Solar Roof and Powerwall in germany - costs?

Solar Roof and Powerwall in germany - costs?

Hello everybody,

I have been following the developments of the Tesla Solar Roof for some time. We want to build up our house next year and install a new roof.
We are now considering taking a solar roof instead of the planned conventional solar modules.
Unfortunately, I can not find any information on the prices of the respective Tesla brick. There are bricks with solar module and also without. Is there somewhere a software or site from Tesla, where I can calculate the need and the costs?
For us, the cost is crucial, whether we wait perhaps 1 year until the Tesla roofs are available or whether we are not waiting and taking another solution.
Of course if we install tesla, then we would take also a powerwall.
With conventional moduls we have costs of about 50.000,- USD with 1 powerwall.

We would also like to know whether it is possible for a local roofing contractor to assemble the Tesla bricks on site or whether it is imperative that special technicians carry out the work.

Thanks in advance for your assistance