Best 19" Tires for 2014 Model S?

Best 19" Tires for 2014 Model S?

Looking for some advice on the best tires for the 19" wheels on a 2014 Model S. Looking more for a touring tire with high mileage warranty. Haven't had to replace them yet and wonder what others think. Any information is greatly appreciated.

barrykmd | 20 août 2017

I have a 2015 85D. I'm replacing my Michelin MXM4s this coming week, at 27K miles. I plan on getting the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3+. Both tires have a 45K mileage warranty. I'll report back on my credit after it happens, assuming I can still find this thread.

cooperpoop2 | 20 août 2017

If you need a all season tire, The Continental Contact Extreme DWS 06 very good in the snow, great in the rain, very good in the dry ! Also its a 50k warranty tire, i had these tires and they where great Check out its a great place for info and they have good prices

Smilepak | 20 août 2017

My vote Pirelli Couture P7 AS. Super quiet. I have

dborn | 20 août 2017

The Michelin Primacy 3 should be looked at. In Australia they have a variant called Primacy3 ST. The st being silence tuned. I can attest that they are very quiet tires, excellent roadholding, and comfortable compared to the factory Goodyears I had on my car. They carry the "Green" designation which usually implies long tire life with a harder compound. Only 1200 miles on mine so I can't comment on longevity otherwise. Mileage guarantees are not provided by any manufacturer in Australia.

Borsh | 21 août 2017

I purchased a set of Firestone Firehawk AS tires in a 225-45 R17 for an existing car recently (2013 Golf TDI). They are by far the best wearing/performing tires I've bought in a very long time.

I see they come in a 245-45 R19 which is the OEM size for the MS. I intend to purchase these for my 2016 S 75D when necessary. Also, I've purchased all my tires thru for the past 20+ years. Service/price/selection cannot be beat.

barrykmd | 23 août 2017

Day 2 on Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus 245-45 R19 tires:

2015 85D, 27.5K miles, OEM MXM4 tires with 3/32 tread remaining. First went to my local Firestone, which does a good job and is walking distance from home. Unfortunately, they aren't Michelin dealers, so couldn't process a tread wear warranty.

Next went to Discount Tire. Their price was the same as (without the shipping cost) and they said they've done tires on 4 Teslas. Installation was uneventful. I got an $80 per tire refund from the tread wear warranty (rated for 45K miles).

Have about 100 miles on the new tires now and very pleased. Handle well. Probably a little quieter than the MXM4's, though hard to be sure. These tires are not rated green for low rolling resistance like the MXM4's, but my energy usage is identical, so far. Did a 65 mile round trip today that I do regularly, involving curvy canyon roads and a 3000 ft elevation change, and used 265 wh/mi.

tkrauskopf | 9 septembre 2018

I just had my OEM Goodyear tires replaced at 34,000 miles (2012 Model S). Wear was even and I could have squeaked another 2,000 miles out of them, but winter is coming.

My local Tesla sold me Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 P245/45R19 tires. Hard to tell if they are quieter than my original tires when they were new, but certainly quieter than my used tires.

And they must have gotten a deal from the supplier because I got in&out for under $950.

p.c.mcavoy | 9 septembre 2018

@tkrauskopf - Next time you might want to consider the Goodyear Eagle Touring. That’s what they have been using the past couple years as the OEM 19” tire. I put 33,000 miles on my first set (could have gotten to 35k but decided to redo before leaving on a 1500 mile trip). I also was able to get a full set of 4 through Sam’s Club for under $600 installed. Sam’s installation I found out does include road hazard insurance as well. Now the one disclaimer I’ll make on my purchase is that they do not have foam like the OEM versions Tesla installed, but also turns out the one tire I had replace about 18 months ago that was done by an local, well respected, independent shop that was supposed to be the Tesla spec, and cost me about 1.5 times what I paid at Sam’s also did not have foam (I know this now as I kept it this time as a spare just in case I pick up a nail in the sidewall that can’t be repaired).

For comparison, the quote I had from Tesla for the same Goodyear Eagle Touring tires was about $1100 for the set installed, without road hazard insurance.

PTP | 11 septembre 2018

Got the RS-A2 to replace OEM primacy (at 33k miles) on 70D. They are quieter than the michelins and significantly less expensive

Kkumar99 | 11 septembre 2018

Just switched my Goodyears that came with the car to the Michelin mxm4s. I am happy with them as they seem quieter and my energy usage has improved. They are also on sale for a great deal at Costco right now.

chancellor32 | 11 septembre 2018

Same as KKumar99, just swithced from Goodyears to the Michelin MXM4's. Love them. Energy usage isnt quite as good but they are super quiet and ride nice. Paid $950 for certs and install at discount.

Kkumar99 | 12 septembre 2018

$870 at Costco out the door right now.

markusmann69 | 16 septembre 2018

At Americas Tire they have 4x MXM4's for $879 and you get additional $50 rebate.

muddy | 17 septembre 2018

Goodyear OEM's got us 20k miles. We went back to Michelin on current MS100D . 45,000 x 2 on previous 2014 MS85. Goodyears with the foam inside are no good for on the road temporary repair with the Tesla tire goo pump. Difficult for tire plugs too. With no spare one needs some type of emergency repair.
Didn't notice extra noise with the Michelin Pilot Sports. Yes, $1200 a set installed from Tire Factory. But worth it in my opinion.

NOLEK SUM | 18 septembre 2018


I am pretty sure the tire you refer to is the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus. It is THE highest rated 19” tire on the Discount Tire web site.

I had two sets of MXM4 on my 2013 S85, 65000 miles. They were OEM. When replacing them at Discount Tire, They were not in stock, and so I tried tried a different Michelin, I don’t remember what it was, some Primacy or Pilot, and they lasted about 10,000 miles. DT is a really good store, and they gave me almost full credit for them and we went back to the MXM4.

New S has the Goodyear Double Eagle which gets good reports above. Hope to get at least 30k.

CarlVol | 19 septembre 2019

I have 12k miles on the Goodyear OEM tires of my 2018 MS 75D and I need tires badly. I have never had a set wear this quickly on any other car. Good to see some people are getting 30k from theirs so it gives me hope. I like to be quick off the line and am wondering if that is the reason my wear is so severe, or if it was just the OEM tires.

Mathew98 | 19 septembre 2019

Jack rabbit starts and frequent braking would do it. It's the price you pay for rollercoaster rides every single day.

hsuru4u | 19 septembre 2019

Where do you live? If in a place with some winter condition i would say look at the nokian g4.
The conti LS if no/very mild winter conditions.

barrykmd | 19 septembre 2019

I just got the Nokian WR G4 a few weeks ago. So far, like it. Very quiet. Have yet to try them in snow; hopefully next month :-) Thanks Silver for the recommendation.

I've been told that Nokian is a real stickler for tire rotation to qualify for tread wear warranty (unlike Michelin), so suggest rotating even if they are wearing evening.

sbeggs | 19 septembre 2019

Tux or tails?

barrykmd | 19 septembre 2019

oops, evening=evenly.

sbeggs - "oh black tires, not black tie?"

See, I mention Silver and automatically a typo happens...

adspguy | 20 septembre 2019

+1 for the Nokian wr-g4's if you get winters. Love them in new england.