Premium Upgrade Package, is it worth $6K?

Premium Upgrade Package, is it worth $6K?

Getting ready to order, but on the fence with the Premium 6K price. Opinions?

justin.wurzburg | 19 février 2018

The self presenting door as you approach, super cool. But living in south Florida, that's the only thing about the premium package I like. I don't need heated seats, the regular audio package sounds great, and I wouldn't use satellite radio if I had it. As for the hepa/bio air, well, I'm not a germaphobe, and if I need that stuff because of what's going on outside, then there's bigger problems.

pjalan | 19 février 2018

Living in CA didn't feel it was worth it. If you are in snow area it could possibly be due to other upgrades

paul | 19 février 2018

I've got the premium package on a 2017 MX.
I can be following a truck spewing diesel fumes and not smell it. None of my previous cars (include a BMW 3 series) could come close to that.

Other than that... the rest of the package is "meh".

hktvset | 19 février 2018

I heard the regular audio is pretty on MX. I forgot to try the audio system during the test drive. I am in the same boat, not sure if it is worth it.

MXFan | 19 février 2018

If you live where it gets cold and snowy, it’s definitely worth it.

hoffenberg | 19 février 2018

The audio is amazing. I love Sirius, so no choice. The presenting doors are so, so cool.I like it

Boonedocks | 19 février 2018

If it doesn’t stretch you too far definitely GET it. Premium Sound which includes high-bit rate slacker, it is noticeable as well as heated streeting wheel and “the self presenting door” amazing. 100% recommend PUP!!

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 19 février 2018

Ask service center VERY nicely for a HEPA filter install and they'll install. Parts and service all-in :$200 or so!!!!! No brainer. Screw the premium. Most of the cosmetic features of the premium package are now included free with the car anyway. The regular sound system is unbelievable. So really, you were paying $6000 for the cold weather package that you would not need in many places.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 19 février 2018

Ask service center VERY nicely for a HEPA filter install and they'll install. Parts and service all-in :$200 or so!!!!! No brainer. Screw the premium. Most of the cosmetic features of the premium package are now included free with the car anyway. The regular sound system is unbelievable. So really, you were paying $6000 for the cold weather package that you would not need in many places.

Darryl | 19 février 2018

The self presenting doors are worth the extra money on their own. Even though I don’t use them often living in Florida it still gets down into the 30’s at time and the heated seats feel great. There have been times when my allergies are bothering me and I use the Bio defense mode.

mmillermdmmd | 19 février 2018

In Indiana, wouldn't want it without PUP. The heated steering wheel and seats have let me precondition to 64 degrees cabin temp and drive comfortably in shirtsleeves with single digit temps outside, windchill below zero. Haven't used tow package, but wanted flexibility to haul 4 bikes to trails when needed. The door is neat, but least of reasons for me.

My_MMS_75D | 20 février 2018

Yes. You will be glad you did; plus great for resale if you ever decide to sell. Got it on my model S and I am glad I did
Worth it is relative, car is already expensive to start with

elvnga | 20 février 2018

I thought the self presenting doors would be a ridiculous luxury. But I have fallen in love with it. My hands are often full as i get in and out of the car. It is so nice to just walk up and have the door open for you. I use the filter during the pollen season and in heavy traffic and when driving past the sewage treatment plants (unfortunately often) and am glad to have the option.

chuckgrim | 20 février 2018

I thought it was worth it. I wanted all of the options in the package though. Only you can make the decision on whether it is worth for you or not.

Redmiata98 | 21 février 2018

...another advantage is that you can open BOTH driver and pax doors from the fob. The heated stearing wheel and being able to control ALL of the seat heaters from the touchscreen is worth it alone.

justin.wurzburg | 21 février 2018

@Redmiata98 I was told that premium or not, the fob can open driver and pax doors. The premium package just makes it so you don't need to touch the fob at all.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 21 février 2018

@Everyone -- I have anew late-2017 Model X, NO PUP, and cannot find a way to open the driver's door with the fob -- any instructions on how??

MhoPower | 21 février 2018

This was covered in another thread. If you don't have the PUP, you cannot open the front doors remotely.

Redmiata98 | 21 février 2018

Page 5 of user guide
Note: If Model X is equipped with the premium upgrades package and Automatic Doors is set to ON (touch Controls > Settings > Doors & Locks > Automatic Doors > ON), doors unlock and the driver's door opens as you approach Model X. When the driver's door is open, double-clicking opens the passenger front door.

davidahn | 23 juin 2018

So glad I read this thread. I was going to skip the PUP because I thought it was self-presenting HANDLES like my MS. Self-presenting doors is ridiculous! I can't tell you how many times I have 3 too many things in my hands and have to put something down to open the door!

I made a HUGE mistake ordering my MS because I skipped the luxury package... I assumed a $100K car would come standard with a power lift gate. It does now, but not in 2015. Don't want to make that mistake again.

jjgunn | 23 juin 2018

Can't be expected to live without a wine celllar.

Can't be expected to live without PUP.

