What would you choose?

What would you choose?

Yeah its a slow day. LOL. Just curious as to how people would answer. All the people I have talked to with the Model S just love their cars. So maybe this question would help a potential buyer. Considering money is a bit of a factor what would you choose? A new Model 3 or a used Model S? Most if not all cars have their biggest depreciation in the two year period. Then they slowly lose value. I think a used Model S is a better value than a new Model #. What do the masses think? :-)

lilbean | 29 août 2017

Used Model S :-)

rpez021 | 29 août 2017

Used S. Obviously I haven't seen the 3 in person, but after having put 6 people (2 kids in rear jump seats) in our S this past weekend for a drive to dinner, and the back-seaters still having plenty of space to be comfortable, we're confident that if we had held out for a 3 we'd be compromising a bit. I'll definitely miss some of the newer features, though.

reed_lewis | 29 août 2017

If you have ordered a 3 on the first day, then you will most likely get the full $7500 federal tax refund. OTOH if you are thinking of ordering now, then you will wait a long time for a 3, and will not get any refund.

So do the math that way.

Also figure that if you get a S now, then you have the car to enjoy.

rntesla | 29 août 2017

It depends what features are important to you. Used Model S won't have AP2, and most of them still don't even have AP1. If that feature isn't important to you, a used Model S is a no-brainer.

stevenroglen | 29 août 2017

I'm a 3 res holder and am debating a CPO S. I'm hoping to see an increase in CPO's in the coming months as the 3 starts to go out. AP isn't that important to me, would prefer the bigger vehicle, but need to see the price come down a little. It'll either be a CPO S85 or a 3.

thranx | 29 août 2017

As mentioned previously, if AP isn't that important to you, you should definitely see some price drops in the CPO's as time wears on.

freeewilly | 29 août 2017

Low mileage used Model S.

Anthony J. Parisio | 29 août 2017

Used S

buickguy | 29 août 2017

I'm a used Model S fan, since I've owned my car 3+ years and 70,000+ miles. Note that the Model S is substantially larger than the Model 3. If you carry stuff the S is a no brainer. If you carry just people, the two are sort of close. Note also that mileage matters very little unless the miles on a used S have been tough miles, like ocean-side or washboard road miles. I recommend Tesla's CPO program for peace of mind.

Captain_Zap | 29 août 2017

We are in the process of cancelling our Model 3 order because we like many of the features of the older Model Ses better.

Rocky_H | 29 août 2017

On this page are links to 6 previous times this has been discussed. There are several more. I want to have patience for repeated questions, but this has been one of the most overdone ones here, and it comes up with a new thread again every few weeks.

kerryglittle | 29 août 2017

My apologies. I guess this topic has been covered then. I was just trying to help a potential buyer who is on the fence on what is the best value for the money. Yes rebates are fun and I think in Ontario you get a $14,000 cash back. But note that on the Performance models in the S series you can kiss that good bye. Lots of things to consider when making the second largest purchase next to buying a house ....divorces not included, LOL. For a first time buyer it can be scary not knowing what to do and then when they get their car they wished they had different options or its not big enough or a bunch of others things. I always say you never know what you really want until you buy it.