2.5 months and counting - still no Riser part/Trunk surface part for the MX 5 seater 2nd row seat back

2.5 months and counting - still no Riser part/Trunk surface part for the MX 5 seater 2nd row seat back

Those of you who bought the MX 5-seater, has anyone received the missing Riser part that is required to cover the back of the exposed 2nd row seat back, and also the surface panel that makes the trunk surface flat? Every time I call, the service dept, they keep telling me there is no update or ETA. They have been saying the same story for the last 2.5 months.

It is getting to the point of being ridiculous that they will not supply a missing part the car should have had on day 1 when I picked up the car.

carteriii | 5 mars 2017

I'm still waiting. At least your service department hasn't tried to tell you that you don't need anything additional. You can see more of my story at:

cica3838 | 5 mars 2017

I got my car Monday and there is a fixed panel below rear of second row so items don't slide into the cabin. As well, I have two panels which together make my trunk floor flat. I don't seem to be missing anything.

Teslapalooza | 5 mars 2017

@carteriii, I read your posting at TMC. @Saxman in this forum is the only one who seems to gave got that part when he took delivery of the car back on December. May others like you and me are in a limbo even after 2 1/2 months. The Support folks are not even giving an ETA for it.

According to @Saxman, it is an L-Shaped part that slides right behind the back of the second row seats and has a flat top surface that blends with the rest of the Trunk.

This part is clearly owed to MX owners like you and me. They can't dodge us for ever on this. I for one won't let them off the hook on this even if it means taking legal recourse.

Teslapalooza | 5 mars 2017

Just saw Cica3838 response. So one more persons besides @Saxman who who has got this part.

Cica3838, Is it an L-Shaped part. Do you know is there an 'Tesla official name' for this part?

poloX | 5 mars 2017

I just sent them an email asking about it just on Fri. They responded yesterday. not yet. That's it.

cica3838 | 5 mars 2017

I will look again, but if I understand correctly, all it is is a rectangular board covered in black carpet that stands horizontally so items don't slide under the second row into the trunk. I don't think it is L shaped. There is no part number because the whole thing is covered in carpet, and it seems to be fixed in place. I tried lifting it and didn't want to force it.

That horizontal board serves as a support for two flat boards which make the trunk level. Underneath the two boards, there is an additional two tiered compartment below. Problem is that the first tied is kind of useless because things just slide into the deeper rearmost tier.

Saxman | 5 mars 2017

Yes I was very fortunate to have all these parts at delivery.

I agree with cica3838, the part behind 2nd seat does not seem L-shaped. I referred to it as a slanted board that hides bottom of 2nd row.

I'm curious if any 5-seaters got these pieces on deliveries after me.

Saxman | 5 mars 2017

Go to the TMC site and look for thread :

HVA FOR 5 seater Model X

JRoGville posted this past Wed @ 3:53am, a series of great photos showing the missing pieces. His 4th photo down, shows an excellent shot of the SLANTED BOARD with 2nd row folded down.

Saxman | 5 mars 2017

Should read HVAC not HVA

Teslapalooza | 5 mars 2017

Thank you @saxman. Those pictures do describe how the two pieces line up. One thing that is not entirely clear from the picture is, how does the slanted piece stay in place? It looks like that piece has 2 ears - one on top left and one top right corners. Do those two ears slide behind and rest on the black/grey plastic side molding that makes up the inside of the trunk?

All said and done, the whole thing looks like an amateur hack job that came as an after-thought. Certainly it does not look like something that was designed with any serious thought put into it up front.

I made a huge blunder by not spending an extra 3K and getting the 6 seater. Sorry about the rant ...,

Saxman | 6 mars 2017

Ramseshan 2001

The slanted piece is FIXED and not meant to be removed. The "ears" you refer to are needed to fit on top of rounded corners on each side of X.

I do believe IMO it was an afterthought from owner disatisfaction of earlier rendition.

I do think you will be much happier once you get those pieces. I admit from the photos it does not look great. However it looks much better in person. The Utility is fantastic. I personally prefer 5 seat configuration instead of 6.

What I don't understand is how my X was delivered on Dec 22 with these pieces and you and others still waiting.

Hope it gets resolved for you soon. Keep me post.ed

cica3838 | 6 mars 2017

I agree. The 5 seater trunk looks fine in person and the utility is far better. Don't worry.

Teslapalooza | 6 mars 2017

@Saxman, I hope so too. will keep you posted.

vperl | 6 mars 2017

My Experience with the local service center on this situation is, they smile, be very nice and friendly, but nothing happens.

One wonders when the four hundred thousand M3 roll off and a part of two are missing.

Same with repair and maintenance of the SUPERCHARGERS....

Be Happy


lilbean | 6 mars 2017

Yes. I hope they make the Model 3 perfectly, otherwise, there will be many unhappy people.

Teslapalooza | 6 mars 2017

That's right, the mass market consumers won't be as nice or patient as the current MS and MX owners/enthusiasts who have been extra magnanimous to give the Tesla a looooong rope to iron out the problems with the car, and I might add rightfully so.

Uncle Paul | 7 mars 2017

On a more positive note, these two boards give a tremendous amount of utility to to 5 seater configuration.

These boards are kind of a Transformer set up to allow the rear compartment to have enhanced function.

In standard delivery the two boards provide a pretty flat livery with the seats folded down. It provide an access opening for the rear hidden compartment so you can carry a fair amount of stiff hidden from prying eyes and in an area where they will not slide around. Even allows owners a comfortable place to get some sleep when changing out drivers or camping.

That rear board can also be slanted up to provide a great place for quick shopping runs. 8 or so plastic or paper bags can be slotted in there so they will not slide around and can be easily reach for removal at home.

The front board can also be removed or tilted up, protecting the middle seatbacks. This gives a deeper well perfect for a large dog (or dogs). Mine is much more relaxed riding around in this configuration as it is kind of a personal cave for his transport. In this mode I usually also slide the rear board into its lowered position to give him even more room and a flatter cave.

We have a vinyl SUV rear cover which loops over the 2nd row head rests. Catches most all of his shedding and makes for easier cleanup when he is gone.

I know it must be frustrating to have gotten your delivery before these were included, but it seems, that with Tesla's constant improvement policy almost all their vehicles come with something new just after taking delivery.

The boards are pretty simple, but are strong, light and very handy.

Saxman | 7 mars 2017


I enjoyed reading your "defense" of the 5 seater, and so far I am also enjoying mine very much.

I have a 65lb "very" white lab, whose hair sheds all over the black carpet on seat back & cargo area.

I would appreciate seeing a photo of your vinyl SUV rear cover that loops over 2nd row head rests.


Uncle Paul | 8 mars 2017

I did not see any label on this cover, but I bought it at a flea market.

It is just a piece of vinyl with two snap connected hoops that go over the two 2nd row headrests.

I can take a picture tomorrow and see if I can figure out how to post it here.

Uncle Paul | 8 mars 2017

It looks something like this, except I use it to cover the rear SUV area instead to the 2nd row seats.
Cheap and effective.

Saxman | 8 mars 2017

Thanks Phawker1 for posting that