What watt hours per mile are you getting on your Model 3?

What watt hours per mile are you getting on your Model 3?

The model 3 is rated at 241 watt hours per mile, if I am doing my calculation right (75,000 watt hours divided by 310 miles).

In my driving so far, which has not been aggressive, I've been averaging more like 300 watt hours per mile. This means that my range is only 250 miles. Admittedly, in LA there's always lots of stop and go traffic, so I was not expecting to hit any sort of ideal. Regenerative breaking is on though.

Is this an an unusual spread relative to the EPA estimate? Are others getting better mileage and if so, what might the reason be?

This is my first Tesla and my first electric car,

MarylandS85 | 9 août 2018

Hmmm that sounds like cheating... I like your style. :^)

I suspect your efficiency suffers from such short commutes paired with baking in the sun. Much of the energy is being used to cool the cabin from (likely) >100° to 72°. I bet there’s nothing wrong with your car.

You also might have had worse efficiency in the first hundred or so miles as the car “breaks in” (friction might be reduced as moving parts are used).

If you ever go for a longer drive, pay attention to the Wh/mi for that individual trip. If it seems to be ~308 Wh/mi at the 5 miles mark but drops from there, you’re probably okay.

billlake2000 | 9 août 2018

Maryland, I usedta live right off 29 in Laurel. You sound like a Columbia kinda guy?

kevcabrera | 9 août 2018

I have just over 2k miles on my car and I'm getting 199wh/mile and I by no means feel that I drive slow.

MarylandS85 | 10 août 2018

Small world, my friend. I have lived in Columbia in the past, yes. Now I’m an Ellicott City kind of guy. The not drowned in floods kind.

That is truly impressive. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you live in Florida and love the heat so never use air conditioning or that you live on the coast in California. Also that your usual driving does not involve the highway. And lastly that your Model 3 has 18” wheels and is not red.

hokiegir1 | 10 août 2018

I was actually surprised by a day trip last week. Highway (I20 from ATL to Augusta, for those familiar), EAP set at 80 (with the occasional bump to 85 to pass someone), not entirely flat but not mountains -- and we averaged about 235.

jlxjl | 10 août 2018

After 6,000 miles, I’m getting 218 wh/mile on a 19” tire. I think it can get below 200 if I didn’t live on a steep hill.

johnmann | 10 août 2018

I live in hilly Seattle and have an average of 233 Wh/mile over 4,500 miles, about half of it freeway driving. Since my last charge I’ve been getting 198 Wh/mile in city driving (all less than 40 mph) over the course of 105 miles.

kevcabrera | 10 août 2018

@marylands85 I am in California and only use the air condition during the day, not in the morning or at night. I am not doing a lot of highway commuting. I have 18" and I have midnight blue.

JAD | 10 août 2018

As a note for new owners, I have been driving Teslas for 5 years and am pretty good at guessing the approximate Wh/m based on driving style and conditions. My first 100 or so miles in the P3 had me really worried as I was expecting ~230 and was getting 300! More than my P85, but after the first hundred miles or so the usage has dropped to the levels I was expecting. I don't think it was just the grins, I think there is a big breakin period to loosen things up. Really just enjoy the acceleration for the first 1,000 miles, then start paying attention would be my advice.

Carl Thompson | 10 août 2018


Before moving to CA I lived in Ellicott City. I saw images of the flood a couple of years back and it looked terrible! I guess my favorite restaurant, Cacao Lane, never made it back after? Too bad, they had some awesome crab dip.

billlake2000 | 10 août 2018

I remember the blizzard of 1996. I was up on my roof shoveling snow. Yay, Howard County.

MarylandS85 | 11 août 2018

Wow! I guessed quite well. Either way, your 199 Wh/mi average is superb. If only electricity weren’t so expensive in California.

Sadly, yes. Cacao Lane and many other businesses closed and never reopened. Cacao Lane’s former web site link now takes you to a Mexican porn site (no joke). Once my kids are done with public schooling, I have a dream to move to California, away from humidity and snow and Lyme disease and mosquitos. Sadly, my wife, who is originally from So Cal, does not share my dream.

Where is home now?

billlake2000 | 11 août 2018

Placerville CA, 50 miles west of Sacratomato. I see other M3's driving around in the area, but don't know who they are. We got no floods, but Lord a mighty, we got smoke.

Tesla2018 | 11 août 2018

I went on a 250 mile trip today and had my cruise control set at 77 mph. I slowed down due to traffic and rain a few times and I got off the highway once to find out whete a supercharger was located in case I ever need to use it in the future. I got 258 wpm but didnt have the aero hub caps on.

billlake2000 | 11 août 2018

Rain, where are you that you got rain? Jealous in Califirenia.

amceachin | 12 août 2018

In LA traffic I’m closer to 220 to 230 even with the ac set to 69 in this heat spell.

