Stats for Tesla - New App

Stats for Tesla - New App

Have found an amazing app for the Tesla called Stats. this is in my opinion the best App for linking the Tesla to iPhone. It reads the battery percentages, charging and offers a great download for Statistical information. I am using it now instead of other Tesla Apps as it is far superior. Contact with owner has been excellent also. Calculate driving efficiency with ease, and you can also cost the power usage by setting the cost per kilowatt. Also has links to this forum and other forums for Tesla, such as Teslarati. Roadside assist also on App.
By far the most comprehensive app I have found so far.
No, I have no association with this vendor, other than contact through purchasing. Small operator, and worth a look at least.

StatsApp | 12 juin 2017

@douglasstuckey Thanks for the plug. As an independent developer, it is great to hear positive feedback from users.

Here is the link to the app in the Apple App Store:

Dreamship | 12 juin 2017

Just bought it and installed it. It looks great! But I've got an issue. It worked fine when I opened it the first time. But every time I've tried to open it after that, the screen goes dark and it closes. I would have gone through support channels, but I can't keep the app open so that I can click on the support link.

StatsApp | 12 juin 2017

@tim please contact me at and I'll help you.

Dreamship | 12 juin 2017

Done. Thanks!

Dreamship | 12 juin 2017

Thanks for the help, @MaaToDaa! All is well now. ;)

pnajar | 12 juin 2017

I've used it since earlier this year. Great on the iPhone. On the iPad if you like apps that only run horizontally then this app is fantastic. That is my only complaint I like apps that give me a choice.

Dreamship | 12 juin 2017

I agree, pnajar. I'd like a portrait mode on the iPad. So far, this app looks great. I'll be interested to see what it shows after I actually do some driving.

222 | 12 juin 2017

Just a little bit of a coincidence that the OP says it's an independent evaluation and the first comment is from the developer.

I do hope it's a good app and it does well, I'm just saying there's collusion in this apparently "independent" evaluation thread.

anders | 12 juin 2017

Does the app only display miles? Or will it work in KM as well for us in Europe?

StatsApp | 12 juin 2017

@Andres the app automatically displays km if you have configured your car to display km (same thing for F vs C)

StatsApp | 12 juin 2017

@222 no collusion. I left the thank you response after @Doug let me know in an email that he has posted here.
I'm a Tesla owner who reads this forum frequently.

PagemakersS75P3 | 13 juin 2017

I swear by this app.

Well thought out. Advancing all the time and great support when issues arise.

Teslita | 13 juin 2017

Great app :-)
Allow me to share the following.
I'm in Europe, so I use Km. However, on the middle screen (icon is grey char-like one), is states on second char ''Driving Efficienty (%) vs Odometer (mi)''; on the third one ''Miles Driven''and on the last one ''Range [mi]'' plus ''Rate [mi]/hr''

Is there something you can do for us, KM lovers?

Thank you in advance.

steveg1701 | 13 juin 2017

any chance of producing an Android version?

Solarfan | 13 juin 2017

I asked in an E-mail. The answer was "NO"

StatsApp | 13 juin 2017

@Teslita Once you configure you car to show km _and_ at least one data point is collected by the app after installation, the app automatically uses km as unit for range. Here is a screenshot when I changed my car unit to km:

Please contact me ( if the app has already collected at least one data point and it is still not displaying the correct unit.

StatsApp | 13 juin 2017

@Solarfan Sorry, I'm an independent iOS developer and don't have the resources to develop an Android version.

I initially developed this app for myself as I could not find another app that collects the statistics that I wanted to be automatically collected for my Tesla. I also wanted to be able to export the stats to my computer in an spreadsheet in addition to them being displayed inside the app.

Solarfan | 13 juin 2017


That is the type of application I am also wanting. I am confident that there are many Tesla / Android users.

Being in the application development community, you may know or be able to find an Android developer who would be willing to work in cooperation with you share your Tesla insight and that person's Android development expertise. You, that developer, and our community would all benefit.

Willing to give that a shot?

StatsApp | 13 juin 2017

@Solarfan your point is valid from a business standpoint, but app development is not my day-job. I only develop apps that appeal to me and it's great hobby of mine which I'm passionate about. Turning that into a job takes the fun out of it.

douglasstuckey | 13 juin 2017

@222. No collusion here. As MaadoTaa said. I advised him when I placed the review.
I am a strong advocate for Tesla and tried out the app and thought it was great.

BigD0g | 14 juin 2017

Does the app keep lifetime stats as well, and is it connected to non local storage or the cloud for backups of the data?

StatsApp | 14 juin 2017

@BigDog the app stores all stats in your private iCloud (all encrypted) so your stats appear in all your ios devices that have installed this app (you pay only once, of course) and they'll be always in sync. So the data is backed up automatically on your iCloud.

