Tesla as a power generation and distribution company

Tesla as a power generation and distribution company

The original thread with this title was just censored by the trolls.

The original thread suggested that Tesla may decide to become a power utility, and not just a generator or retailer, so that they could install PowerPack facilities even when the local utilities are not interested. The thread was created when Tesla was encouraging South Australia to purchase a PowerPack grid battery solution from Tesla to alleviate their summer power shortages. Battery grid backup and stabilisation systems are now a cost effective solution compared to new power facilities, but they are not being installed at a rate commensurate with this cost.

The post, which triggered the censoring trolls to delete the entire thread was:
It has been announced that Tesla will have Supercharger facilities with up to 100 stalls.
With all 100 stalls occupied, that is a total of 10MW+ of power i.e. a small power station.
If Tesla introduces 350kW+ charging then that is a small-medium sized power station.

I have previously created a thread stating that it would be beneficial for Tesla to combine large supercharger facilities with battery storage and co-operate with power utilities to run them as both superchargers and grid backup systems. The gist of that thread was that it benefits both Tesla and the utility.

I am wondering we are now at the point where the convergence of large Supercharger facilities with the achieved cost of battery grid storage, means that Tesla will now do this, perhaps even operating as a utility itself.

The trolls deleted the original thread simply because it was created by myself.
They have done this to several other threads.
I will recreate this thread each time they censor it.