Tesla Model 3 reservation cancelled

Tesla Model 3 reservation cancelled

You are welcome...

Yes all of you. Why, because I cancelled my Tesla Model 3 reservation...that means many of you can move up a spot in line.

Why did I's complicated. :)

Jcastillo18 | 6 avril 2017

When you cancel we're not happy ! First who knows where you were in the line! Second we want people to buy electric vehicles that's the whole purpose well in my book . Unless you buy another electric vehicle or at least hybrid

biggestfan | 6 avril 2017

Wish I would have known where I was in line....I am thinking pretty far up because I reserved online when reservations first came out about an hour before the reveal. Been eyeing the Tesla since before they started shipping the Roadster...

mntlvr23 | 6 avril 2017

I ordered a pizza delivery tonight, and then I cancelled it, I guess I didn't really want the pizza that much anyway, it's complicated, perhaps maybe I am not the biggestpizzafan after all.

david.jones24 | 6 avril 2017

Maybe you desperately needed the money from the down payment on your pizza. I'm just sad you didn't get to eat.

mntlvr23 | 6 avril 2017

oh but I did eat, when I cancelled my pizza, my next door neighbor now got her pizza earlier, and then I invited myself over - hoping to get more than pizza

biggestfan | 6 avril 2017


Cute. I am a huge fan, and cancelling doesn't mean that I am not interested in Tesla anymore. I like to think of it as I may have jumped the gun cancelling the order, but feel like my heart was in the right place. Guess the money was needed elsewhere.

mntlvr23 | 6 avril 2017

No prob, just having some fun. Good luck

biggestfan | 6 avril 2017

Seriously people. I called and sent them a message trying to cancel the cancel, but was informed there was nothing that could be done even though it took a month to get my deposit back...after clicking the button.

biggestfan | 6 avril 2017

If it helps, I sent the money to my son and his mother....because I do help support them and hate getting behind.

Red Sage ca us | 6 avril 2017

biggestfan: It seems you have observed the proper priorities in this regard. No need to apologize, or even to render further explanation. Here's hoping you will be able to get the car we all dream of... SOON.

biggestfan | 6 avril 2017

Thanks Red.

Actually had considered getting a used Model S instead...

Maybe be able to find one with sub zero, it just makes sense in Minnesota!

CraigW | 7 avril 2017

When the Model 3 does come out, I suspect the used prices for older Model Ss may dip a bit. That might be the time to purchase a used Model S. Why exactly then? Because after the production on the Model 3 starts to climb, the public awareness may reach the critical mass point and prices on used Teslas may actually start to rise.

Bighorn | 7 avril 2017

Dip or rise?

hsuru4u | 7 avril 2017

i would never buy version 1 of anything tech

Sandy’s 3 | 7 avril 2017

Why not? There will always be 'new and improved'. Have to jump in sometime.

4fishtankz | 7 avril 2017

Well, the legislature in CA is totally messed up for cleaner technology that's for sure with that fix the roads thing they passed. Registration is going up based on the value of the car and electric cars will pay an extra $100 on top of that in 2020. Gas is going up 12 cents a gallon but they won't have the electric surcharge. I wouldn't be as pissed if we didn't already pay taxes before for the roads. Seems the law is giving a nod to a cheaper hybrid, than the model S.

hsuru4u | 7 avril 2017

i wonder if gas will go up to 4-6 dollars a gallon anytime soon...that would be interesting for ev sales

Haggy | 7 avril 2017

There are many things in life that are far more important than what car you drive or when you get it. As long as you aren't here to say you canceled because of some hypothetical thing you read on the Internet, I think people are fine with it.

Red Sage ca us | 8 avril 2017

Hey, look! Haggy is correct.

carlk | 8 avril 2017

Good luck we do have to make choices in life sometimes. It still beats some who could buy the car and then try hard to find ways to not enjoy it.

biggestfan | 8 avril 2017

I am actually thinking that I may look for a P85. The G37 I drive now is pretty quick. They had an AWD model of the car, but not in a full manual and I really wanted a stick so mine is RWD. Also, you can't turn the front tires off if you feel like sliding the back end around, and with the traction control...I actually have to turn it off in order to have any fun.

All that said, a used P85 would give me more space and probably better appointed for the same or less money than the Model 3 anyway. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Yes it would be used, but this G37 was already 5 years old when I bought it. Seemed like it was well taken care of. I don't care about the car being able to drive itself, as I enjoy participating. That feature looks fairly cool, and would be fun to show off...but overall I don't see myself using it.

