Ventilated Seats?

Ventilated Seats?

Do we think Tesla is working to make a better version of the ventilated seats to bring back in the future?

I planned to buy an X, and was very excited to see the ventilated seats. I live in SoCal where it is always too hot, my Lexus has ventilated seats and it saves my day all the time. I don't think I can actually buy another car without this luxury. Buying a $100K+ car without this luxury option really makes this a deal breaker for me.

Hoping they bring it back...

Vawlkus | 17 mars 2017

I kinda doubt it, but one never knows.

Neige | 17 mars 2017

If they bring it back, I hope they have completely changed the design. I love my X, but the ventilated seats are nearly worthless. I've tried ventilated seats by Ford, Lexus and Mercedes and have always loved them until Tesla's attempt.

RGH | 20 mars 2017

Well Paulie, you can always use an ice pick and make your own holes :-)
Oh course its just a laugh.

ken | 20 mars 2017

I have ventilated seat and already have a tear on passenger side due to puncture, its very prone to tear.

lilbean | 20 mars 2017

Sorry to hear that, ken.

PedanticOne | 20 mars 2017

ken, do you have the white seats? I want to say you do...

PedanticOne | 20 mars 2017

Also, any idea how the tear happened?

MyXinTx | 20 mars 2017

I almost guarantee it will not return,for several reasons, since one of the biggest complaints was the look of the leather after a year, in my case 8 months.

The perforations do seem to weaken the leather or synthetic material used, so unless better material is used, that will be a hard stop. In addition, many complained about particles of "stuff" getting entrapped in the holes.

Plus, for whatever reason they decided to reverse the flow compared to other manufacturers, so the seat literally "sucked" air, not positive air blowing... this actually pulled the particles into the holes.

Currently they removed this element yet still charge the $4500 for the PUP, so that indicates how cheap the system really was for them, unless some say keeping the same cost for PUP is just gouging by Tesla...Say it isn't so Elon

The seats were actually the primary reason I went for the $4500 PUP, which I value as a $2000 upgrade based on other vehicles, but clearly not the crap that Tesla used..

Nobody wanted the ventilated seats more than me (hot Texas summer), as I have had them in every SUV in the last 8 years, of which Tesla's was functionally the worst (My Cayenne actually pushed A/C cooled air up though the seat perforations)

Those of us who do have ventilated seats are either "Lucky" or "Suckers", depending on your perspective.

ken | 20 mars 2017

I have white seats. SC sending it to repair.

Saxman | 20 mars 2017


Where in TX are you?

MXBlack | 20 mars 2017

So only the synthetic perforated seats are prone to tear and not the leather perforated seats right? Mine is leather perforated seats and they seems to cool just fine here in SoCal, not to mention I think it looks nicer than the non perforated version. The only problem I have is the creasing in the seats.

MyXinTx | 25 mars 2017

@Saxman - About 12 minutes from DFW... You?

@dtv425 - That muight be a stretch of a comment, I prefer to word it as though the perforated leather has less strength, and appears to be more susceptible to stretching, perhaps the creasing that you refer to, as mine appear that way as well. Tearing potential is probably based on the fact that there are already perforations to get snagged and be enlarged.
Looks are a preference, I don't think I care either way, but I really do not enjoy the specs of debris that get caught in the perfs and require being vacuumed or picked out.

Saxman | 25 mars 2017


We're in Austin

madodel | 25 mars 2017

@ken Are they fixing the tear under warranty? I have a very small tear in driver side seat back. I mentioned it when my X was in for annual service and they claimed it was normal wear. Elon had Tweeted about the material needing to be upgraded and strengthened over a year ago, but I haven't found anyone that has had their seats upgraded.

Leli001 | 27 mars 2017

I too have a small nick on the middle of my drivers seat cushion, white perf seats. It looks to have started at the seam and it might be slowly propagating out. It is only a 1/4 inch or less.
If it doesn't get any worse then I won't even bring it up to my SC but if it does, how big should the tear be before bringing it to the SC's attention?

Dth | 28 avril 2018

I also got a tear in my seat and the SC won’t fix it. It seems like it was a defective design and they should be fixing them under warranty.

medz13s | 28 avril 2018

are all seats on tesla are ventilated or you need on upgrade? | 28 avril 2018

@medz13s - ventilated seats were only available in late 2016 and early 2017 for a few months. Only front seats had ventilation when the option was offered. | 29 avril 2018

I have tan leather ventilated seats. They work but the cooling effect is relatively subtle. I found that they work by sucking air into the seats, not by blowing it out. This probably explains the subtlety. Don't hold your breath so to speak.

USCRXDR | 30 avril 2018

I have a Signature X with tan ventilated seats, don't seem to understand if they suck or blow- put thin piece of plastic on them, it didn't seem to suck in or blow upwards, I find little benefit of them at all and they do seem to crease faster than standard seats

Cuttin | 30 avril 2018

I do agree. I had these in several cars and it was nice but definitely NOT a game changer for me. I don't have them and initially it bothered me but I got over it.

lilbean | 1 mai 2018

Don't even worry about it. Those seats are a pain to clean.

me | 2 mai 2018

I made the mistake of getting the white ventilated seats. I would highly caution anyone to avoid them. 25,000 miles on my X and three of the seats have small tears. The driver seat just opened a 4" rip as I pivoted to get out of the car. The repair to the driver's seat is $3400 and SC will not cover it because they say it was caused by external factors. Truly terrible service and really should be covered. Have 75,000 miles on a lexus with perforated leather seats. no tears there.