The mirrors on MX are not folding in

The mirrors on MX are not folding in

For some reasons the mirrors have stopped folding in. I have the setting for Auto Fold turned on. Nothing happens when I lock the car or when I press the middle button on the driver side door panel to open/close the mirrors.

Any advice?


lilbean | 31 août 2017

Check the settings. Maybe the fold in mirror setting is off.

lilbean | 31 août 2017

Ok, I don't read very thoroughly. Sorry.

lilbean | 31 août 2017

Try powering the car off for five minutes. It's on the service tab.

kokals | 31 août 2017

I've done a hard reboot (both using the scroll wheels and the buttons above the scroll wheels)... that didn't solve the problem.


lilbean | 31 août 2017

Try powering off the car on the service tab for five minutes and then powering on by pressing the brake.

Vawlkus | 1 septembre 2017

Did you try turning the setting to off, rebooting the car, then turning it back on? That's the last solution I have before I suggest there's a hardware fault (fuse usually).

kokals | 1 septembre 2017

Thank you. Let me try to do what lilbean and vawlkus are suggesting. I'll report back.

lilbean | 1 septembre 2017

Ok, hope it works!

tommyalexandersb | 1 septembre 2017

I have the same issue, and already brought it to the service center. They couldn't fix it on the spot and I'm scheduled to drop the car off in 35 minutes. I'll report back when I get the car returned to me.

lilbean | 1 septembre 2017

Oh no! Ok, the power off may not fix it.

tommyalexandersb | 1 septembre 2017

Apparently someone else brought theirs in with the same issue at my service center already. They are currently working on it. They said it must be a firmware issue. Still waiting...

Redmiata98 | 1 septembre 2017

Do they still fold in when you use the door switch?

kokals | 1 septembre 2017

Seems it's a firmware issue. I'll have to take the car back to the center to get the firmware downgraded.

@redmiata98, no they don't fold when using the door switch
@tommyalexandersb if you were at the Burlingame center, it may have been my car that came in.

tommyalexandersb | 2 septembre 2017

I was at the Santa Barbara service center. It was a firmware issue. All better now, and got a new update with "minor improvements and fixes"

TheJimBug | 2 septembre 2017

I have the same issue on my car; I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and didn't realise that the mirrors were meant to fold! We don't have a service centre here so, if it is a known problem, I may wait for the next software upgrade to fix it!

It does make me wonder what else isn't working that I don't know about though!

kokals | 7 septembre 2017

It was a firmware issue and the software update last night fixed the issue. Apparently the Christmas Show easter egg was causing the issue and I believe they've removed that easter egg for now.

sabentz | 8 septembre 2017

I had the same issue required a body control module reset took 10 minutes at service center

burdogg | 8 septembre 2017

Happened to me too - and last night - update fixed it - so it is a firmware issue that they have a handle on and pushing updates out to fix.

Vawlkus | 8 septembre 2017

Great, now my mirrors aren't folding either. Funny thing is, they DO fold during the Model Xmas show.

feniks05 | 9 septembre 2017

Xmas show breaks the folding mirrors with latest software update.

lilbean | 9 septembre 2017

Good to know, feniks05. Thank you.

cmc5dc | 11 septembre 2017

So the fix is to bring it in to the SC?

Vawlkus | 12 septembre 2017

Sounds like there's a software patch in v.34.x. I'm waiting for it.

burdogg | 12 septembre 2017

There is a software update that fixes it - at least it fixed mine :)

BestX | 12 septembre 2017

I had taken mine in for this exact issue for service this morning and it was fixed in half an hour thru a reset or something.

Ralph | 14 septembre 2017

Mine stopped folding a month or so ago then got an update and they started. I show someone the xmas deal this AM and now they don't work. Need another update.

sabentz | 14 septembre 2017

@Ralph- if you are close to service center it is a 10 minute fix resetting the control module

TheJimBug | 14 septembre 2017

@ Ralph; same here. Hopefully they will fix it permanently soon as the xmas show is the most requested feature from innocent bystanders!

Unfortunately my nearest service centre is 2,200km away and most of that is ocean ... so popping in for a fix isn't going to be easy until Tesla open their service centre here in a couple of months time!

packpike | 15 septembre 2017

I took delivery of a new 75D yesterday and of course my kids wanted to see the Christmas show. I was a little weary after following this conversation, but since my MX has to head in for service next week anyway I figured I would give it a try. I have 2017.34 and the mirrors are still auto folding after the show.