The app also allows you to export the data as a spreadsheet and email it to yourself or send it to your Google docs (if you have installed their app) or to any other app on your device that can open spreadsheets.

Chunky Jr. | 14 juin 2017

does it require your tesla user name and password?

Teslita | 14 juin 2017

@Chunky Jr.
''does it require your tesla user name and password?''

yes it does.

Further to previous comment/question, is our ID and PW stored on your servers?

StatsApp | 14 juin 2017

@Teslita Your credentials are stored securely on your device only. Username/password are not sent to servers. Communication with Tesla is authenticated using an anonymous token that Tesla issues. All communication between your device and Tesla servers are heavily encrypted.
All the stats are stored on your private iCloud (again encrypted by Apple). All communication to iCloud are encrypted.

lboutis | 16 juin 2017

App worked the first time - Has useful info. However on subsequent attempts to open app, app starts to open on iPhone 6 (updates installed) and then immediately closes. Tried to uninstall and reinstall and doesn't fix issue....

StatsApp | 16 juin 2017

@lboutis Please do this: delete and re-install the app. After selecting your car don't do any other configuration. Close the app and re-open it. Problem should go away. If not, please contact me ( and I'll help you.

dknisely | 16 juin 2017

Full disclosure -- I do know the developer well and have been beta testing for a while, but I think folks will like this app, not just for the clean access to all of the "typical" Tesla app features, but especially for the unique way that it follows the history of usage data AND allows for very convenient spreadsheet exporting of the data. I suspect that a lot of folks who want to track their data will find this to be a good paradigm (I like exporting to Google Drive, but it supports lots of methods).

p.c.mcavoy | 17 juin 2017

Question for those that are using this app ... What is your experience on vampire drain when you are using this app? Some apps that pull data on a frequent basis can prevent the car from going into energy saving/sleep mode with the result of increasing vampire drain. I know there are methods used by some utilities, such as VisibleTesla, that can do this in a way which still allows the car to go to sleep. Have you experienced any negative effects with regard to vampire drain?

pnajar | 17 juin 2017

I've not noticed any adverse or increase in vampire drain with the app on my P85D. To be clear I've always been surprised how many daily miles I tend to loose per day when my car sits at the airport. Two nights ago I left the car unplugged in the garage with roughly 80% charge. In those 9.04 overnight hours I lost 2.4 miles. That is close to what I would expect if I extrapolated the time and miles for a two or so stay at the airport.

StatsApp | 17 juin 2017

@p.c.mcavoy I was wondering the same thing and I did an experiment before releasing the app: I kept track of lostMiles/hour with and without the app. It turned out that in both cases I the phantom/vampire range loss stayed at ~0.2miles/hour and the app had no effect on the range loss due to vampire drain.

Stats app does not continuously run in the background and connects to Tesla server very infrequently to get the stats. This was important in my design for two reasons: a) preserving iPhone's battery, and b) preserving Tesla's battery.

I did not want to delegate the job of retrieving information from the car to a server (where it's possible to request information from the car as frequently as you want which may result in too much battery drain from the car).

p.c.mcavoy | 17 juin 2017

@MaaDoTaa - Thank you for your reply. I have a few more questions for you about exactly what data I can export, but will email you directly through your site with those questions as not to hijack this thread.

TaoJones | 17 juin 2017

Fwiw, I'd be interested in what data you'd like to export. Not hijacking as yer using the app to facilitate the export, right? :)

fholley | 17 juin 2017

Does the app retrieve all lifetime data or only data from the point it is downloaded?

p.c.mcavoy | 17 juin 2017

@TaoJones - When I'm at a supercharger, I like to collect %SOC, amps, and volts throughout the charging cycle. This has allowed me to plot kW (amps*volts) vs. % SOC to get a better understanding of charging rate in varying conditions such as ambient temperature. I also like to collect as a summary statistics for every charging cycle the %SOC and RM at both the start and end of the charging cycle. I've been using that to get an estimate of my battery capacity may be changing over time. That's the type of data which VisibleTesla allows me to capture. I'm not interested in logging and exporting GPS trail, vehicle speed profiles, etc. Just capture fairly complete pictures of charging events.

StatsApp | 17 juin 2017

@ TaoJones The app displays the following stats for your car

- Charging information (per day/week/month):
- range added
- cost of charge
- kwh added

- Driving efficiency (per 20/50/200 miles)

- Miles driven (per day/week/month

- Phantom/vampire Drain (Daily/weekly/monthly)
- Range lost
- Duration of drain
- Drain rate (miles/hour)

All data can be exported as a CSV files (spreadsheet) to Excel/Numbers/GoogleDocs on the phone or you can email it or send to your Dropbox.

