1st visit of a Tesla Model S to Nikola Tesla Memorial Center at his hometown Smiljan, Croatia

1st visit of a Tesla Model S to Nikola Tesla Memorial Center at his hometown Smiljan, Croatia

I've been delighted to see this automotive game changer finally over here. It was about time. Thanks to the German automobile club for undertaking this journey to promote the car and btw Croatia as travel destination. The vehicle got recharged at a 400V outlet.
Hopefully there will be soon much more of those on the roads of Nikola Tesla's homeland.
Even by now without domestic license plates. It's sad that we have no showroom in Zagreb and i was personally very disappointed learning (after I get through the web-configurator to order a model S) that Croatia isn't even listed as address option in the 'other of Europe region' web page.
Croatia isn't exactly Norway, but the government helps to bring up pure EV by not charging expensive CO2 and luxury taxes that have to be paid for ICE and hybrid models.
Link to the web page of the NTMC with nice pics of the event

sunnysailor | 13 septembre 2013

Thanks for positng the link. Great photos.

ILOVEMYTESLA | 15 septembre 2013

I've read so much about Nikola Tesla, he is a Genius that is not getting as much recognition as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Isaac Newton. Thanks to Elon Musk for finally making him a legend and taking his name to the level where he should have been in the first place! Brilliant Nikola Tesla! May he now rest in perfect peace.

ILOVEMYTESLA | 15 septembre 2013
Blueshift | 15 septembre 2013

I like this one:

robkal007 | 15 septembre 2013

Congratulations and thanks for making the effort to connect Nikola with our cars. I tell everyone interested in my Model S that it is true perfection of an 1888 patent of Nikola's for the brushless AC motor. We should all recognize and be grateful for the namesake of the company.

eking | 15 septembre 2013

Well of course he doesn't get as much recognition as Einstein. He said the theory of relativity was wrong and he strongly espoused "eugenics" a form of scientific racism. He was an innovator, an inventor and a genius, without doubt. But he wasn't on par with Einstein. But the things he did with electricity both working with Edison and on his own are and were magnificent. It's cool that Musk chose the mark TESLA for this amazing car. It makes a lot of sense. I bought one and I can't wait to get it.

Here is an interesting video on the real versus imaginary Nikola Tesla:

Here is a Gizmodo article that touches on some of the same themes:

Making Nikola Tesla into a Saint Makes Us All Dumber

jackhub | 15 septembre 2013

Really cool! Thanks Jackero