Everybody Wants You

Everybody Wants You

In my job I work with different people every week. Some I might have worked with before, some I make a point to try to work with, but in general I meet and work with new people every time I go to work.

Every single trip for the past few months, I have worked with at least one, if not 2 or 3 people who say their next car will be a Model 3. I just got home from work at of the 4 people I was working with, 3 said their next car will be a Tesla. These people do not have a reservation now. They don't own a Tesla now. They have never owned a BEV or even a hybrid. They won't be ready for a new car for a couple/few years. But they all want a Model 3.

This is gonna be HUGE.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 22 juin 2017

Huge beyond huge. Hence, why NADA has been working overtime for four years to minimize the public's direct exposure to Tesla.

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Coastal Cruiser. | 22 juin 2017

KP, do you happen to work at a Tesla store?

Shesmyne2 | 22 juin 2017

Why did Billy Squire just play in my head?

Still Grinning ;-)

KP in NPT | 23 juin 2017

@Coastal...Nope. ;-) Though my husband does say I should just go and work for them already. haha

dd.micsol | 23 juin 2017

Embarrassed-on cash cab just last week they missed the tesla question for 400.00-shame on them.
Tesla is still not well known to the public. My sister said what is that pointing at a model X-I just shook my head and pointed at my S. Same company as mine sis. Oh. Forget it sis you can't afford it.

Coastal Cruiser. | 23 juin 2017

Thank you for your sense of humor KP. :). I did get curious after reading this post what you do for a living. Not asking though. Not even hinting. I didn't realize there was a sector or cultural set where so many people are primed to make the transition.


Rutrow | 23 juin 2017

I hope she/he works at GM.

KP in NPT | 23 juin 2017

It's not really a secret...I'm flight crew. :) Working with different people every trip. My base has about 4K FAs and I'm not sure how many (1K?) pilots and so far I'm the only Tesla in the employee lot. But I get lots of curious questions and do know of a few who actually have Model 3 reservations. My last captain was scheduling a test drive when he got home after a nice long chat. :) | 23 juin 2017

Get your reference number handy, Kimmine,

Bluesday Afternoon | 23 juin 2017

@KP in NPT

I just think your trying to win favor when you apply for Elon's 1st crewed Mar's flight. :)

PhillyGal | 23 juin 2017

Totally agree.

Hubs spotted a license plate frame the other day that said my next car is a TESLA. | 23 juin 2017

Kimmie not "Kimmine". Embarrassing

KP in NPT | 23 juin 2017

George I mean really,


(that's the only one I know.)

Tropopause | 24 juin 2017


Tesla's are a no-brainer when you consider some of the long drives we crewmembers make. Its seems like every trip I find myself promoting the many benefits of BEV ownership. Yet I have ZERO referrals but lots of people who want the Model 3. If Elon is correct about Model Y outselling Model 3, we are in for quite a ride!

At the end of my last trip I was waiting for the shuttle bus nearby the International Terminal when suddenly it hit me how offensive the automobile exhaust gases were to my respiratory system. I was even on the upper level with open air construction. P---U---!

KP in NPT | 24 juin 2017

@Tropo I totally agree and I can't believe more pilots especially don't go for it given planning for road tripping with a BEV isn't such a stretch from a flight plan in many ways. (I'll refrain from the cheap pilot jokes. haha)

The Model 3 is certainly more in reach and I agree it's a no brainer - Here is where the supercharger network is invaluable. All these people that I've talked with have longish or long drives on their commutes (Captain I'd referenced earlier drove from NH to JFK) and they all mentioned how they'd seen the superchargers - lots of questions about how charging works. So much is unknown but I feel that will start to change rapidly when model 3s start showing up in the parking lot. :)

Tropopause | 25 juin 2017

Agreed. Very excited for Model 3 to change the world!

bobinseattle | 25 juin 2017

Tropopause ???? Isn't that were the lower atmosphere, and the upper atmosphere are divided by that zone ? Cumulous clouds that have an anvil top on them are hitting the tropopause, I believe.

Bob in Seattle

Tropopause | 25 juin 2017


ReD eXiLe ms us | 27 juin 2017

I keep thinking about how jet pilots have spent decades selling Corvettes... Will they do the same with Tesla vehicles? I think... YES.

markr7 | 27 juin 2017

You'll also see a big switch in the mindset of the big 3 automakers. They will see the excitement over the Model 3 & ramp up R & D on their line(s) of EV's. This is going to change the Auto industry like you have never seen before!

Rutrow | 27 juin 2017

Astronauts!!! Falcon 9 astronauts should be selling Teslas.