Camera calibration problem

Camera calibration problem

After a few days of calibrating camera I emailed Tesla and here is the response

During the initial roll out, we have identified conditions that may prevent some cars from successfully completing their calibration. If you have driven your car for over 6 hours and the calibration is still in process, it is likely you will need a new software release before you can use the new features. We are working on an update that will resolve this but do not have an exact ETA on when it will be released at this time.

werner1979 | 6 janvier 2017

Thanks for the info! I am awaiting a call back from the service center. I will let you know if they can get it fixed without a software update.

Haggy | 6 janvier 2017

Back in my day, we had to go to the service center to get our one camera calibrated. You kids and your newfangled gadgets.

todd | 6 janvier 2017

I wonder what else they have found. Hopefully its a corner case and doesn't delay availability of the update to the rest of the HW2 fleet. | 6 janvier 2017

Just have ranger service today for another issue was told there is no fix at this time and it's known problem for some AP 2.0 car

kbytesla | 6 janvier 2017

Yeah, I'm in the calibrating camp too. Prob;y 150-200 and should be over 6 hours a;though could be close on that

kbytesla | 6 janvier 2017

Ps it's annoying not to even have "dumg" cruise control. Also, some kind of feedback so we could see how far along in the calibration process we are (or in this case are not) would be nice plus any hints about what might help speed the process (miles, time, type of driving, etc.) | 6 janvier 2017

From what Tesla said, it will never calibrate if calibration lasts more than 6 hours. Therefore we are stuck with completely manual driving until the next software update which there is no ETA. I just wish like you said it will bring back just basic cruise control which is standard option even for Toyota and Honda for decades. Right now, the most advanced car feels like the most outdated car with complete manual driving.

Rjgavlak | 23 février 2017

Any update on when this will get pushed through? Just bought my Model S and haven't been able to use Autopilot or even cruise yet.

torsten.raak | 24 février 2017

Picked up my Model S yesterday. Same thing. 400km and 5 hours of driving. Yesterday it said "Cruise control cannot be used during calibration". Fine. Today wobbly road markings appear in cockpit and trying to enable cruise control I get "cruise control not available". Called Tesla, they walked me through the switch off / reset process. Didn't help :-(

torsten.raak | 24 février 2017

They called me again. Car needs to go to service center. Annoying, but I guess I will survive ;)

amareshvanga | 25 février 2017

I guess with great technology comes great complexity(sounds like a line from marvel movies).
I have AP1 and rave about it everytime i use as it works so flawlessly within its limitations(which is not much).
You guys deserve much more than we have on AP1. I know Tesla will get you there but with everything that is Tesla related it is the anticipation that kills you.If you guys never used AP1, its adaptive cruise control is one of the smoothest in the market.It adapts to even sudden braking that the front car may not see(if the car in front of it is braking suddenly i mean).Autopilot works almost flawlessly in freeway(barring few conditions like heavy rain)
I can't wait for you guys to experience all these and much more.Elon hurry up

ddp2135 | 30 novembre 2018

I was at 91% on Monday the 26th of NOV, then couple days later after a software update, it went down to 88%. And even though i continued to drive manually, that number seemed to stuck right there. Any remedies ? Thanks !

kurt | 23 mai 2019

Anybody else seeing weird "dancing vehicles" in their left window pane? After calibration, neighboring cars seem to flicker, move around, change angle, and sometimes change direction for a split second. Two days ago, a car crossed my lane quite a ways ahead and my model 3 braked hard. The other car wasn't even close. I am concerned with the tech. If the neighboring cars are jumping around on the screen, how can the car properly sense their position, direction, and speed? I do not yet have the autonomous computer. Calibration seemed to take the first day I owned the car. I love the car, but a few of these things concern me.

EVRider | 23 mai 2019

@kurt: I’ve seen the dancing vehicles around me, but only when stopped. Even when they’re not dancing, sometimes the car miscalculates the position of cars ahead of me relative to the lane markers, so my car might slow down thinking a car is crossing into my lane.

samkim | 2 juillet 2019

i have a 2019 Model X. Picked it up last week and have been commuting to work. My calibration for autopilot has been at 96% then 97% then back to 96% for the past 2 days. I see lanes, and warnings that there are objects to my left (the road divider) but do not see cars.

Scheduled a Tesla vist but the next avail is in a week.

Anyone else go 350 miles and still get the calibrating cameras message?



EVRider | 3 juillet 2019

@samkim: Which firmware version do you have? Some owners of HW3 vehicles reported calibration delays with the firmware installed at delivery, but newer firmware fixed the issue. However, it could be a hardware issue, so keep the service appointment.