900hp Quant EV powered by flow cell battery

900hp Quant EV powered by flow cell battery

Doesn't this simple tech make the point of making a giga factory of in-efficient heavy Li-Ion batteries pointless?

Are we going to get stuck with these heavy batts like we did with gas? business as usual?

This is frustrating really.

ps: no offense, but, why Elon Musk is referred to as "Iron Man"? Why change did he really bring to the world?

Brian H | 16 octobre 2014

Old news. and many others.

Elon was a model for Tony Stark.

Anemometer | 17 octobre 2014

You assumption is that flow batteries are lighter than li-ion.

Do a bit of googling and post back if you find any flow batteries with an energy density greater than 1/10 that of li-ion.

Flow batteries approx 10 to 20Wh/kg or 15 to 25 Wh/litre. So the 200 litre tank in the Quant will store about 5kWh max. Somehow I think they are telling porkies on the range, and this is based on some "future, yet to be invented" electrolyte.

If it had been invented it would already be in mass use for stationary grid balancing systems where it could make the plant owners a killing selling peak rate balancing electricity for $1+ and recharge at at night for pennies. The current role for flow batteries is standby backup or buffering wind turbine output to sell in peak periods. That's because a huge tank of electrolyte isn't a problem if it's stationary. We're talking swimming pools full of the stuff.

Li-ion has 200-265 Wh/kg or 250-750Wh/litre - though not actually a liquid they mean per unit volume.

I haven't even mentioned prices yet - because the price is irrelevant - even if the flow battery system cost $1, a 15 mile range is useless. (5kWh @0.33kw/mile). The reality is it probably costs $100,000+.

Dramsey | 18 octobre 2014

Elon was not a model for Tony Stark. Stark's first appearance was in Marvel comics in 1963; Elon was born in 1971.

I've never really gotten the comparison. Tony Stark is a genius engineer and inventor, while Elon Musk is a genius entrepreneur. There's really not that much overlap.

Red Sage ca us | 18 octobre 2014

Jon Favreau, Director of the successful 'IRON MAN' (2008) movie said in his interviews about it that his version of Tony Stark was loosely based on his observations and personal impression of Elon Musk. Personally, I think his viewpoint was rather skewed, and not entirely appropriate. Elon Musk is much closer to Reed Richards of Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four instead.

He's a geek with a brain the size of a planet, a hot wife, and kids who is more interested in exploration of space, the improvement of mankind's welfare through the judicious application of technology, and the fundamental benefit of doing things in a logical fashion, than he is in politics, warmongering, or personal gain.

But, like, whatever, and stuff...

nikolateslas88 | 18 octobre 2014

u gotta fill it up at a pump.... :(

SamusAranX | 18 octobre 2014

Nah, cause that company is just full of BS. Don't believe any of it until they produce a working prototype (which they won't)

"This is frustrating really."

Why would you get frustrated over something that hasn't been proven yet?