Active Air Suspension - should have option to stay at High setting or return to High setting when car slows below 10 MPH

Active Air Suspension - should have option to stay at High setting or return to High setting when car slows below 10 MPH

It is very frustrating to having to manually set the air suspension to the High setting each and every single time when i need to pull into a public parking stall that has a parking curb in order to avoid hitting or scraping the plastic Front Bumper Lower Skid Plate, which i have already done so once at the beginning when i first got the car and had set it to the High setting, thinking that it will remain at High setting, and return to the High setting after the car is traveling below 10 MPH. I understand the air suspension has to lower the car during higher speed travel to minimize air drag, but why can't it return to the High setting once the car has slowed down? It is also annoying to reset it to the High setting each and every time when i need to enter a steep driveway in order to avoid scraping the bottom of the battery tray. Does anyone else wish the air suspension setting on the Model S can be improved with a driver selected default setting?

NilsG | 7 juillet 2013

Would also be nice if you could programme it so it rises when you aproach a speed-bump. The speed-bumps could be in the nav-system, and automaticly rise the car when going over it. Should be a "simple" software fix?

J.T. | 7 juillet 2013

The nav system/suspension adjusring software is in the works. Primarily for your home driveway but I would suppose if you adjust the height for any particular location it would remember it.

David70 | 7 juillet 2013

I'd hope it would go into the highest setting when getting down to 5 mph. However, I'd still have to learn to judge curb height in relation to the height of the car in the highest setting.

AmpedRealtor | 7 juillet 2013

@ NilsG, because speed bumps are registered in any nav system? LOL

TexasYes | 7 juillet 2013

This is an excellent suggestion - having a setting that adjusts the suspension to high when going under 10mph.

I don't know that speed bumps are recorded in nav software however.

Is there a way to program one of the buttons on the steering wheel to go to the High suspension setting so that we can quickly toggle?

skulleyb | 7 juillet 2013

GPS hight adjustment with speed requirement, pretty cool feature i would say if added.!

stevenmaifert | 7 juillet 2013

I'd be happy if you could just raise it with one of the steering wheel buttons. The speed bumps at my local airport in the drop off/pick-up area are vicious. The last thing I need to do is divert my attention to the touchscreen as other drivers are zooming into or away from curbside.

carlk | 7 juillet 2013

Actually it would be nice if Tesla can make the steering wheel buttons programable so each drivers can use them for functions they need the most.

kristian.skogstroem | 7 juillet 2013

I totally agere. It should also be possible to keep it in high independent of speed. When the road condition is bad I would be more comfortable harving it in high.

kristian.skogstroem | 7 juillet 2013


NilsG | 7 juillet 2013

@Amped.... Obviously they are not i the nav to begin with, but if you could tap the screen when you drive over it and make i a POI, you could have them in your own nav. Have quite a few in my local area, and would love for the car to rise above them, that is if I buy he car.....

Basicly just thinking out loud, you be surprized how many brilliant ideas gave come true that way ;-)

NilsG | 7 juillet 2013

And also I got a gravel road from the main road up to my house with a few potholes in it.....

shaneosullivan1 | 7 juillet 2013

I'd also like it if, when set to High, it stayed there. I have a very steep driveway, which causes the car to scrape the bottom if not at the highest setting. However, as I drive, if I'm too slow the car complains about being too high and lowers itself.

This basically means that I have to hurry into my garage before the car lowers itself. This is not good.

gill_sans | 7 juillet 2013

Am I understanding correctly that the Active Air Suspension automatically lowers the car at high speeds but does not automatically lift the car at low speeds?

mikefa | 7 juillet 2013

@gill_sans, yes that is correct, the active air suspension will always return to the standard height once the car exceeds 10 MPH or when the car is powered on again Tesla should allow the driver to select the default height to accommodate their road driving conditions, and raise the 10 MPH limit to perhaps 25 MPH before automatically lowering the suspension height.

Newampster | 7 juillet 2013

Yes, AAS should stay up on back roads. Yes, it would be great if you could program speed bumps as POI's, but who in there right mind would drive over a parking lot cement curb? There is no reason to be close to it. If done, you deserve the undercarriage damage that is visible on many cars.