Remote for Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone & iPad official support and feature request thread (formerly known as Remote S)

Remote for Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone & iPad official support and feature request thread (formerly known as Remote S)

In 2015, I created an iOS app for Tesla so that Apple Watch users could control their Teslas from their watch. Since then, a large percentage of Tesla owners have started using my Remote app for their iPhones as well since it connects faster, exposes more car stats, keeps a location history, shows charging information from your last session, and has less restrictions when using Summon/HomeLink (no need to be near the car and no need to hold down the button). There's also Siri Shortcuts support so that you can do things like open your trunk by talking to Siri, combine commands in the Shortcuts app, and even summon your car by talking to your watch (see video:

I'm starting this new forum thread to answer all questions, bug reports, UI suggestions, and feature requests for the app. The app currently works for the Model S, 3 & X.

Download link:

EmperorTytus | 27 avril 2017

It would be really cool if you could access the front and rear cameras from the app. Not sure if Tesla allows this or not. If they don't, hey Tesla, open up access to the front and rear cameras. Love to check in and see what's going on with them from time to time. I have a single station level 2 charger near me that gets used a lot. Be nice to park the car in visual range of the charger and be able to check the app to see when it's free, for example.

steven | 27 avril 2017

Tesla does not allow access to the camera's and will not do this in the near future. They need dedicated access for autopilot, don't have any memory foreseen to store much data (in the event of a crash they store about 8 frames and that's it). Plus the fact that the camera's appear to be full color capable but are firmware adjusted to view in grey-grey-grey-red. Would be weird dashcam footage to look at.

"Be nice to park the car in visual range of the charger and be able to check the app to see when it's free, for example." => As Elon would say: you won't care. because the car can see it, together with live info from the supercharger and will park and charge itself without you g-having to worry about that. :-)

BeamMe | 27 avril 2017

How about Android and Android Wear?

redacted | 27 avril 2017

@BeamMe did you read the post?

redacted | 27 avril 2017

My questions:
1. What data do you gather from the app back to your servers, and what do you do with it?
2. Is the password stored on the device, and if so what security measures do you take with it?
3. How are session identifiers (to communicate with Tesla) stored and protected?

Beyond a quick test of the app, I haven't had it/used it since it came out due to not knowing the answers to the above, so I appreciate that you put up this thread.

BigD0g | 27 avril 2017

@redacted +1 !!

mdmgso | 27 avril 2017


Love your app. Thanks

BeamMe | 27 avril 2017

Sorry, saw this early in the AM. Wasn't quite awake yet.

Chavo60 | 27 avril 2017

Using the cameras from the app would be awesome. If not possible what about a security feature that uses the sensors to detect activity around the car. Motion would alert the owner via the app.

regoapps | 27 avril 2017

@redacted 1. No data is gathered back from the app to my servers. If you don't believe me, you can monitor the network traffic from the app and see that the app only communicates directly with Tesla's servers. Many security experts have done so already, and found nothing. I have no use for user data, nor do I want to open for liability for having such data.

2. The password is stored in your device's Apple keychain for the sake of refreshing the 90-day expiring access token, and being able to use the keyless start with just TouchID. It is stored nowhere else. I take security and privacy very seriously. Even the username, tokens, and internal car IDs are encrypted and stored in the Apple Keychain and not stored in plaintext anywhere. When you log out of the app, all that information is wiped from your keychain. If you change your password, the current login session would be invalidated and then the app wouldn't be able to login using the stored password. So if you lose your device, you can remotely log someone off the app. If someone has your device but not the passcode, then they can't access your device's Apple keychain.

3. The access token is stored in the same secured fashion as your username and password and car IDs. I treat the access token like it were a username and password, because the access token gives anyone the power to unlock and locate that Tesla.

BigD0g | 27 avril 2017

Thanks regoapps! Great architecture!

SolarS | 27 avril 2017

@regoapp, great app and much better than Tesla's for the longest time, although they are catching up.

It would be nice to apply software updates to the car remotely, but I suspect that is simply impossible from Tesla's end right now.

Loved your book. You are a true American success story.

regoapps | 27 avril 2017

@SolarS Thanks very much for your kind words. Applying the software updates remotely is impossible right now unless Tesla opens up that ability.

MarylandS85 | 27 avril 2017

I use Remote S on my Apple Watch when I go running outdoors. In past cars, I'd take a valet key rather than the battery-operated keyfob in case of rain, but Tesla has no mechanical key. I also don't take my phone. Now I leave my key at home, make sure I park somewhere with good cell reception (very important to check this before you park!), leave my phone in the car, and lock and unlock the car using only Apple Watch.

