"Your Model 3 is ready to order"

"Your Model 3 is ready to order"

Did anyone else get a duplicate? I got this today, the 15th. The only problem is that we ordered on April 10th when we got the original email. Another software problem?

sroh | 15 avril 2018

I got this duplicate email today also. I was hoping it was for our second reservation which we made mid 2017. Got excited that maybe we got moved up because we completed the order on the first one. Probably a glitch.

ajk | 15 avril 2018

I did as well. Mine came today as a “reminder.” When I configured, I didn’t go through the link in the email, as I didn’t see the email until after I configured.

DaninChi | 15 avril 2018

Yeah, same here- invited 4/10, ordered 4/11, then got this ‘reminder: your model 3 is ready to order’ email today. I replied to just to make sure my order didn’t get messed up. Credit card was charged 2500 fwiw.
Hoping they meant to send me a delivery date :) but since i don’t have a vin on my account yet, probably not...

sangyo | 15 avril 2018

Same thing happened to me. Invited on 4/10, configured on 4/12, got a reminder to order this morning 4/15. I also replied to the email, but no response yet.

Marino Model 3 | 15 avril 2018

Credit card was charged 2500 fw? Are you saying above that you were charged an additional 2500 just for processing the order? Is this something new? if so, it does not make any sense, this is the first time I am reading some thing like this. This information was not put out by Tesla that I know of.

mcflyInAustin | 15 avril 2018

I wish my problem was that I was getting too many invitations to order.

pranfire | 15 avril 2018

i was wondering the same thing. i configured my model 3 last night, but i got a 'duplicate' email today morning. i just hope my order went through

ebmcs03 | 15 avril 2018

I’m only asking for one invitation. And that’s already too much to ask for.

ravisundaramam | 15 avril 2018

@Marino Model 3 | April 15, 2018: When you configure your vehicle you pay 2500$. Since the credit card charge has come through, it means the order got processed at the earlier date.

Daryl | 15 avril 2018

I got the same email, and I have already had a VIN for 2 days. Looks like a glitch in their reminder system.

tym3p | 15 avril 2018

where can we see our VIN? I just see 'Complete the steps below to take delivery'. Also I am hoping I dont need to provide insurance details yet for someone to call and schedule for delivery date. Is this true? Or should i finish my insurance details to expect someone to call me?

chrispcarpenter | 15 avril 2018

You can find your VIN on your account page. It is located at the top left hand corner of the page. I too got the message but believe, as others do, that it must be a glitch since I've been allocated a VIN and have had the $2500 charge levied against my credit card.

Njbrw549 | 15 avril 2018

Invite received on 4-10, spent the next hour or so processing and submitted. Checked email later and got notice of c/c withdrawal, a thank-you email from Tesla and another email requesting information submitted earlier.
Called Tesla and asked. They had everything on file and to ignore second email

Marino Model 3 | 17 avril 2018

Is the $2500, part of the $35000 cost for the M 3 or is this an additional cost?

spockagain34 | 17 avril 2018

@Marino Model 3, it is part of the cost. I am not sure how it works exactly in every state, but in CA when we went to pay for ours, they added the $1,000 initial deposit and the $2,500 configuration fee to our down payment on the vehicle.

Beagle | 17 avril 2018

This is nothing new. When you signed up for the first thousand, (refundable) you also agreed that you would pay $2500 on configuration, and that the $3500 was now non-refundable. At least that's the way I read it. After all, they have to pay someone to run around the parking lot reading window stickers to find one that matches your order. And then they have to hope no one moves it before they want to grab it for delivery.

Marino Model 3 | 20 avril 2018

spockagain34 | April 17, 2018 /Beagle | April 17, 2018...... Guys thanks for answering my question. smile!

CASEMAN | 20 avril 2018

@manib4op - I think you are to upload your current proof of insurance and enter your current insurance company info. That's what I did.

kamathajith | 7 juillet 2018

I got the email as well. However it only lets me design a 310 miler. i just need the 220 miler for the base $35k. So I don't do anything and sit tight ? Would the "standard" reservations holders get yet another email at a later date for the 220 miler design ?

KP in NPT | 7 juillet 2018

@kamathajith - Yes just sit tight. not sure if another email will come, but when it is released it will be all over the internet, if you follow any EV news.