Still a bit disappointed, that I cancelled and knew it would be a month before the deposit would be returned. If I were independently wealthy though, I would already own a Tesla. I guess for me the Model 3 reservation was important because I do believe in Tesla and their mission, and it meant that I was serious about buying one...the first affordable Tesla. I have already stood in line for over 10 years waiting to buy a Tesla, the Model 3 was coming soon...ish. As soon as I cancelled the reservation, I heard back from the place where I had applied wanting me to start tomorrow. :) That's when I tried cancelling the cancel. Didn't work though.

jefjes | 8 avril 2017

Over the years, I've sold a few motorcycles because of putting family first. I totally understand your reason for cancelling and believe most on this forum do too. Hope you get your Tesla when it's the right time for you.

biggestfan | 8 avril 2017

I would put in for the Model 3, but I have a feeling any new reservations will be waiting a while... I hope the manufacturing part for them becomes a little easier. I know they have had 10 years of experience building fully electric cars with 200+ mile range. Guessing they have learned quite a bit in that time.

Since their cars have always involved being designed as electric from the ground up, they have strategically engineered their cars to give as much space back as possible while maximizing crumple zones effectiveness. I would think the largest frunks belong to the RWD Model S.

brando | 15 mai 2017

Your numbers up. Doesn't mean you must then place your order. Wait til you're ready and Tesla is offering the options you want. I guess we all get that.

brian | 15 mai 2017

Testing a post - I got "post banned" on another thread for no reason at all, so I'm just trying another thread. Ignore.

SamO | 15 mai 2017

I love this thread.

There are 5-600,000 people behind you that want to hi-five you on the way out. ;-)

Iwantmy3 | 15 mai 2017

I feel for you #biggestfan, but it sounds like you did the right thing. There are more important things in life than cars. The time will come soon enough.

ebmcs03 | 2 juin 2017

When you cancel your reservation does the $1000 refund come back to the credit card that you used or do they mail you a check?

Xerogas | 3 juin 2017

It goes back to the card

rsvalesen | 3 juin 2017

I would wait until I got a test drive, Then cancel.

goteslago | 10 juin 2017

>> I would put in for the Model 3, but I have a feeling any new reservations will be waiting a while...

Yep... You will be able to buy a lightly used Model 3 far, far sooner that you will be able to get a brand new one. There are always used cars for sale with a thousand or a few on them and I don't see why the Model 3 would be any different.

The only downside to this is that if you buy used the $7500 (or any) federal credit won't apply...

Madatgascar | 10 juin 2017

Before anyone cancels their reservation due to lack of funds, we should talk. I have a reservation, and what I really want is a P75D or whatever the AWD performance model would be. But I'm jonesing and I'm probably going to pop for the first one available. (I'm early - CA resident, stood in line, 3 time Tesla owner.) I don't want to put in another reservation now and wait over a YEAR for the car I want, I'd rather give someone who has an early reservation a screaming deal on a lightly used Model 3 and have them order me a fully spec'd car that I would pay for. Not sure of the legalities of this, anyone know?

jkilch | 10 juin 2017

Sales tax and EV credits could make it a bit problematic.

anderssewerin | 10 juin 2017

Hmm... We decided to go for an S instead, but I am hanging on to my M3 reservation for a little while longer to see what's gonna happen. I would be happy to somehow transfer it to a coworker or friend, but it seems like a dicey proposition so far.

Bluesday Afternoon | 11 juin 2017

Don't whine, just cancel...push

alexpark2002 | 15 juin 2017

What if you no longer have the credit card that used for $1000 deposit? Will they send me a check instead?

JD in STL | 19 juin 2017

Good luck on getting that refund in a timely fashion. I'm at +31 business days (5 may) since my cancel with no refund. The car is still in 'mytesla' with "being processed". Emails and web contact go unanswered, except in one case where one person replied with "I typically give 15-20 business days as a marker of how long the refund process will take".

Frank99 | 19 juin 2017

JD -
That kind of performance by Tesla is simply inexcusable.

JD in STL | 20 juin 2017

I oddly enough got a direct call today stating that I'd be put on a "priority list" for a check to be sent "within 5 business days" for my refund. Upon inquiring about the delay, I was told that multiple teams were processing various refunds and because of the backlog they were creating a "priority list" for people, like me, who are quite a bit behind the "15-20 days". *Disclaimer: I'm not anti-Tesla. My friend has a '17 100D and after riding in it day after day ... I'm smitten for a S. I'll probably look at the M3 for spouse when they start catching up on the backlog of reservation deliveries.

Rocky_H | 20 juin 2017

I see that every couple of weeks on Tesla's Facebook page that someone is desperately trying to contact Tesla every way they can because it's been over a month waiting to get their deposit refund.

javan.degraff | 27 juin 2017

It's been six weeks and I haven't recieved my refund yet. Calling them today.