VIN Unrecognized

VIN Unrecognized

Anyone having trouble with Insurance Companies recognizing the VIN? I have an estimated delivery 3/1-3/15!!! I've just started to insurance shop, beginning with Progressive since I have home and auto with them. Their online system doesn't recognize my VIN, nor does it give the option to choose Model X. Anyone else having similar issues getting the VIN recognized? Also, I'm in central CT. Anyone else with a model X in the Northeast have any insurance suggestions?

Xp100DL | 23 février 2017

mine was recognized but this is weird

robert.s.bjekich | 23 février 2017

Ameriprise Auto insurance recognized my Model X 90D as a P100D. They had to manually adjust their software to accept my VIN. Interesting, their rates were the same for either model.

burdogg | 23 février 2017

I had the same problem - I had to confirm that it was my vin - not sure what they did to make it work :) I was working through my insurance agent who does all kinds of insurance, so they handled it with the actual insurance agency. This is semi normal though :)

Redmiata98 | 23 février 2017

Put your vin into the safety recall and see what model comes back.

Redmiata98 | 23 février 2017

Sorry, just checked the URl. It does not provide the model number anymore.

MasterT | 24 février 2017

It did for me:
"2017 Tesla Model X General Production-2017"
"0 Recalls"

smtperror | 24 février 2017

I got the same result as MasterT - my vehicle is late feb - early march delivery | 24 février 2017

It just means the Insurance company hasn't bothered to put in the most current VIN (usually the year for the model). I've had the same issue with the Model S and State Farm. They seem to be 3-6 months behind new model releases from Tesla. They were able to handle it, but does seem strange.

You can also validate a Tesla VIN at:

While most VIN decoders are general and don't know anything unique about Tesla, this handles all Tesla vehicles from the Roadster to the Model X (and is ready for the Model 3).

campusden | 24 février 2017

State Farm insurance company of Florida had no problem with my 6 seater Vin intially. When I raised my coverage limits, the actual 6 month price went down by $2.33. I was told that I qualified for additional discount.

ValueAtRisk | 24 février 2017

Thanks for the help! The Tesla vin decoder is an interesting tool. Also, the nhsta was able to recognize my VIN with the same message posted above. At least I can be confident there is nothing wrong with the VIN.

smeitin | 5 décembre 2019

I’m having a similar issue. Located in Quebec Canada, I have my delivery scheduled for just over a week from now. My Tesla SA provided me with the VIN which decodes correctly on the (US) NHTSA site but 3 different insurance companies I called cannot provide me with insurance coverage because they state the VIN is unrecognized in their system.

I’m at a stalemate with the insurers telling me to validate the VIN and my SA confirming that it is the correct VIN.

I’m not sure if it is because the car is still at the staging lot in California and has not yet passed Canadian customs clearance or if it’s because the Canadian insurance database has not been updated with the 2020 performance model 3’s but I can’t seem to have this addressed.

Any ideas? | 5 décembre 2019

More likely the insurance database is out of date. When I got my first Model S in Jan-2013, the insurance company didn't even have Tesla Motors (the name back then) in the database. Tesla had been selling cars for a couple of years (Roadster first). They just underwrote it based on the cost. Not sure what to recommend or how to proceed. Hopefully close to when you get the car they will have updated their database or handle it based on value.

Not sure if it is just California or my insurance, but they provide 30 days of coverage when brand new without even notifying them of the new purchase. Still, I'd rather have a policy in hand.