How many NOV 2017 - JAN 2018 will wait for the AWD/dual motor version?

How many NOV 2017 - JAN 2018 will wait for the AWD/dual motor version?

Just curious how many people here who stood in line and have early production estimates (NOV-JAN) will end up waiting for the AWD version in 2018?

ctmorell | 17 octobre 2017

Sorry, meant NOV 2017 - JAN 2018

sbeggs | 17 octobre 2017

That would make a great instant poll on Twitter. Rumor has it sixty percent of reservation holders secretly want Dual Motor.

EVMan | 17 octobre 2017

I am one of them. I updated my choice on my reservation page in August. I assume this assists them with planning even though some may change their mind. My estimate for delivery is Jul-Sep 2018. Hope the ramp up is quicker than expected!

noleaf4me | 17 octobre 2017

No need in ATL -- rear is good 4 me! less stuff to go wrong.

sosmerc | 17 octobre 2017

I have no problem waiting for AWD. I figure the longer the wait, the more time Tesla has to work the bugs out of cars that were built before mine. And when the time comes I will be looking to see if there are better options out there. By then, Tesla may not be the only game in town. But I seriously think Tesla is still going to be the one setting the bar.

giskard | 18 octobre 2017

No need for AWD here in northern MN either, though I will be investing in a second set of wheels with winter tires on them :)

Sandy’s 3 | 18 octobre 2017

AWD for me for sure in Ontario, Canada. More for overall performance and resale marketability here than any actual winter need. Will still have an Escape AWD.
Grew up driving RWD only in the 70’s Canadian winters and some people think the ‘sport of drifting’ is new ;)

maintreqd | 18 octobre 2017

@sosmerc I wish i had your patience, because your approach here is really quite pragmatic. I've been dying to get behind the wheel since the moment i plunked down my one thousand washingtons, and i've always been very bleeding edge when it comes to tech adoption so I will take the peaks and valleys in stride, knowing even a mildly flawed model 3 will be light years beyond anything else on the road (save for, perhaps, an S or an X).

Sparky | 18 octobre 2017

@FLHX13 :-) Nothing like a Canadian highway onramp in Feb for perfecting your drifting skills!

@sosmerc I agree completely. Delaying delivery until you get exactly what you want is the best way to let the early adopters take the hit on the bugs. The only offsetting factor may be time limited tax incentives.

itsnice2be | 18 octobre 2017

I decided to wait for the AWD as it will also have air suspension. I'm really hoping the Performance Model will be an option when the AWD becomes available. I have accepted the fact that I will probably only get 1/2 tax credit.

sosmerc | 18 octobre 2017

If part of the tax credit is still available by the time my Tesla is ready I'll be happy. But I feel I got so darn fortunate with all of the breaks that were available when I got my 2017 Volt I won't complain. The Volt qualified for $3200 off of the state sales tax and then the $7500 fed tax credit. On top of that we got a zero down zero percent loan and 6% off of MSRP. It really was a no brainer and we have been more than pleased with the Volt. But I am eagerly waiting for a Tesla because I know it is going to be even "biglyer" better!

vaelin | 18 octobre 2017

We keep waffling back and forth, as we've already got performance vehicles (~2000 hp between 3 vehicles including a MXP90DL) and we intend on the M3 as a commuter. But given we've got the performance bug, we keep wanting to wait for the dual motor + performance option. But I'm prob going to stick to my guns and get the RWD M3 (hopefully next month?)

Day 1 reservation holder, owner, and live 10 mins from Fremont factory.