OEM 18" wheels swap for 19" wheels plus cash

OEM 18" wheels swap for 19" wheels plus cash

Want to know if anyone on this forum is not happy with their 19" wheels and wanted the 18" wheels aero instead. Looking to trade my 18"plus cash.

lilbean | 11 avril 2018


lvla06 | 11 avril 2018

You might as well buy after market wheels.

4bogdan | 11 avril 2018

I was looking into that also but I want to stick with the OEM ones. I should have order it with the 19" wheels...

Agent784 | 11 avril 2018

I’m selling my Aero wheels if you want them.

Agent784 | 11 avril 2018

Send me your email and I’ll send you photos. We took it off the car the day after we bought it.

Agent_86 | 11 avril 2018

I think that's the opposite of what the OP is looking for. They are looking to get rid of their 18"s as well.

lilbean | 11 avril 2018

He wants to trade the free wheels for the upgraded wheels.

4bogdan | 11 avril 2018

Correct, want to trade my 18" to the 19" plus cash.

Brian B | 11 avril 2018

I feel protected with all these agents in here....or should I be concerned?

SUN 2 DRV | 11 avril 2018

Tesla will be happy to take your cash if you're interested in either 19" sport wheels with winter tires:

or 20" sport wheels?

vtech22a | 11 avril 2018

Hummm. OP Where are you located? I am taking delivery next Friday with 19s. I ordered with 19s but I have gone back and forth on wheels. My problem is I want aftermarket wheels, but the center bore requires adapter to fit the wheels I want. I don't want any of the Turbine wheels made for Model 3.

4bogdan | 11 avril 2018

I'm located in Bay Area. Let me know. Thanks

Agent784 | 12 avril 2018

Hi 4bogdan, I have brand new 18's with Michellin Tires. Are you still interested? I'm in California as well.

4bogdan | 13 avril 2018

Hello Agent784, looking to get 19" and not 18. Thanks

Muwka | 13 avril 2018

Anybody knows if 20" Model S turbine wheels fit Model 3?
There are alot of sets floating around on Ebay. I am going with 18" aeros on my 3 but wouldn't mind upgrading to 20" glass black turbine set after the delivery. Thanks. | 13 avril 2018

Hey, I'm in the Bay Area and have a set of the 19". Let me know how to contact you.

Frank99 | 13 avril 2018

Model S wheels don't fit the Model 3 -- different bolt pattern.

avanti5010 | 14 avril 2018

Have 4 Model 3 18" Wheels, 4 Aero Covers, (No TPMS), 4 Grey Center Caps, 20 Lug Nut Caps available. Anyone interested?

4bogdan | 14 avril 2018, the wheels that you have are from the Model 3? If yes, I'm interested. | 14 avril 2018

Yea, OE 19" off my Model 3 w/ the original Contis (about 1k miles on them). Unfortunately some scuffs on the rims from the Tesla techs roughly stacking them, but I just have them sitting around so willing to figure out something that makes sense. Let me know how to contact you if you're still interested.

badaman | 14 avril 2018

@avanti - I'll take those tires from you for $500

4bogdan | 15 avril 2018, sounds great, are you in the bay area? send me an email at if you can.


avanti5010 | 15 avril 2018

@badaman - I have wheels for sale, not tires.

lucasahartmann | 13 décembre 2018

Have 19"s, want to trade for 18"s. Currently 168mi on the wheels. Live outside Chicago IL. Let me know if anyone with 18"s interested in trading.

luxxny | 13 décembre 2018

you are trading the 19s for 18s or you want to trade your 18s for 19s
you have an email to reach you?

khiet_van89 | 13 décembre 2018

i also would like to trade my 18s for 19s, if anyone live in Socal please send me email at We can talk

marinergreg | 14 décembre 2018

I'm in Seattle and looking for a deal on 18" rims to use for a winter tire set. If you upgraded from 18s and are interested in selling them send me an email.

lucasahartmann | 14 décembre 2018

luxxny, I currently have 19". I'm looking to trade with someone who has 18". E-mail:

jessea120514 | 17 mai 2019

Late to the game but picking up my Model 3 with 18's. Anyone have 19"s willing to trade or sell for decent price?

Mohrklein | 8 juin 2019

Looking to trade my 19's for 18's plus cash. Got my M3 about 6 weeks ago. Tires have ~2,000 miles on them. Wheels are in like new condition. I live in SE Wisconsin so anyone in the Madison, Milwaukee or Chicago area interested?