Here is a short video clip that shows some of the functionalities of the app including export to Numbers on my phone:

StatsApp | 17 juin 2017

@fholley. The stats are collected by this app and it starts from the point in time that the app is downloaded.

Dreamship | 18 juin 2017

I've seen some strangeness with the app. It says I drive 37 miles yesterday (and seems to dramatically overestimate my mileage every day). It didn't happen. The car sat in the garage all day. Never even got in it.

Dreamship | 18 juin 2017

I may be reading it wrong--that may be miles added by charging, which would be closer to correct.

StatsApp | 18 juin 2017

@Tim Miles Driven is the graph with blue dots.
Let me know if things don't look right.
You can contact me from within the app by tapping on Support.

TaoJones | 18 juin 2017

@p.c.mcavoy, @MaaDoTaa

Thanks for those detailed responses. I do look forward to trying this app when I get around to it.

Tangentially, am consistently amused by owners who quote efficiency numbers without realizing how much they lose to non-mileage-related activities (which renders, for example, their lifetime or periodic wH/mile number (read from the Trips screen with reverence and certainty) almost completely useless).

So will be curious to see if the app produces a more realistic perspective.

Here's an example of a typical local, non-road tripping week:

I charge to 90% at the beginning of the week.
I drive through the week - a local commuting scenario in SoCal. 7.5 miles each way, takes about a half hour each way.
At the end of the week, I've driven maybe 130 miles and am down to 15%.

That's 75% of what was an S85 pack. Effective range from a full charge: 173 miles. Not close to the 261 (was 274 at purchase) miles one would realize from a 100% charge if one were to arrive at the next SC at 0%, assuming 279wH/mile, which is somewhat fanciful to begin with.

Clean, simple example of what one can expect during a week of urban commuting in relatively balmy SoCal winter/spring month driving wx.

But don't expect to see that from the Tesla trip/energy numbers.

Anyway, back to the app - as I said, I look forward to buying/using it soon, as I sense another road trip coming up (and not a baby 7,000-mile one, either - my record iirc is 12,000 miles and so it seems reasonable to shoot for 15,000 next) - love the export feature.

Besides, I'm still under 200 unique SCs visited, and still have 3-4 continental States and a few more provinces to visit.

Dreamship | 18 juin 2017

@MaaDoTaa - Sorry. I was indeed reading it wrong. The app is spot on. I was looking at miles added, not miles driven. The app is beautiful, by the way.

p.c.mcavoy | 18 juin 2017

@TaoJones - Just to be clear, I am not currently using this app. The data I referenced above which I collect and export is being done using VisibleTesla, not Stats. You comment above suggested to me that you think I export that data with Stats. The description of the app within the App store and the developers website are pretty complete showing examples of the export files.

StatsApp | 3 septembre 2017

The app is 50% off today and tomorrow:

Stats: for Model S/X:


This app does not duplicate same functionality that Tesla app provides. It provides the following stats:
- cost of charging, added miles and added kWh per day/week/month
- miles driven per day/week/month
- phantom drain
- driving efficiency

All stats can be exported to spreadsheets as well as viewed in the app.
No in-app purchase or subscription.

ELCJ | 17 septembre 2017

Sorry to say but I have had problems with the showing charge times. Two weeks ago I was away on vacation and had the car plugged in to maintain a certain level charge. When I got home it had duplicate charge days and incorrect charge times and costs. Today I charged the car overnight and this time there was no record of the event on the app. The Tesla app showed starting time 2:30am @ 53 mi and ending time of 8:11am @ 181 mi. Very disappointed...

DTL | 10 octobre 2017

@MaaDoTaa barely missed the half off promo. Any chance I can get a one time promo code? Sounds like a great app similar to teslab but without the ridiculous monthly fees.

StatsApp | 10 octobre 2017

@ELCJ please contact me for help (tap support in the app).
If while disconnecting from the charger you inadvertently reconnect the wand momentarily (due to jiggling the wand), Tesla overwrites the last charging data with zeros.
To avoid this, make sure the car is unlocked, press and hold the button on the wand and pull out the wand in one motion.

StatsApp | 10 octobre 2017

@DTL are you asking to give you a promo code so that you can get the app for free? There is no discount code.

Ohmster | 11 octobre 2017

@MaaDoTaa. I think @DTL is basically just asking if you can do another 50% off deal as he missed last one (9/3-4).

Looks like a great app. I might try it soon myself.

StatsApp | 11 octobre 2017

@ohmster the addressable market for the app is relatively small and with no advertising budget the exposure its minimal. The app is relatively complicated and it took a long time to develop. The app is much more than yet another Tesla app which duplicates default Tesla app's functionality.

Independent developers won't be able to develop useful and innovative apps if they are not compensated for their time and effort.
I think $10 is a reasonable price for this app given what it offers. I hope you find it useful if you download it.