Ventilated seats

Ventilated seats

Tesla quietly discontinues ventilated seats on Model S and Model X

By Gene on Jan 13 2017 0

Tesla has updated the Model S and Model X design studio to discontinue the front ventilated seat option from the Premium Upgrades Package. Ventilated front seats were first seen on Signature and Founders Series Model X and would later be extended as a feature across all Model S and Model X equipped with Tesla’s optional Premium Upgrades Package.

The design of the perforated front seats were intended to provide a “cooling” effect by circulating air through tiny vents within the seat cushion. However, Tesla owners with the upgrade would soon begin questioning the true value of having the feature, after reports that owners were not able to feel or see any effects of the ventilated seats began circulating across the greater community. One can assume that Tesla ultimately decided to remove the feature due to unpopularity.

1Force | 13 janvier 2017

We don't know the true reason for discontinuing the seat ventilation feature but they work great on my X. I am sure other can chime in as well on the effectiveness of this feature.

Model_D | 13 janvier 2017

My wife had ventilated seats in her Lexus. I never could feel air or a cooling effect from them. However, I know they worked well in Arizona. If I remembered to turn them on, the skin that touched the leather seats was dry. If I didn't the skin was sweaty. I can't prove they worked but I know they did. If I manufactured vehicles I would not offer them to avoid numerous service visits and endless complaining.

lilbean | 13 janvier 2017

Good because they suck, literally and figuratively.

mohanmanoj | 13 janvier 2017

I am glad I got the ventilated seats. I think it looks good and works great too.

rossRallen | 13 janvier 2017

@'bean - the problem is that they don't suck enough.

Triggerplz | 13 janvier 2017

O Boy

COrich | 13 janvier 2017

I'm sorry to see them go. We test drove an X with the ventilated seats and I could definitely feel them when I turned on the fan. Would have been nice on a hot day. I hope the one I have on order still gets the ventilated seats.

lilbean | 13 janvier 2017

True rossRallen!!

PedanticOne | 13 janvier 2017

I'm assuming if you've already ordered, you'll still get them.

PedanticOne | 13 janvier 2017

My assumption was validated by my DS just now.

tylerhen | 13 janvier 2017

I confirmed my order on 12/24, expecting delivery in Feb/March. If I had to guess, I would say my X will not have them. The same thing happened with fog lights when I ordered my S back in 2013. When I confirmed the order, fog lights were included. At some point in between confirmation and car delivery, the did away with them for a short period of time, and my car did not have them.

Would be nice to have, but it is one of the last things on my list for reasons I am buying the car.

wrb1961 | 13 janvier 2017

Sad mistake. One of the very reasons I waited to buy an X over and S....amongst others. My X has them, and I use and enjoy them---they work for me! If anything, they should reduce the cost of the package....which they haven't done. TESLA, be careful--don't get the moniker of charging more than something is worth!

elguapo | 13 janvier 2017

They're fairly useless in my X. I can't really feel anything, but the seats do look nice since they're perforated.

Tesla totally messed this feature up compared to other manufacturers.

rdmdrd | 14 janvier 2017

They work great in the humid FL climate, probably better than my BMW. I'm not sure why Tesla would remove this option. It's almost expected for a vehicle at this price point.

elguapo | 14 janvier 2017

@rdmdrd I am glad to hear they work in FL. Consensus on this forum, generally, has been that they were a fail. Definitely the case for me and I've had the SC check them out 3 times and tell me they're working. I have two Xs and the air flow is terrible in both. I think they removed them to stop the flow of complaints and responses. The system just wants reliable/good.

phazor | 14 janvier 2017

I've owned a BMW, Cadillac and now the Model X all with ventilated seats and they've all been low airflow. I like the feature in my X, no better or worse than my other cars. Maybe I've had bad luck with all 3 cars and expectations have been set accordingly :)

RCorsa | 14 janvier 2017

These are as bad as MB and BMW seat vents I've had (currently have a 2016 X5M as well and they work the same as my 2017 MX I got last week) The only car I've noted where they work well is my 2015 911 turbo S.

ernie | 14 janvier 2017

I finally found some hot days where it seemed to help enough to tolerate the additional contribution to ambient dB.

rdmdrd | 14 janvier 2017

They could always offer it as a stand alone option such as the sound upgrade.

MyXinTx | 14 janvier 2017

While they are the weakest ventilated seats I have ever owned (compared to Porsche, Lexus, and even Kia) , they are still helpful in the Texas heat even with pre-cooling, as they minimize sweat build-up.

It was the primary reason I purchased the Premium Package, and now that they are out I question the value of that $4500 addition.

Vawlkus | 16 janvier 2017

I wonder if tearing issues caused this.

MasterT | 16 janvier 2017

Ventilated seats should not be "felt", they should provide just enoughj air movement to remove warm air and humidity from one's skin. If one can "feel" the effect of ventilated seats - that's too much airflow. That's how my experience was with premium cars (Audi, MB, Rolls Royce)

I think ventilated seats on X work just fine. I think there is an update coming