thank you cards

thank you cards

Does anyone know if Tesla is still sending out the thank you cards with the artiest renderings of the Model 3? Or was that just for the first 200000 or so? I placed my reservation in Aug. 2016 and have not seen anything. Was there a limited # of them that was going out?

noleaf4me | 19 janvier 2017

I got one - pre-reveal reservation.

bmwgs | 19 janvier 2017

They are no longer doing so. | 19 janvier 2017

I think they only went out to people who made reservations on the first day at stores.

mntlvr23 | 19 janvier 2017

@TeslaTap -
I do not know if or when they stopped, but it was not only the first day reservers.
I got one for my first day reservation, and one for a second reservation in early June.

ddrmadness | 19 janvier 2017

It may also depend on where you live. I placed a reservation on day 1 and didn't get one, but my mom who placed her order a few months later did get one. I listed my address as the apartment I was living in at the time while my mom listed her house of course, so it may not have been deliverable to an apartment complex without additional postage.

Techsla | 19 janvier 2017

I got mine , Reserved on 17/11/2016

Bighorn | 19 janvier 2017

They stopped right away--that's why they're worth $1000 on eBay:)

bmwgs | 19 janvier 2017

I just said they stopped.

mntlvr23 | 19 janvier 2017

thanks elon - I must have missed that

bmwgs | 19 janvier 2017

I understand. No go back to the contest.

alexanmh | 25 janvier 2017

Not missing a thing. It made me wonder if Tesla really understood the market for an "EV for the masses." Up until now, they've been selling cars to a demographic which expects certain amenities.

casscons | 30 janvier 2017

I reserved April 1, 2016 from Edmonton Canada - got mine in the mail a couple of months ago

pangolina | 31 janvier 2017

I live in an apartment complex as well and I received my Thank You note (in-store reservation on March 31).

Didn't expect to receive any gifts or tokens; Day 1 itself turned into a gift of a sorts - it was one of the most relaxing days I had in a while :)

ddrmadness | 1 février 2017


Sad face...

Antonioc222 | 2 février 2017

I got mine delivered to my apartment in Easton, Pennsylvania. Reserved my model 3 the night of the reveal (March 31).

jjedwards | 3 février 2017

I reserved my Model 3 the morning of April 1 and never did receive anything from Tesla in the mail, though others I know here did. I have no idea why I didn't since my address is correct in Tesla's records.

mntlvr23 | 3 février 2017

mailman took it and sold it on ebay?

jman | 3 février 2017

You were very late in the game Mikdot, they only went out to people who stood in line. I was third in line the day BEFORE any info or pictures of the car were shown. Those people will also apparently get something special about their car also as a thank you. People who are in your shoes will get an amazing car only......

mikdot | 3 février 2017

I'm good with the getting an amazing car. I'm not looking for any hand outs. I just wanted to know if they were still sending them out.
Not sure if I'd categorize being very late to the game as placing a deposit on a car that wont even start into production for a year after I placed the deposit.

akgolf | 3 février 2017

It wasn't just those that stood in line. I reserved online from Alaska on the first day and received mine.

mntlvr23 | 3 février 2017

akgolf is correct - I got one for both my pre-reveal reservation and a second one for my June reservation.

recker6085 | 4 mars 2017

i was number 13 on line at a store and i never received any gift that musk said everyone who waited would get..

skygraff | 4 mars 2017

+1 recker6085

I was #2, actually, and I finally used the contact us link to ask about it a couple months ago when this last popped up. Got a quick response but was told to contact the store. Don't care enough to go out of my way for what's sure to be a circular conversation.

Just make it a good car and deliver it in the next year or so.

skygraff | 4 mars 2017

To be clear, was talking about the art/card not anything else for those of us who lined up.

Tcloutier5890 | 4 mars 2017

I reserved in June. Called and asked for card which was cheerfully sent to me.

M.Ind | 7 mars 2017

Got one . Booked on the second day. ( I have booked from Mumbai , India )

Techsla | 7 mars 2017

Got mine after a simple email to Tesla, Received it in courier in 2 days, Thank you, Tesla , In fact, the email was sent by my 10-year-old and he wanted to hang it in his room