Invisible bra

Invisible bra

Has anyone considered having an invisible bra put on? With the low profile front, it would appear to be begging for rock chips.

Coastal Cruiser. | 8 novembre 2017

Yes, and I fully support the notion of a bra.

Maximillian | 8 novembre 2017

if it's invisible will my cars nipples show through?

jefjes | 8 novembre 2017

Both my present cars have one and my M3 will also. May get the entire hood done on the M3 since it has such a slope to it.

gar1116 | 8 novembre 2017

If you don't get one, will the front start scraping the ground around 50K without a lift?
@Max - Only if it's cold outside, or you have cold hands on the steering wheel.

noleaf4me | 8 novembre 2017

I prefer everything braless.

Bryan.whitton | 10 novembre 2017

When I first read the title all kinds of random thoughts best left unspoken went through my mind. :-)

Josephbui24 | 10 novembre 2017

Any one have shop recommendations in the LA/OC area for bra and coating installs?