and pictures etc. I got the quote <24 hours later. Pretty similar to the "WeBuy...." quote, so don't expect anything fancy. My car is due into the UK early Jan so that might be the reason for quicker turnaround, but that might be a way forward for you.

bo90 | 22 décembre 2016

Well finally I received my quote which is appalling.
I made it quite clear in June, July, Aug, that I want a price immediately but no answer. Now I am suffering a £6k loss
Which is not down to me.
My car is in production but I need to jettison some options to compensate.

The poor CS will bite tesla Uk as as Customers loose patience.