Brompton in frunk

Brompton in frunk

Anyone know if you could fit a Brompton folding bike in the frunk? I tried looking for frunk dimensions but only came up with volume.
That would be a perfect duo for my driving/riding commute.


ReD eXiLe ms us | 16 septembre 2017

The frunk seems a bit on the small side in the Model 3. It may be wide enough (barely) and deep enough. Most say it is about the size of a medium duffle or carry on bag. Your bike might fit a bit better in the hidden recessed area in the trunk instead.

giskard | 18 septembre 2017

Brompton's are small, but they can be a bit awkward to pack due to their square shape when folded. I suspect neither the frunk nor the recessed "well" in the trunk will be big enough. Like ReD mentioned, they're probably wide and deep enough - it's the length that will be tight. I wish we had actual specs on stuff like this so we wouldn't have to speculate. I have a Brompton, too, that I'd like to be able to throw in my Model 3 on occasion.

KP in NPT | 18 septembre 2017

There have been no dimensions published, but it was stated at the delivery event and in articles since that the frunk space was designed to fit a legal carryon suitcase. That is about 22x14x9 (depending on airline) - if that gives you a guideline until actual dimensions are released.

rxlawdude | 18 septembre 2017

Man, as a pharmacist the first thing that entered my mind at the thread title was "Brompton cocktail," which ain't a bicycle. ;-)

ro.soares | 16 octobre 2017

Thanks for the replies, I had a little trouble finding this thread

ölbrenner | 17 octobre 2017

Posted by sbeggs in "Rode in a Model 3 today" thread:

4. Frunk measurements, width/length/greatest height? 35" wide x 17" front to back, 8" deep in front, around 10-11" toward steering wheel, depending on rubber seal depth. Two pop out grocery bag clips.

andy.connor.e | 17 octobre 2017

Is there a necessity to put the bike in the Frunk? Or is that simply just to know in general if it will fit?

b8schris | 17 octobre 2017

I have a folding bike and I think that space in the back, where it is recessed will fit my bike perfectly

ro.soares | 18 octobre 2017

No real necessity, but if it does fit the frunk would be dedicated to the bike, freeing up the trunk for groceries, etc.
I'll take a look at the recess in the trunk. I believe the Brompton is the smallest folding bike when folded.

dochefner | 3 novembre 2019

We tried it at the Brompton dealer and sadly the Brompton fits neither in the frunk or in the rear trunk recess. we were able to easily put 2 Bromptons in the trunk with the lid off the trunk basement with plenty of room for other luggage.

andy | 3 novembre 2019

I've had a look and measured up one of my Bromptons a few weeks ago as the space looks ideal. I think the Brompton seat os an issue - it makes the bike about 2" too big. Challenge is that the seat post is taken out through the bottom of the bike so, unless somebody can come up with a quick release attachment for the saddle I don't think it will be convenient.

Will experiment with a Brompton with the seat post off as, if I can find a way of making it work it would be a match made in heaven.