Also, this app gives you a lot more information about and control of your car than Tesla's app. I still like Tesla's app for its simplicity and visual effects, so I use both apps in different situations.

redacted | 27 avril 2017

@regoapps thanks. Now I'm willing to use it.

regoapps | 27 avril 2017

@majcina I used the app in similar fashion when I accidentally locked myself out of the car with my phone and keys inside. I found out the hard way that even if the keyfob is inside the car, the car does not unlock automatically. Luckily I still had my Apple Watch with me and was able to unlock it remotely.

@redacted Thanks. There's two more security measures that I forgot to mention:

1. If you delete your app without first signing off, the username/password will still be in your Apple Keychain because the app never got a chance to erase it. However, if anyone tries to install the app again and use it, it will automatically delete that information from the Apple Keychain when the app first starts up. Of course, if you wipe your phone manually or remotely through iCloud, it will also erase the data in the Apple Keychain.

2. There's a "no commands" mode in the app or what I like to call "kids mode". If you login with that mode turned on, the app will be unable to issue any commands. Under this mode, the app is in a "get information only" mode where users can see the stats for your car but unable to control it without knowing your password to turn off the "no commands" mode. This is useful if you want to install the app for your family members to monitor your location without giving them the ability to screw something up like unlock your doors while you're parked on the street. And of course if you ever need to log them out remotely, you can reset the password. Or if you turn off mobile access in the car, then they will be unable to see your car stats until it is turned back on.

Dreamship | 27 avril 2017

I appreciate the fact that, unlike the official Tesla app, Remote S works on my iPad. Thanks, rego!

Epoints | 27 avril 2017

Love the idea! Does it send notification when charge limit is reached?

regoapps | 27 avril 2017

@Epoints it doesn't, because the official Tesla app should already be sending those notifications to your devices, including your Apple Watch. However, if you go into the settings of the Remote S app, you can add an audible alarm for when charging is finished or reached a certain limit. This is useful if you have supercharger fees and need an audible alarm to warn you when the supercharger is finished or nearly finished. The Tesla notification might not be loud enough or long enough for you to notice. Or if notifications don't work for you anymore, this could work as an alternative. You can also set the alarm for when the charging power is under a certain level in case charging has slowed down significantly.

EVRider | 28 avril 2017

@tim: The official Tesla app works on my iPad (though the UI is still designed for the iPhone). What isn't working for you?

Made in CA | 28 avril 2017

@evrider +1

@regoapps - I love your app and use it regularly. My only request is to tweak the UI on the iPad so more info is shown at the same time. There is a ton of screen real estate available but the app crams everything into the three rectangles and overlays some it. Thanks for reaching out.

Dreamship | 28 avril 2017

@EVRider - Can't download it. Just doesn't appear in the app store at all.

Dreamship | 28 avril 2017

@EVRider - Never mind. I just downloaded it from the link on the Tesla support page. It works fine. Thanks for the tip, though! Without your post, I wouldn't have looked for it that way.

regoapps | 28 avril 2017

@Made in CA Thanks for the feedback. I will keep that in mind when I do a UI revamp for the app.

Burrowshouse | 29 avril 2017

I'm an early adopter and still keen supporter of this app. Much better information and some interesting advanced things on this, e.g. camper mode, etc.

I'd love to see Remote S have a widget, as simple UI as Tesla app, and force touch on the icon, e.g. Toggles for HVAC, lock, keyless start (with touchid confirmation ;-))

brec | 29 avril 2017

I've been using this app for 1.5 years. The only feature it lacks that I would like is the ability to set the charge limit with a granularity of 1%.

janendan | 29 avril 2017

What is the official tesla app? Is it available for iPads?

abcev | 29 avril 2017

Long time and satisfied user of Remote S here - thanks! (following you over from the other place).

I agree with brec's suggestion for better granularity of the charge setting, though I'd probably settle for 5% increments/decrements.

Reason: let's say I set to 90% for a longer drive, but normally set to 65% for normal daily charge. But to get back from 90 to 65% here's what I currently have to do: first go to the official Tesla app or in-car graphical charge setting, and fiddle with the impossible to accurately-set slider, and hope I can hit 65%, then open Remote S and see the actual numerical value I set. Repeat again because it's usually at 66, or 67.... etc. And currently within Remote S, clicking the +- charge setting only moves it +-10 from where it's already set, impossible to get to a value ending in 5 directly

regoapps | 29 avril 2017

@Burrowshouse I'll add a Today Widget to my TODO list. That is definitely doable.

@brec Ah, this is why I'm glad I made this thread, because I can help you without updating the app. You actually CAN already set the charge limit with a granularity of 1%, and you always have been able to. Just tap on the charge limit % and a charge limit slider will show up for you to change the charge limit by increments of 1%. Or if you want, you can tap the Remote S logo on top to bring up a bunch of charge limit presets like 91% or 95%.

