60 Minutes to Feature Tesla Model S this Sunday March 30th

60 Minutes to Feature Tesla Model S this Sunday March 30th

Just saw the ad that 60 Minutes will have a story about Model S, asking is it worthy of the hype.

shop | 27 mars 2014

Wow, that should help sales a bit.

Velo1 | 27 mars 2014

Yep, as it will be a big CBS NCAA Tounament weekend and with 60 Minutes running this ad over and over it should generate great exposure.

WannaBlue | 27 mars 2014

Was it just me, or did they dub the sound of a gasoline engine revving over the footage of the Model S in the commercial? I'd have to see it again, but it definitely didn't seem right.

DouglasR | 27 mars 2014

I don't want to pre-judge, but 60 Minutes often has a point of view, and occasionally likes to burst balloons for the dramatic effect. Remember Top Gear.

Brian H | 27 mars 2014

Sorry, this Sunday is dedicated to the SpaceX launch.

PorfirioR | 27 mars 2014

SpaceX launch postponed due to range radar outage.
Weekend is now free.

Brian H | 28 mars 2014


JonathanL | 28 mars 2014

I wonder if Gov. Christie will be watching?

Plugged In | 28 mars 2014

I don't know if Gov. Christie will be watching, but I suspect that around 7 PM Sunday night he will be eating. Just a guess, purely speculation on my part.

Mathew98 | 28 mars 2014

@andrew.berman - Missing "for the fifth or sixth time for that day".

jordanrichard | 28 mars 2014

Velo1, no you were not hearing things, I heard the same thing this morning. they certainly did overduba ICE accelrating.

I also agree that one can only hope this doesn't turn into another Audi like bashing. Just the way they worded it, "...does it live up to the hype". That alone tells you that they have a point of view and they are going to tailor the peice to highlight that point.

JonathanL | 28 mars 2014

He can't be eating, he ordered the Fridge closed.

jordanrichard | 28 mars 2014

No, they repo'd his fridge because he didn't buy it fron an authorized Whirlpool dealer.....

rsigman | 28 mars 2014

If the piece is with Scott Pele, it will likely not be pro-Tesla. I find him rather creepy.

rsigman | 28 mars 2014

Scott Pelley not Pele.

Velo1 | 28 mars 2014

I wonder if it will focus on the fire "concern", and if so will they mention the new fire shield retrofit announced today?

I know 60 Minutes has strong opinions, but I am hopeful this will be a positive review with all the awards, Consumer Report rating, and safety record.

renwo S alset | 28 mars 2014

60 minutes being advertising/ratings driven, I expect this to be their typical $$$$ driven poor excuse for journalism, as is usual for them. Hope I am wrong.

AmpedRealtor | 28 mars 2014

I think the release of this shield information two days prior to the 60 Minutes story is not a coincidence. I believe this will be a positive story that, if it goes anywhere negative, will focus the negative on the dealership lobby trying to stop an American success story.

bryceha | 28 mars 2014

Just speculating on my part, but if I'm the producer for this story, and I want to get (a lot of) people to watch, do I appeal to the 20K of us who are bought in and understand the benefits of this fantastic car? ..or do I appeal to the other 300M who would like to feel better about not having one? Mmmmmm...

Velo1 | 28 mars 2014

60 Minutes is usually pretty good at doing a follow-up response with letters they receive from viewers. So if their story is less than positive, I think we should all write 60 Minutes with our comments, and hopefully at least one of the letters will get aired the next episode.

Frankly, I am expecting a positive story, as you have to have an agenda against Tesla or EVs in general not to see all the positive aspects of the car. They simply can't ignore the safety record, the Consumer Report rating, and all the car magazine awards. If they do, then we have content for our viewer response letter to 60 minutes.

We need to defend our children!

renwo S alset | 28 mars 2014

For you regular viewers of 60 Minutes, please consider the number of advertising spots Tesla has purchased versus the oil and auto manufacturers. I hope your positive speculation is correct, but I am not so sure.

Red Sage ca us | 28 mars 2014

Hmmm... Does either John Stossel or Brit Hume report on 60 Minutes now? No? Ah. In that case, I expect it will be a fair report in all regards.

PBEndo | 28 mars 2014

My impression is that 60 minutes is more fair than most news media. However, all news media wants to report something interesting, Shock, scandal, etc. I have seen a 60 minutes report on something I am an expert in and the report was horrible and clearly biased. It makes me think the other topics, where I am not an expert, may often be overly biased as well. I am not sure what direction they want to go with Tesla.

