Timing of Home Delivery vs Service Center

Timing of Home Delivery vs Service Center

I have a model X coming in January and had originally planned on home delivery as I am 160 miles from the closest service center. Reading in the forums, some had thought home delivery was also a quicker way to get the vehicle.

Yesterday I heard from my delivery specialist, and he indicated that it would be slower getting it for home delivery, as he says that they would first have to ship it to the service center who would then inspect and detail the vehicle, and then THEY would have to arrange for it to be transported to my home causing a week or two delay.

Has anyone else heard of factory built cars going to a service center for inspection and detailing before going to home delivery? I'm kind of surprised that a brand new factory-fresh car would need detailing?

lilbean | 31 octobre 2017

The car must go the the service center first for detailing because the protective film with adhesive must be removed before delivery. The cars are transported in an open carrier. They get dirty on the way to the service center. I do think they should be inspected first but I think the factory just wants to send them out and let the service center deal with the issues.

packpike | 31 octobre 2017

Home delivery from the service center (Charlotte, NC) to me was within 1-2 days of my MX getting there, not 1-2 weeks. They used a 3rd party transporter. That all may vary based on where you are.