@abcev Read what I wrote to @brec. Also, just for you, I added 65% and all other increments of 5% in the charge limit presets when you tap the Remote S logo on the top of the app. This way you don't even have to fiddle with the -/+ buttons. You can just tap a preset charge limit and then you're done.

DSMTesla | 30 avril 2017

So i have noticed a few apple watch apps out there... If you dont mind, is there a simple means by which to compare some of the ones out there?
I am absolutely not adverse to paying 9.99 for an app if its useful. I love to support the community. I just want to know Im paying for functionality I cant get for free.
I do appreciate the work you have clearly put in to this.

abcev | 30 avril 2017

@regoapps - excellent! I had forgotten about that hidden slider, but the presets are the perfect solution - thanks for adding 65% and other 5% increments for me :) ... btw it's pretty powerful how you can easily add things like that to the advanced features on the page accessed via tapping the Remote S logo. Just another one of the reasons this app is so useful.

EVRider | 30 avril 2017

@janendan: Read the previous comments.

@tim: For future reference, if you want to download an iPhone app to your iPad from the App Store, you need to make sure the "iPad Only" filter is not selected, otherwise you'll only see iPad-specific apps.

regoapps | 30 avril 2017

@DSMTesla I obviously think that Remote S is the best Apple Watch app for the Tesla. Remote S was not only the first Apple Watch app for Tesla, it was also created with the Apple Watch in mind first. But don't just take my word for it. Read the reviews for the apps and see what other people say. I also suggest looking to see if there are missing functions. For example, Remote S support Summon/Homelink buttons, and is probably the only Apple Watch app that does so. That's because the Summon/Homelink functionality is difficult to code, and many developers chose to not code it. I also suggest looking at when the app was last updated, because I've noticed that a lot of apps are outdated and might not work anymore. The developers might have stopped working on them. Remote S will be constantly supported and updated and has been for the last two years.

@abcev That's why I coded it. It makes it easy for me to change the interface to cater to user's preferences such as yourself. If one is so inclined, they can even code their HTML website and put it into the Remote S website. They can make giant HTML buttons out of their most used commands such as setting the temperature to a certain degrees or setting the charge limit to a certain %. Then they don't have to fiddle with -/+ buttons and just set it to the settings they want with a push of a button. All the information on how to create such a HTML page is found in the Help link in that page accessed via tapping the Remote S logo.

mkhanin | 1 mai 2017

Any chance there'll be Tizen support for Samsung Gear S2/S3 smartwatches?

omega | 1 mai 2017

Remote S does have more features implemented than any other app. However I wish the interface was cleaner more in line with the official app rather then having a screen with all of the info on top of that... It really lacks good design.

regoapps | 2 mai 2017

@mkhanin I first have to get an Android app working. If it's not too difficult to do, I'll add it.

@omega Cleaner, less-busy interface is one of the top feedback I get. It's something that I'm working and have all the designing done up in photoshop already. Now I just need to figure out how to execute it because some people like the interface that's there now.

reed_lewis | 2 mai 2017

First, great app. The ability to see both percentage and mileage available is wonderful. Also I can open and close my garage from my iPhone when my car is in the garage. Kind of cool!

One question I have always had. On the bottom of the screen it shows three mileage numbers: "Estimated", "Rated", and "Ideal"

I know what rated and Ideal are (those are the ones that the car can display), but how is estimated calculated? I know it varies depending on the roads I have driven before.

Thank you!

reed_lewis | 2 mai 2017

One more thing. I would be good to remove the additional roof positions from the right hand screen since Tesla does not support them anymore.

brianosaurus | 2 mai 2017

Very nice looking app. I'm using an Android phone, so I can't use it at the moment, but I am looking forward to when you release an Android version.

One feature I really want is better scheduling for charging. Right now my car can schedule the start of charging, but not the end. I'm using a 120V 15A outlet to charge, and I'm on PG&E's EV electricity billing plan (I'm renting a house short-term, so I don't want spend the money to have a 14-50 installed). I only want to charge when the electricity is cheap (11pm to 7am on weekdays, 9pm to 3pm on weekends). I have the car set to start charging at 11pm, but it is rarely finished by 7am. For now I use Visible Tesla on my mac to stop it, but the app doesn't always stay connected. I would love to have better scheduling built into the phone app.

I'm curious about the javascript hooks you mention in the features, and how it can be used to do scheduling.

@reed_lewis: Visible Tesla also shows the Estimated/Rated/Ideal mileages. I don't know for sure, but I assume Estimated is computed by the car (presumably based on recent and historic usage) and is what it uses in the "Trip" tab of the energy consumption graphs on the center screen. I wish the car would show me the "Estimated" miles on the dash instead of Rated, since the Rated mileage is pretty useless. I finally switched the dash to display % instead of miles, since just multiplying "Percentage*2.5" is way easier than "BSRatedMiles/3 * 2.5".