@amped - perhaps Tesla released the underbody shield information as a preemptive strike because they received advance warning of a negative story.

thranx | 28 mars 2014

Wonder if anybody connected with the show owns one?

carlk | 28 mars 2014

Guys you're worrying too much. We all have different opinions of 60 minutes, mine happens to be pretty good, but either way it will not go this low as to bash the MS. Their conclusion will not be anything but a strong "YES". I'm pretty sure of that.

renwo S alset | 28 mars 2014

I don't worry about any "bashing", more like errors of omission. The media battery narrative has always been it "burst into flames" without any context, like exiting the freeway first, very slow combustion prior to the fire department breaking open the pack to extinguish the flames, etc. The media's main method of causing controversy (ratings) is to present one fact without context and I expect 60 Minutes to continue that tradition.

Velo1 | 28 mars 2014

As per another poster here, Elon will be part of the 60 minutes segment. That sounds like positive news.

Brian H | 28 mars 2014

As I posted elsewhere, Elon was on there 3/18 last year (though the focus was mostly SpaceX). Was quite positive, would rather expect the same this time.

logicalthinker | 28 mars 2014

For those who never watch TV, what time and channel is this show on? (South Florida, Ft Lauderdale area).

Serious question. I'd like to watch this show this time. :)

logicalthinker | 28 mars 2014
carlk | 29 mars 2014

Remember they did a story on Amazon and Bezo not too long ago? That was a pretty good one. Bezo even revealed a "secret projet" to them at end of the segment.

AlMc | 29 mars 2014

+1 VIN 20353: As long as it is accurate. I have no problem with them discussing some of the negative news as long as it is accurate and TMs response to the negatives are given.

J.T. | 29 mars 2014

@JonathanL Well done.

carlk | 29 mars 2014

The preview looks very much like Bloomberg's "Risk Takers, Elon Musk" video. Actually some of the same old footage seems to be used. It will be all good if the story line is the same and I think it will be even better. The Bloomberg story ended at the time before Tesla and MS took off. It also reached far less viewers than 60 Minutes could.

PapaSmurf | 29 mars 2014

The news media are starting to realize if they do a hatchet job on Elon Musk or Tesla, then Elon has the tools and inclination to strike back. He has made the New York Times and a few others look like complete idiots.

If I were 60 Minutes, I would be very careful before slanting something hugely negative at Tesla or Elon. 60 Minutes doesn't have the credibility they used to have. A few of their recent shows have been roundly criticized and discredited.

Velo1 | 29 mars 2014

@logicthinker - check your local CBS listing for 60 Minutes this Sunday at 6:00 p.m. The time slot is the same for Mountain and Pacific time zones, but may be 7:00 central (?).

AmpedRealtor | 29 mars 2014

I hope I can watch it on my Roku. I've cut the cable and dumped the dish.

dleidy | 29 mars 2014

There is simply no way to review the Model S negatively.

noel.smyth | 29 mars 2014

I stopped DVRing 60 minutes after the hatchet job on clean energy. I will DVR this one to see what they say here, but I expect its not a positive view. and yes I will write a letter to them for what its worth.

Qwiksilver | 29 mars 2014


Iowa92x | 29 mars 2014

60 Minutes will mention the fires, high purchase price and "limited" range of 260, but the overall piece will be positive. The titanium shield didn't come out until after the 60 Minutes piece was filmed, so they will likey add on an "oh by the way" blip at the end.

Mark K | 29 mars 2014

The preview is also on the iPad app for 60 minutes. Once broadcast, you can watch the show there too.

(The app is actually great).

Looks like it'll be a not only favorable piece, but even a poignant tale of success against the odds.

Velo1 | 29 mars 2014

@Mark K - is the iPad app the one for $4.99? Or is there a free app we can view the preview? Although I'm watching the NCAA tournament, so I am sure I'll see it a few more times before Sunday night.

Mark K | 29 mars 2014

It's the $4.99 one.

I don't have time to watch TV, so getting the app for organized access to all their content was actually a pretty good deal.

Shows are usually 2 bucks to rent on iTunes, so the app saves hundreds of dollars if you like 60 minutes (one of the better shows made under the old model of television).

Benz | 30 mars 2014

And soon to be watched on YouTube as well (after the broadcast on TV)?

PBEndo | 30 mars 2014

@carlk You are correct about the Bezos/Amazon story. It was definitely presented in a positive way for Amazon. However, there was quite a backlash from the public about the "delivery drones" idea. So even the positive story ended up quite negative in some aspects.

Velo1 | 30 mars 2014

Watching the Preview on the 60 Minutes app, this story looks to be more about Elon, starting with his PayPal days, Space X and Tesla. This conflicts a bit with the TV ad that makes it seem like the segment will be about the Model S. So it is probably a combination of Elon with some focus touting success of the Model S, IMHO.

JJ Cleghorne | 30 mars 2014

@ Wannablue,

I heard it too. Goofy.