Tesla2018 | 12 août 2018

Billlake2000 I am in South Florida. It rains almost every afternoon for an hour in the summertime. Then it clears up and gets back up to 90 degrees and cools off to 85 at night.

Tesla-David | 12 août 2018

Here are our numbers for our 6 month old M3 from our TeslaFi app. As you can see this is one efficient car, and I am blown away with how efficient it is compared to our MS.

Temperature Efficiency - Drives Over 5 Miles

Temperature-----Wh/Mile------Efficiency %--------Miles Recorded
30 to 35 F-----------203.61--------108.1-----------------7.76
35 to 40 F-----------206.97--------106.5----------------23.82
40 to 45 F-----------209.07--------105.3----------------108.91
45 to 50 F-----------221.5----------99.4------------------221.58
50 to 55 F-----------212.14--------103.8----------------207.13
55 to 60 F-----------210.44--------104.7----------------137.38
60 to 65 F-----------197.36--------111.5----------------235.36
65 to 70 F-----------193.13--------114------------------150.57
70 to 75 F-----------207.38--------106.1-----------------50.15
75 to 80 F-----------191.47--------115--------------------56.3
80 to 85 F-----------203.39--------108.2-----------------40.17

gadget63 | 12 août 2018

for the past 725 miles I am averaging 228 wh/m

Aussie2u | 2 septembre 2018

Interesting to see so many people averaging in the 200’s. I have a dual motor car so curious what effect this has. Today was 150mi trip to Florida, 96 degree heat, 80mph speed, 19” staggered Michelin AS3+ tires inflated at 40psi. I saw 355Wh/mi for a few miles, settling back to around 325Wh/mi.

Seems speed is main culprit but my normal inflation pressures in wider non-green tires can’t help either. Hoping other dual motor owners will add their results.

On a side note, does the Model 3 notice what energy level you’re consuming and base it’s range estimates off that? I was supposed to arrive at a supercharger with 32% (initial calculation) and actually arrived with 21%.

Sk55 | 3 septembre 2018

I start out getting 300+, but as I keep driving, it lowers and average is 220-230.

I was wondering if it's better to Regen slowly or fast (letting the green bar slightly or all the way)?

JAD | 3 septembre 2018

For the first few hundred miles my p3d+ was getting about 270, which was disappointing as my p85 had a lifetime average of about 280 after 4 years. Then I got serious about normal driving, normal routes, etc and the usage dropped to 220 for the next couple hundred miles. Then I had a bunch of test drives and rides this weekend and it is back up. Seems to be easy to get 220 in town, 250 on the freeway at 70mph, and pretty bad usage if you demo 0-60 in 3 seconds and go over 70mph.

neil.weinstock | 3 septembre 2018

After about 2000 miles I'm at 233. I live on a modest hill, so my daily drive typically starts with a long downhill run and then a good climb at the end of the day. Regen works great but I'm sure this contributes to a higher consumption. Also about 60% of my mileage is at around 75 on the highway. So overall I feel pretty good with that number.

mpratola | 3 septembre 2018

@JAD what are you getting at 80mph?

JAD | 3 septembre 2018

@mpratola, I don't think it is safe to drive 80 most places, so never sustain that speed. I go to a track to go fast. Driving my p85 to Vegas, I have found it goes up a lot, but don't sustain it to get a number for you. Wild guess over 300.

mpratola | 3 septembre 2018

@JAD Interesting, where do you live? Many parts of the country here have 75mph limits so traffic flow can often (usually) be 80ish. Here in the midwest there is nothing but flat straight highways :)

teslarama | 3 septembre 2018 is comforting to know that 250 is possible with P3D+.
I ordered P3D- originally and in the process of changing it to P3D+ (because of recent track mode announcement and future possible Ludicrous)
I wish they had offered 19" on the P3D+.
Any idea how long these 20" tires last? Any idea?

M3BlueGeorgia | 3 septembre 2018

In late afternoon commute across top of Atlanta, 25 - 26 miles with outside temps in the low 80s and inside temp set to 70F.
LR RWD with 18" wheels and aero covers, though I only have a short period on Freeway.
90% with TACC and 20% with full EAP. Total time about 50 mins, so mostly I can maintain speed on divided highways


Bighorn | 3 septembre 2018

I was getting in the 250s yesterday in Mexico doing between 100 and 135. Turns out I was on a 4000ft descent. Elevation has a huge impact as do headwinds.

