People you don't know used your referral code?

People you don't know used your referral code?

A good friend of mine bought an inventory car in December. He's a very conservative person in both ideology and new technology. He likely would not even consider a Tesla if he did not know me. It is safe to say I had a major influence of him purchasing the car. It was a quick decision he did not tell me of that until few days before the delivery. The thought of referral somehow just escaped my mind. I remembered that only when he mentioned to me the DS at delivery asked him about referral since he did not have one (that's a very nice gesture). He mentioned my name and got the $1000 discount after the DS checked his computer. I forgot about the whole thing until I saw some threads about the referral again. So I went to my account and checked if I indeed got one credited. Well not only I got one but I got a total of three. Apparently a couple other people used my code without me knowing. Not that I cared either way but just like to know does this ever happen to you too.

burdogg | 16 janvier 2017

Not me :) But I did use a random one when I bought my first Model S in Oct 2015 - you know, the whole Virginia fiasco that benefited me a total of $2,000 :)

I think some just pick random ones off the list, others may feel from reading the forum and your posts, etc... that they wanted to use your referral code for the info and time you have spent sharing what you know on the forums. :)

As for me, and I am sure you - I am here to help - not peddle myself so someone uses a code that may or may not do anything for me :)

carlk | 16 janvier 2017

I've never published my code on the forum so the only chance would be someone picked it at random. I totally agree it's fine to help people to save the $1000 but it's a little tacky to paddle your own code for something you did not put any efforts in.

burdogg | 16 janvier 2017

Oh, you mean I shouldn't say - Tesla is great - use my code :) yeah, pretty tacky.

The list of referral codes I have no problem with. Because like me, there is no one around that has a Tesla but was nice that I could benefit on my purchase, even if I got it from a forum of random people :)

So one place with a list of referrals to at least benefit those purchasing that have no way to know anyone with a code works for me. But the random spam drops of use me, pick me etc... I could do without.

Even a simple answer to someones question and then dropping your referral code is bad :) Hey, be helpful and if they appreciate it, they will find a way to get the code from you without you having to offer it.

Just my thoughts.

kevin | 16 janvier 2017

I write what I hope are helpful Tesla articles at, and one commenter there said they used my code,

lilbean | 16 janvier 2017

See. That's nice. Unlike people who just post their code never to be heard from again.

drklain | 16 janvier 2017

burdogg -- are you in Virginia? I'm in NOVA and have a number of referrals which I think would get me some of the smaller awards...but the fine print says something about no awards in Virginia. Has any VA resident ever gotten the jacket or any of the awards for referrals they have been credited?

burdogg | 16 janvier 2017

drklain - I am not - back in the original referral, they gave the buyer a $1,000 discount and the referrer got $1,000 for stuff purchased at Tesla from what i understood. But Virginia was not allowed, so those that used a Virginia code, Tesla gave the extra $1,000 to the buyer - hence everyone was using Virginia codes back then to get $2,000 off their purchase price :)

Chavo60 | 16 janvier 2017

When I ordered my car I went through the list of referral names and randomly picked one. I don't even remember which one it was. You're welcome whoever you are.... and thank you for the $1,000 discount whoever you are lol...

AlMc | 16 janvier 2017

I wish TM would make a 'donation' referral code available. The new buyer gets $1k off and a charity gets 'credit' and can auction or sell the tires/wheels/vehicle that they eventually qualify for at the time.

gregrt | 17 mai 2018

When I ordered mine the sales man just chose a code from a list. I am guessing if the salesman looked you code up for your friend, he used it for some other people to.

PBEndo | 17 mai 2018

I had a very similar experience with a friend that I had talked to regarding my Tesla for 2 years. I was the only person he knew that had one. When he went to purchase, he told the sales rep that I had given him a code but he forgot to bring it. The sales rep said "No problem" and gave him somebody else's code instead of looking mine up.

barrykmd | 17 mai 2018

^^ flagged

blacktape242 | 18 mai 2018

not me but wishing someone would!

barrykmd | 18 mai 2018

Post gone. That's not PBEndo I was referring to!

zafarula | 11 décembre 2018

Where do I find my referral code, if I need to give it to my friend who is thinking of buying a T3?

sentabo | 11 décembre 2018

zafarula, you can log in to you account and find it under the Tesla Account tab. Alternatively you can click on the loot box in the upper right hand corner in the Tesla app.

akikiki | 11 décembre 2018

Is that the truck?

winx17 | 12 décembre 2018

I got a random person who used my code too! I guess it could have been one of my other referrals giving my code out as a thank you for the test drive and info...

hugh | 24 mai 2019

Is anyone aware of any downside from a random person using one's referral code? I can't see any downside to me - indeed, only upside from the charging credits - but if anyone is aware of a downside please clue me in.