Solar farm project in north of Chile

Solar farm project in north of Chile

We would like to know if we can get more information for a local investment in the north of Chile (Tarapacá, the highest solar radiation place on earth), in order to work with the power pack system, as a packages inside a container to deliver them to any place in the world.
The idea is to work this with our local regional Government to implement a solar farm in the desert next by a central port.
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ndelucchi | 11 janvier 2018

I´m working with Felipe for this project and should be placed in the desert next to Iquique City; we would like to know if there are specials requirements to be considered to setup this types of cells (containers), to work as a large rechargeable battery.

vsne.anto | 25 mars 2019

Have you got information on this project ?

mufflesound | 1 avril 2019

I can share with you some "inside" information on my so-called personal project. My house and land are set pretty close to the desert, which is a dream place for anyone who wants to set up solar panels. So I had and tried a few believe me. My set up that's mostly covering the right side of the land I own consists of many 100 Watt Solar Panels I sometimes even fear that they may "Burn out", that's how hot it can get here. Still, back to my point on the energy saving aspect, it's brilliant. I am able to save quite a bunch of my cash. The only one of the main things that is important is to look after your panels.