Two new Model 3 recalls

Two new Model 3 recalls

These apply to my VIN (13XX). This is in addition to the inverter recall which had already been done.

"Replace High Voltage Controller to Penthouse Cover Bolts"

"Replace Front LH And RH Stabilizer Bar Links Due To Ball Joint Cracking"

GAGSTESLA | 30 mars 2018

You live in the Penthouse:-)

Agent_86 | 30 mars 2018

Something to make those of us still waiting feel better, like there's some benefit to not having it yet. Thanks for sharing the sour grapes. :)

tesla | 30 mars 2018

There's no question they are still working the bugs out. Having the car a year after release will certainly save you some time, aggravation and service visits.

rxlawdude | 30 mars 2018

Hmm. Have not been notified of those recalls with VIN 138x.

I suspect veracity of the OP in claiming these supposed recalls.

TheChad | 30 mars 2018

Isn’t penthouse cover bolts an oxymoron? I thought they’d be bare.

avanti5010 | 30 mars 2018

Had the stabilizer links done today while in for a couple of other bugs. Scottsdale Service is great!

sbeggs | 30 mars 2018

What is your VIN?

Bighorn | 30 mars 2018

Part upgrades are not considered recalls

charles.a.braun | 30 mars 2018

Took mine to Agoura Hills Service Center today to see about getting the softer suspension. They agreed I needed it and placed the order. They said that the parts are in Pomona so it should not take long for that replacement.

Today was only supposed to be a test drive to see if they thought the ride was bad enough to warrant the softer suspension fix but they mentioned stabilizer links as needing to be replaced and said it would take about 20 minutes, so I approved them to do that work on the spot. No mention though of the HVC2PCB though. Perhaps when they do the suspension they can take car of that as well.

ColonyGolfer | 30 mars 2018

Had my M3 brought over to Dania Beach FL on Wednesday. They dropped off a loaner (P90D) while they install corrected AP. Tesla texted me today to say they were keeping it until Monday when they expect to get the stabilizer pins at the SC. vin 56xx.

bayareakid2008 | 30 mars 2018

rxlawdude, paranoia isn't healthy. Get a hold of yourself.

Atoms | 30 mars 2018

Glad to hear Tesla takes such good care of owners and their cars.