Two-Key-FOB family, not recognized

Two-Key-FOB family, not recognized

Is there any magic to getting the new-ish KeyFOB recognition working?
Each FOB is attached to the separate IDs, but it never seems to understand KeyFOB 2.
Anyone have any solution to this?

My husband gets in and everything gets reset for him (FOB 1).
I get in and it just sits there (but it DOES know it's FOB 2). We reset, resave, reattach - nope.

Leli001 | 10 février 2017

Did you lock the vehicle before you unlocked and got in?

iamkcdot | 10 février 2017

yes. and also it KNOWS my id is linked to keyfob 2 (i surf to my id and it says right there...). But also, sometimes the car wakes up mid-drive and warns "hey there is no more key inside this car!" and then after about 20 minutes of that warning, it knocks it off and sees the key again. its like it sees 2 fobs, but talks to them like they are 1. You cant IMAGINE the ongoing confusion when both my husband and I are in the car TOGETHER, with both FOBS on us...

Leli001 | 13 février 2017

May be an issue with the batteries in the fob or something else within the sensors. I would take it to SC and have them check it to be sure.

prestonward | 16 février 2017

When I linked mine, it had the reversed. Try removing them and adding them again.