Model X 75D - Uncorked

Model X 75D - Uncorked

Tesla Ranger just left my office after uncorking my Model X 75D. It is much faster. Christmas came a little early from.

TESLA CA | 2 novembre 2017

@Paul That sounds great! When did you purchase your MX 75D? How fast is it now? Do you think $4,500 was worth the extra 39 miles range or was it the 0 to 60 speed you wanted? Thanks.

Solarman004 | 3 novembre 2017

@paul, That's great to hear! My Service Center has confirmed that my MX 75D, VIN 13,2xx is also eligible and I need to set up an appointment. Looking forward to it!

wang5150 | 3 novembre 2017

I had my X75D uncorked on Monday (VIN 14xxx picked-up Aug 2016). The orange energy ring now moves almost all the way to the end when you floor it... it used to stop at around 230 or 240 kw range and now it seems to go way beyond that point.

Yes, you can feel it off the line.

Model - X | 3 novembre 2017

But how quickly does the battery drain LOL

wang5150 | 3 novembre 2017

So far, my range and consumption has remained the same. I don't floor it off the line every time but I've used the extra power to get out of bad situations from inattentive drivers a few times already.

elvnga | 4 novembre 2017

The ranger is coming to my office on Monday to handle that and the second row seat recall (5 seater). I am looking forward to experiencing the difference.

NHKIM | 4 novembre 2017

Made a video timing the acceleration on YouTube. If you search PNW electric model x speed test it should pop up.. in short, for the 75D came in right as reported.

inconel | 4 novembre 2017

I remember back in my ICE days I used to do this kind of aftermarket performance tuning for a ton of money (the last one I did on the 911 turbo costed $15k) AND losing the manufacturer warranty in the process.
Now with Tesla you guys are getting the tuning directly from the manufacturer so you get to keep the car warranty AND it is free!!!

Andrewciyo | 5 novembre 2017

Cool video! Anyone with a recent 75D noticed if the car came with an 85kW battery? The battery should be labelled next to the front right axle. I will report my findings once I have the car...

NHKIM | 5 novembre 2017

my 75D is a AUG 28 2017 build and pretty sure it doesn’t have a 85kW pack... that would make my day if it did.. will check when I get back from my trip.

Andrewciyo | 5 novembre 2017

Haha, it would make my day too! More info on how to find out what battery your car has here:

NHKIM | 5 novembre 2017

Sweet thanks for that info Andrew, will check it later.

elvnga | 7 novembre 2017

The ranger accomplished this at the office yesterday. He pushed the software through before he got there and then had to "reboot" the car for want of a better term.

Since then, I have not been able to avoid heavy traffic. It does jump forward, but I have not had a chance to really see the full effect.

Another part of the software upgrade, is an easy exit seat setting. That is really a bigger deal for me on a day to day basis. Now the seat lowers when I put it in park and goes back up when I put my foot on the brake hard enough to engage drive. It does not seem to trigger when I tap the brake just light enough to close the door.

hoffenberg | 7 novembre 2017

I have a 75d for a month. Relevant to me?

NHKIM | 7 novembre 2017

Hoffenberg, could be, depending on the build date of your x. Try an informal 0 to 60 time, if around 6 seconds you can get an upgrade to 4.9 secs.. noticeable difference.

hoffenberg | 7 novembre 2017

My time was under 5 seconds. I was amazed. Thanks

Model - X | 7 novembre 2017

So you can lower the seat even more now?

Tesla | 8 novembre 2017

Called the SC - my MX that I received on December, 31st of 2016 can get the upgrade. I looked under the car and the battery is labeled as 75 kWh. - Will get the upgrade with annual maintenance in December.

jds_solo | 8 novembre 2017

I had my X Mid June 17 in the Service center last week and they applied the uncork build. It feels much quicker 0-25 but after that not much different and trying to clock the 0-60 still seems to be in the 6 second range. Not exactly scientific thou.... Any other way for me to tell from a software build number or anything if it really was applied ?

NHKIM | 9 novembre 2017

Hmm not that I am aware of.

tezzla.SoCal | 9 novembre 2017

@jfs_solo: sign up for and check the performance_config setting. It should read P1 (I'm guessing yours says P3).

mvprice4 | 2 décembre 2017

Does anyone know why it costs $4500 to increase your battery fro a a 60k to a 75k in a model X I heard it cost less to upgrade your battery in a Model S,
Why aren’t the cost simular ?
And does the increase in range make that much of a difference? do you feel like its worth the extra price

Leli001 | 13 décembre 2017

I wondered about this myself and even asked someone from the store over the summer and the best he came up with was the extra cost in developing/building the MX. Yeaaaahhh right, whatever you say

bward76 | 13 décembre 2017

Yeah, I can't stomach the $4,500 price tag to upgrade my X60 when the Model S60 group gets the exact same thing for $2,000. What gives Tesla? They need to fix this and they would instantly get my $2k.

sabentz | 14 décembre 2017

I inquired to Tesla about uncorking my 60D which they said could be done after the battery upgrade. I asked why a price difference in battery software updates between models, seems it is unlike any other software add on AP or EAP or FSD same price regardless of model...I am awaiting a response.

tesla | 14 décembre 2017

My Model X 60 VIN 16xxx, delivered September 2016 - service center says can't be uncorked. Ideas?

wang5150 | 15 décembre 2017

@tesla, you have to upgrade from your 60 to 75 kWh battery first before they will uncork.

kenmcc | 17 décembre 2017

Have been a serious AMG track enthusiast for a lot of years. I'm all in with our present 2017 Tesla model s 100d and have a 2017 model x 100D full jamb coming next week. Can't let my AMG'S leave the barn yet but I think the door is opening???

avesraggiana | 19 décembre 2017

Is there such a thing as uncorking a MODEL X100D? Ours was delivered as a brand new custom order, or bespoke, as the British would say, in late November.

avesraggiana | 19 décembre 2017

I haven’t timed a 0 - 60 acceleration run yet but the Tesla site says the X100D will trip the wire at 4.7 seconds.

teethdood | 19 décembre 2017

Ranger just uncorked my 75D along with a 12V battery swap today. I can really feel the acceleration difference between pre and post uncorking. Nice Christmas gift for sure. Thank you Mr. Ranger!

schubee | 27 février 2019

Are they still "uncorking" the 75D? We're picking up a used X (lease return) and was curious if it was already uncorked or if they are still offering this service. How can I tell if the vehicle has been uncorked?