AZTesla | 3 septembre 2018

I'm averaging about 240 with mostly highway driving. I try to keep speeds to 65, and rarely go above 70.
For individual trips I haven't cracked 200 wh/mi, yet. Looking forward to the day it happens.

dt22cc | 3 septembre 2018

Combined avg is 245 for me. Although a 200 mile hwy trip this weekend was 190, surprisingly.

N8778204151 | 3 septembre 2018

About 250/mile

I am driving about 125 milea/days, with cabin temperature at 72 all times. Charged my Tesla 3 daily.
I checked my utilities bill and in 08/2018, my bill has additional 1000 kwh in compared with 08/2017.
How many kwh did you use after you have Tesla?
I contacted unitilites company and applying for EV TOU (time of use for EV).

teslarama | 3 septembre 2018 have P3D- right? What is your lifetime wpm so far?

Tesla2018 | 3 septembre 2018

Does chill mode provide better numbers? I tried it today for the first time while driving about a mile on minor roads today and the accelation didnt seem different but I was only going 45 mph.. Will have to try it tommorrow on the highway and see if there is a major difference when trying to merge when getting on and going from 35 to 75 mph.

lrunnels92 | 3 septembre 2018

Having autopilot on makes a huge difference. I'm usually averaging about 245/250 when I drive, but when autopilot drives, I average around 225. And that was on the same 120 mile trip!

frankye2000 | 3 septembre 2018

just a silly question: where and how do you get those 225 wh/mile number? Just drove 300 plus miles on M3.

lynhnn | 3 septembre 2018

I just drove 140 miles from Groveland super charge to San Jose today with AC @ 70. The power reported @ 197 Wh/mile. I used TACC most of the time.

Bighorn | 3 septembre 2018

Yes P3D stealth, had it just over two weeks with a lot of faster cruising and mountain crossings. After 8,771 miles, I’m at 267 Wh/m. I’d have no trouble keeping it closer to 225 if I weren’t having so much fun:)

frankye2000 | 3 septembre 2018

help please: how do you guys get those xxx Wh/mile numbers? I am new on M3 and interested in finding these numbers to see the driving efficiency. Thanks.

neil.weinstock | 4 septembre 2018

@frankye2000 Swipe towards the right in the bottom left area of the touchscreen. You'll see four different trip counters, two of which you can manually control, and two of which are hardwired ("today", and "since last charge" (I think?)).

COrich | 4 septembre 2018

We have had our 3 for 6 months and have put on 12,300 miles as of this morning. The average Wh/mi is 212. This is a mix of highway (75 mph and 65 mph) and in town driving.

18" aero wheels with the wheel covers on all the time.

spuzzz123 | 4 septembre 2018

240 over 7k miles. Very happy. I do not hypermile at all. None of the new ICE cars i've bought over the past 20 years ever got their rated mileage. I probably drove them harder than the testers do, but with Model 3 it doesn't matter, I still get my 310 miles per full charge.

JAD | 4 septembre 2018

I am finding my P3D+ can get pretty good Wh/m numbers, but it is way more dependant on NOT ever enjoying the high power end of the throttle. It makes sense, 500 hp or so eats energy very quickly whether in a 10 mpg Ferrari or the Model 3. I notice this a lot more than even in my P85, but the 3 uses less energy to cruise, and has more power to go 0-60 in 3 seconds, so the difference is really more noticable.

I just need to choose, a Tesla grin and 240 Wh/m, or school girl giggling and 300+ Wh/m. Nice decisions for one car!

roger.klurfeld | 4 septembre 2018


2,388 miles
495 kWh
207 What/mi

M1ne | 11 septembre 2018

Still don't get how some of these numbers are so low. I've been driving my AWD around town just local driving, not going over 35mph and accelerating slowly. Even without AC on and windows down I'm around 300. Sometimes my car is temporarily in the 400s to start as well (it's been in the 60s-70s the last few days too)

M1ne | 11 septembre 2018

Still don't get how some of these numbers are so low. I've been driving my AWD around town just local driving, not going over 35mph and accelerating slowly. Even without AC on and windows down I'm around 300. Sometimes my car is temporarily in the 400s to start as well (it's been in the 60s-70s the last few days too)

rkalbiar1EV | 11 septembre 2018

18" Aero wheels w/ Cap kit.
Mostly highway miles.
~230-240 average.

I am happy with that.

rkalbiar1EV | 11 septembre 2018


sroh | 11 septembre 2018

240 for our RWD over 6K miles
260 for our AWD over 1K miles

Similar driving and both with 18" wheels with aero covers taken off. AWD is definitely less efficient than RWD.

dwejr99 | 11 septembre 2018

282 avg over 1600 miles. P3d+. I drive fast and love passing people. Ac set to 66. Like my ice car im not overly concerned about the numbers. When's it's empty I fill it.