UK- EV government grant

UK- EV government grant

Hey everyone,

First time poster, go easy on me. I’m seriously thinking of going electric and more so getting a Tesla, here in the UK they are rare and where I live I’ve only seen one “ever” so needless to say not a huge amount of people to chat about it.

I’ve got a test drive booked soon but I wanted to ask about the £4,500 grant we get for the purchase of an EV.

At what point is this given or taken into account, looking at the website it’s unclear, let’s say your looking at a base X £70,500 when you look at the finance calculator it’s using this as a cash value when it should be £66k.

To help me get a more accurate finance figure do I just add £4,500 to my deposit?

Thanks for advice!

Coldfire73 | 20 février 2018

It's actually taken off at the outset. The base £70,500 is AFTER deducting the £4,500 EV grant. Which is a bit confusing as you said!

Also, sadly, the Tesla Wall Charger isn't an approved charger for the £500 OLEV charger grant either yet.

One other thing to take into account is that it's not a zero road tax vehicle now, since it's over £40k it's liable (currently) for £310 a year for the first 5 years.

But don't let any of that put you off! It's a superb car/computer-on-wheels that's sure to bring a big smile to your face every time you drive it!


vpoz | 20 février 2018

Or go for a used car of pre tax increase age.

Fellsteruk | 20 février 2018

Thanks for the reply, the website is really unclear as it shows the 70k then a 64k figure which is after saving and says the 4.5k grant is included in the 64k figure quoted not the 70...

Im test driving this weekend so we’ll see if I like them first but something tells me I will :)