19" Cyclone tires

19" Cyclone tires

One of the folks here at the office has a tesla loaner with the 19" cyclone tires/wheels. They look pretty cool. I have the regular 19".

I went to the tesla store but they're not listed for sale - only the 21" or the 19" weird looking ones (aero) are orderable. However they are an option when you configure a new car.

Has anyone replaced/ordered the 19" cyclones? Is it possible to do that?

hcwhy | 21 août 2014

I got an extra 19"cyclone rim w/tire when I got the car. I'd try calling a SC or store...they could probably help you. Occasionally I believe I've seen second hand ones available here in this forum.

rbergquist | 21 août 2014

My Service center (Rocklin, California) had them in stock & installed them for me.

lnxcar | 22 août 2014

ok cool thanks folks :) will check w/ SC

JPPTM | 22 août 2014

Maybe have a look at the TSportline 19's..pretty nice.

rodhoffman | 22 août 2014

I bought 4 cyclones with Michelin Primacy tires (about 200 miles on them) for about $2,500 when shipped from California. I think that was a darn good deal. Probably worth $5,000 if I had to pay for them new. Tires = $275 each TPS = $130 each, rims = $1k?

hcwhy | 23 août 2014

Wim.... If you go to forums and then scroll down to Clubs, then all and click on it, about the third post is for "matt silver 19" cyclone rims and tires". If you need better directions on how to get there, let me know.