92kW Ford Focus 2012, WT??????????

92kW Ford Focus 2012, WT??????????

Is it just me or does this sound weird, 92kW Focus 2012?? I just wanted to through this out for everyone to see that this has to be a "typo"... Figured I would look around and see what the rest of the automotive industry is doing to try and keep up with Tesla, hope they fix the 92kW?

I live in Hawaii/Oahu and can't wait to pick up my Model S, going with the 60kW, this is perfect for the island.

Ad van der Meer | 28 décembre 2011

92kW is the power output of the engine. The battery size is 23kWh.

Don't worry, your Model S will out run and out gun the Focus E!

Brian H | 28 décembre 2011

And the battery you're getting is 60kWh. That's 60 kw for one hour, or 1 kW for 60 hours, or 20 kW for 3 hours, or ...

Volker.Berlin | 28 décembre 2011

BigHavoc, Ad van der Meer and Brian H explained which numbers must be compared wrt battery capacity. Now let's have a look at the engine's power output -- 92 kW (125 HP) in the Ford Focus. The Model S Performance has 325 kW (435 HP), as stated on this page:

If I remember correctly, the regular Model S is said to have 300 kW (400 HP). Very nice numbers, aren't they? :-)