Buy it.

lilbean | 23 juin 2018

Having the door open and close for you is the best!

poloX | 24 juin 2018

Well, this depends on how deep your pocket is. If you have 10billion and really want just the auto door present feature, even 1 mil is worth it for you in this case. But if your income is say less than 100K/year, then you would have to think twice about it.

jerryk | 24 juin 2018

I decided it was not worth it for me. I barely listen to the sound system and even then mostly podcasts. Self-presenting doors are a meh to me, I can push the handle. Extra heating is unnecessary in California near the factory. And since I don't sit in traffic for hours the bio-defenses filter seemed unnecessary.

davidahn | 24 juin 2018

How much convenience or quality is worth is highly personal and not totally income-based.

For me, I would totally have spent $4K for the luxury package on my MS just for the power lift gate, though better bass and slightly better sound would have been welcome. (I spent some of that savings on a subwoofer.) There are other high income folks that decide it's not worth it, and modest income people who decide it is.

The auto-presenting (and self-closing) doors were already a necessity for me with all the crap I take to work (computer bag, Yeti insulated tumbler, office supplies, a white fluffy dog, and now a baby). I was always one or two hands short to open or close my MS doors. So when I move to an MX, I could certainly use an extra hand, and $6K is way cheaper than hiring a personal assistant, though significantly less versatile. Now y'all have got me thinking... ooooooh... personal assistant....

jimglas | 24 juin 2018

I thought it was worth it, but I live in Colorado.

Bighorn | 24 juin 2018


Bighorn | 24 juin 2018


Tesra5115 | 25 juin 2018

@jerryk there is a horrible stench in Milpitas from the nearby landfill. I’ve always smelled it, but so far not in the X.

The filter was the main reason I got the PUP. Had I known about post delivery install of the filter, I may have gone that route since I also live in the Bay Area.

jerryk | 26 juin 2018

@Tesra5115 Never noticed anything in Milpitas, but I only drive through a corner, usually 880 to 237 W and the reverse.

But growing up in the Central Valley I am largely immune to the smell of things like cow poop. I mean I will even stop at Harris Ranch.:->

hostbar | 26 juin 2018

Yes, get it.

Varmint700 | 27 juin 2018

Just ordered an MX 75D (yay!). I passed on the PU because the only options I could really justify using were the heated blades/washer jets. I live in Spokane and have to drive over the passes into Montana a few times a year in pretty nasty stuff. I'm by no means able to afford anything and everything I want, especially for 6K, but am I making a mistake passing on this? Has anyone had any experience in sub-freezing temps without the heated systems in an MX?

davidahn | 27 juin 2018

If all you really want is the HEPA filter, see Melania's comment.

I was quite enamored with the sound quality of the premium sound system. A bit too much brightness and roominess, so I have to boost the mids, but it sounds GREAT compared to my non-premium 2015 MS sound.

roaryw | 28 juin 2018

The radio is noticeably better -- but really for music that shines with bass. Its almost ear damaging when you crank it up. Is it needed through : nope.

Sam | 28 juin 2018

yes it is worth it

Redmiata98 | 28 juin 2018

Sam, I agree.

Razorx1337x | 29 juin 2018

It was definitely worth it for me. I've been driving a loaner from the SC that doesn't have it, and it helped me realize how much I appreciate the premium features. The self presenting doors are nice, but I more use the ability to open the FWD for my kids and our doors on the remote than anything. It's so nice to have that when walking to the car with groceries, stuff, etc. The interior upgrades are nice as well. I've received a lot of compliments from people who own $100k plus cars.

foosballwizard1 | 1 juillet 2018

Can u add the pup after delivery if not equipped original ?

Triggerplz | 1 juillet 2018


akgupta | 2 juillet 2018

Worth it.

liftsrock | 3 juillet 2018

I got the PUP as well as the Premium Black Interior with Carbon Fiber Upgrade and it is beautiful and functionally amazing. I really felt that I needed the Cold Weather Package that comes with PUP as well. Super happy with this vehicle and amazing technology. So much fun to drive . . . get lots of compliments on it and when traveling to New Jersey and back last week, some people stopped us when we were Supercharging at Sheetz stations to talk to us about the car.

jimglas | 3 juillet 2018

In CO the Cold Weather Package seems like a no brainer

ek993 | 3 juillet 2018

The only thing I wanted from the PUP was the heated steering wheel - couldn't justify $6k for just that one option though. The ability to pre-heat the car interior from the app seems like it will go a long way to mitigate not having it.

jjgunn | 3 juillet 2018

liftsrock | July 3, 2018
I got the PUP as well as the Premium Black Interior with Carbon Fiber Upgrade and it is beautiful and functionally amazing.
Same here - such a bad ass interior - Wifey is always cold (of course) so seat heaters were important to me, also premium sound, which sounds amazing + SIRIUS/XM Radio - Can't be expected to live without Boneyard, Octane & Hair Nation, especially when driving through the desert on my way to Vegas.

jaketherake | 3 juillet 2018

Yes it is Super - we got the white interior and Red gloss paint --Amazing vehicle -

pjalan | 8 juillet 2018

If you live in cold weather climate the included subzero package make it more worthwhile. Living in bay area I had hard time justifying the cost.

Rlhoyt67 | 13 juillet 2018

X100 with pup get Sirius signal not Tesla streaming in mountains and 101 through redwoods. With recent fires smelled smoke turned on biodefense no smoke got $ buy it if for resale if nothing

lilbean | 13 juillet 2018

Totally worth it.

pjalan | 14 juillet 2018

Only if you live in subzero weather. Not worth it in California.

jjgunn | 14 juillet 2018

Bumpity bump bump