Vawlkus | 15 septembre 2017

If it's a reset, you'd think they could tap in remotely and do that.

SteveMost | 16 septembre 2017

Good to know Packpike.
Anyone else able to run the Xmas show w/out problems.
Please note your SW version when you respond so we can see if there was a fix.

Vawlkus | 18 septembre 2017

I'm at v.32.x, and I do the show pretty regularly at local car shows and stuff. The mirrors move during the show, but they've stopped moving for any other reason.

Hoping to get v.34.x and get this fixed soon.

Gwgan | 21 septembre 2017

Call service, they can send a reset signal. I had to exit the vehicle to see the result. Takes about 2 minutes (after the hold music).

inconel | 23 septembre 2017

My folding mirrors also stopped after the Xmas show. Called Service today as suggested by Gwgan, the support person had to put in a request to Engineer. About 3 hours later he called back to inform me that a fix was pushed by Engineer, I ran out to check and it was indeed working again, thanks Gwgan! Then about 30 min later I received a notification of new software update. Installed and it is the newest 2017.36. This version probably has the permanent fix to this issue, meaning that the mirrors won't get stuck again after a Xmas show.

SteveMost | 23 septembre 2017

@inconel - have you tried the Xmas show after the 2017.36 install’n???

phiraks | 24 septembre 2017

@inconel - I am new to the Tesla family and ran into the same problem after the Xmas show. Email them and it was fixed before I even got off work. They didn't say anything about a software update. Are they eventually sending it out to everybody or you have to ask specifically for an update to address the problem?

inconel | 24 septembre 2017

I don't know if 2017.36 has the permanent fix, it is just my guess since Engineer must have sent both fix and software update to me unless it is a strange coincidence. I don't want to do the Xmas show to test my theory because I don't want to get stuck with non-folding mirrors so soon again :)

SteveMost | 25 septembre 2017

@inconel - thought so...

Dude - if you don’t know sonething, why speculate and say the new firmware prob has the fix “meaning that the mirrors won’t get stuck after playing the Xmas show”!!!!!!!!

inconel | 25 septembre 2017

did you see the "probably"?

inconel | 25 septembre 2017

the speculation stems from the fact that Engineer pushed both the fix and new firmware update at the same time for me, I guess we'll know soon enough anyway.

XBebbi | 25 septembre 2017

Got my X last Saturday, software version 2017.36 1b27c6d. After doing the xmas show yesterday evening the passenger side mirror won't fold anymore.
Maybe it wasn't completely resolved with the .36 update...

SteveMost | 25 septembre 2017

Thanks XBebbi. Please share if this is a software/overnight fix or a SC visit when you fix it.

@iconel - I saw no reason for your “guess” - please just don’t. Thanks & be safe...

inconel | 25 septembre 2017

Why can we not offer some hope and educated guesses based on facts in this forum?
The fact that Engineer decided to send me a new software version after my mirrors got stuck makes a good basis for hoping that this new version contains the permanent fix. I don't see the harm in making this guess when it is properly qualified as a guess with "probably". Chill.

inconel | 25 septembre 2017

Xbebbi does the driver side mirror still fold after the show? If it does then maybe there is indeed a tentative fix in 17.36 but only half way :)
Can you try a reboot to see if it can fix the passenger side mirror?

XBebbi | 25 septembre 2017

inconel, yes driver side works (fold/unfold) by pressing button and automatically (if enabled in settings) when you lock /unlock the car.
I rebooted the center console but mirror still doesn't fold/unfold. Also shutdown of car didn't help either.

SteveMost | 25 septembre 2017

@inconel - Yes, I’m chill. And my mirrors work. And I want to keep them that way. Cya.

inconel | 25 septembre 2017

Haha and you were worried that my guess would make your mirrors stop working? Don't worry I can't do that :)

inconel | 25 septembre 2017

XBebbi just give Tesla a call, they will send you a fix.

phiraks | 25 septembre 2017

This is the email I got after they fixed my side mirrors.
"There has been some instances where the side mirrors failed to work directly after performing the Christmas Easter egg. Engineering is aware and are currently working on a permanent fix which will be sent OTA in the form of a software update. I would advise against activating the easter egg for the time being."

XBebbi | 26 septembre 2017

I didn't had the time so I wrote an email yesterday and they replied I shall call when it's convenient for me. So I will do that maybe tonight. When it's resolved I will write the results back here.