As I say that, I'm looking at Visible Tesla where my Rated miles (at 90% charge on a "100" battery) is 284.0, Estimated is 330.7, and Ideal (wtf is that?) is 354.9. That's obviously heavily based on the drive from Palm Springs to Berkeley, where I used TACC and AutoSteer for probably more than 90% of the trip. I certainly don't get 3.67 miles per kwh driving around town. Maybe none of the mileage estimates are really all that useful. I'd be curious to see if there was a way to keep track of highway and city driving separately, and get two estimated ranges for the different driving styles.

@regoapps, when the app is doing the "breadcrumbing", can it tell if the car has autosteer or TACC activated? It would be interesting to see if there are efficiency advantages using the automation vs manual control.

BigD0g | 2 mai 2017

@regoapps In terms of the design switch, maybe have a toggle at the install for classic view or new (verbiage can be anything obviously) and then when you install update the app, folks can have the new hotness or the old classic.

regoapps | 2 mai 2017

@reed_lewis Estimated is what your mileage would be if you kept driving the same way that you did in the past 30 miles. This number is actually shown in the Energy Graph app in your Tesla. Estimated is actually one of the better ways of figuring out what your real mileage is, since it's based on your driving style and habits and not based on predetermined typical or ideal conditions.

@brianosaurus For example, Camp Mode was coded with javascript hooks. It's just a simple javascript that automatically stops and starts the HVAC every 30 minutes to force the HVAC in your car to stay on. Otherwise your HVAC turns off automatically after 30 minutes. If you look at the source code of the embedded website, you can see how it's done: you can also go to: to read on the different available commands.

The breadcrumbing drops a pin with a bunch of stats like Odometer and Charge $ and rated miles left and current speed embedded into each pin. When you're done with the trip, you can use the trip calculator function and it was do all the calculations for you like how efficient your driving was (actual miles driven divided by rated miles used). If you compare the efficiency ratio between two trips using two different driving styles, then you can compare which was better.

@BigD0g Might end up having to do it that way to please everyone. Some people like the condensed all-in-one screen.

abcev | 2 mai 2017

@regoapps - there was some discussion a while back (in the other place) about refreshing background data and displaying on a complication for Remote S on Apple Watch - is that something that's still on the to-do list? e.g. wondering if/when we'll be able to put Remote S in the large complication in the middle of the modular watch face and see things like rated SOC, maybe also lock & HVAC status... that'd be a super handy feature. thx

omega | 2 mai 2017

@regoapps thanks for getting back...

1. If the new design is trully better and cleaner in line with the official app, there will be a lot more people to vote for that w/o doubts. Same we had from going to Tesla 7.0 ftom 6.0...I bet even you wanted and felt the change is needed?
2. Can you trigger all 3 homelinks?

regoapps | 3 mai 2017

@abcev Yes. Data in the complications is on the todo list.

@omega There isn't a way to trigger all 3 homelinks, because you have to choose which Homelink you want to trigger in the car settings. There isn't a way to change the Homelink triggered remotely.

omega | 4 mai 2017

@regoapps Thanks.

ConradRoessel | 27 juin 2017

Great app

ulrichard | 27 juin 2017

Would be great if the app was available for ubuntu phone.

sabrionuroral | 27 juin 2017

I always used Remote S on my Iphone and my Apple Watch. Great app. Recently I was playing with my Apple Watch face customization and in the Modular face I was able to choose Remote S. When you click on it, the watch goes to Remote S app.
I wish the app would show Charge Status and Locked/Unlocked status on the main screen. That would be awesome.

camira | 1 juillet 2017

@regoaps - Nice work. Really enjoying the app.

I use it primarily as a key fab replacement. The Tesla app requires a full password entry every time to Drive the car which really tested my patience given the fingerprint reader is right there. Thanks for recognizing that. That said, once you get used to not using the key fab and just the app is liberating for sure. My biggest request is simple: Put an easy to get to button on the front of the app that is something like: "Drive". This would Unlock the doors and set the car in drive mode in one shot.


regoapps | 1 juillet 2017

@sabrionuroral I agree. Showing data in the complications is something that will be added in a future update.

@camira Thanks. I'm already ahead of you on this. If you press and hold the area where it shows your "Estimated" miles, it will both unlock and start your car at the same time. To learn more little shortcuts, tap the Remote S logo on the top of the app, and then scroll down to see graphical instructions (for example, if you press and hold where the Fan speed is displayed, it will toggle the HVAC on and off.