Ultra High Fidelity Sound

Ultra High Fidelity Sound

I purchased optional UHF sound system in my MX, after I heard it in demo model S.
Unfortunately in my car it sounds pretty bad.
It's like playing radio in the plastic box, no bass, plastics resonate.
I am shocked they call it ultra high fidelity sound.
I had Audi Q7 before and the sound was so much better there.
I started wondering if I got the UHF sound after all.
Is there a way to check it ?

IgnoranceBliss | 2 avril 2017

I recall some posts in the past of un-connected speakers, so definitely have it checked out. Your description sounds like it's a worse product than my standard sound system.

I never saw / heard the value of the upgraded sound for the MX, other than subwoofer and XM, both of which I don't miss.

You paid way too much money not to be satisfied. | 2 avril 2017

The most likely issue is you have the Dolby turned on. Most owners feels this distorts the music when converting 2 channel to 5 channel. Go to the fader/equalizer screen (icon in the top-right of the audio screen) and at the bottom uncheck the dolby option.

Another issue is what source you are using. The car is so much quieter than most others, that crappy sources may sound fine on other cars, but those poor quality sources really sound bad in the Tesla. Ideally use the USB drive with FLAC or other non-compressed sources. Bluetooth is likely the worst as it is highly compressed. Here's more on using a USB drive:

inconel | 2 avril 2017

Also if you have Dolby then you have UHF

cica3838 | 2 avril 2017

That's odd. My standard sound system sounds awesome to me. | 2 avril 2017

@cica - The standard system doesn't have the dolby option, so no chance to have it set on. While a few owners like the sounds with Dolby synthesized multichannel sound, Tesla would be better off to get rid of the option. Too many set it on thinking they will improve the sound, when often it just distorts it.

IgnoranceBliss | 2 avril 2017

Interesting on the Dolby setting reducing quality.

Like many, very happy with standard sound system.

cica3838 | 2 avril 2017

I think the standard system is amazing. Or maybe it's just a result of low expectations.

inconel | 2 avril 2017

I had UFH on my Model S but cannot really hear any differences with standard system on my X.

jason.bishop | 3 avril 2017

+1 for uhfs and flac. tesla did a really nice job.

PedanticOne | 3 avril 2017

For me it all depends on the source and type of music. If I stream, say, Classic Metal from Slacker, it can sound rather tinny. But if I do electronic, it's much better. And then there's FLAC on USB (as mentioned), which is great. I'm quite happy with the UHFS.

COrich | 3 avril 2017

I have the UHFS in mine, and I really like the sound from USB. I don't listen to music any other way right now.

But, my wife uses XM to listen to Country Western which, in my opinion, doesn't need a good sound system anyway ; ). So satellite is fine for it.

Gary an Rachel | 3 avril 2017

after reading this thread i looked to see if Dolby was selected, it was and after unchecking it the sound doubled in rich quality, fuller sound and incredible highs and lows. Man i am kicking myself. I must have made that selection sometime just after we picked it up and i never looked at it again. Wow, thats a year ill never get back. Thanks for this discussion. | 3 avril 2017

@Gary - Don't feel too bad - a lot of owners make the same mistake. "Dolby Surround" is not the same as the old Dolby noise reduction often used on cassette tapes.