Model 3 sighting SF

Model 3 sighting SF

I was pretty excited to see my first M3 in person today, let alone 3. I didn't get a close up shot of the interior, however I did see into the last car and it had a much larger screen than I expected (maybe 17" or so).

estomoa | 20 juin 2017

Having problems uploading my pictures, It's being recognized as potential spam. Any suggestions?

iSpanglish | 20 juin 2017

Maybe shrink the link with an online tool and post lol or just send to me :D

Frank99 | 20 juin 2017

Can't post pictures inline here. You'll need to copy it up to an online picture hosting site, and post a link

jamilworm | 21 juin 2017

A common trick for posting a link to a photo is add a space before the after the "." and before the "com". Then readers just know to remove that space after pasting the link.

Chunky Jr. | 21 juin 2017

I saw a white Model 3 in Meno Park the other day.

Chunky Jr. | 21 juin 2017

* Menlo Park

flwrman | 21 juin 2017

I also saw a white Model 3 coming out of San Francisco on hwy 280. Took pictures but difficult to drive and take pictures ! Have not figured out how to post them yet !!

flwrman | 22 juin 2017

C:\Users\\Dropbox\Camera Uploads\2017-06-11 19.20.28.jpg
If you copy and paste, it will take you to the picture (I hope) !!

cars | 22 juin 2017

That is a local link (note C:\Users) and not web-based. You need to upload it online somewhere or provide an actual web-based link. I don't use Dropbox myself, but I'm quite sure it will be able to provide an actual internet link to the file, perhaps you have to sign into their website to get that?