Air compressor noise with Air Suspension

Air compressor noise with Air Suspension


I was wondering how noticeable is the air compressor noise in the cabin, from my understanding, in order to have air suspension you need an air tank maintained at high pressure by an air compressor, that air compressor keeps in quite a lot to keep the tank at a certain PSI in order to raise the car

Let me know thanks

nickjhowe | 25 janvier 2013

Had the car three weeks and haven't noticed it - though there is a low frequency rumble when the car first starts. Some have said this is A/C, but it might be the air compressor.

Superliner | 25 janvier 2013

@ killmats & @nickjhowe

The muted "rumble" at a low frequency would most likely be the air suspension compressor. I've driven/owned Many Lincolns "still have a Town Car as my daily driver" All have had air suspension and it is normal for the car to adjust suspension height on initial "start up"

This can be heard in S500 & 600 MBenz, Some older Cadillac DeVilles Buick Park Avenues etc. with self leveling air suspension. Even back in 1958 on the El Dorado

No system that I know of uses an air tank to store compressed air. The compressor itself "generally" can raise pressures fast enough to adjust veh. height in a matter of 4 to 5 sec. or so because the total air volume in the system is small and the air springs themselves serve as the reservoirs.

I've yet seen the specs on Teslas approach but based on what I've been able to see and experience through demo's of the Model S it seems the system is contemporary to those in use on other luxury brands.

jackhub | 25 janvier 2013

Vin 3059, no noise here.

Velo1 | 25 janvier 2013

VIN 3271. No noise hEAR, either.

Captain_Zap | 25 janvier 2013

I change the suspension height a couple times a day. It is silent.

DonS | 25 janvier 2013

I've played with suspension in the quiet showroom without outside noise, and I never heard anything.

jat | 26 janvier 2013

I've only heard it very slightly at startup on a cold day and when changing the suspension setting.

bob | 26 janvier 2013

Considering the problems I have had with air suspensions in the past, this is one option I can live without. My Rovers air system is noisy and problematic. For me having a Tesla is about keeping it for MANY years and the less to break the better. As William Powell Lear (designer of the Lear Jet) said to me when I was a kid, "If it is not on the SOB it can't break"

Superliner | 26 janvier 2013


You're not alone there, Air suspension systems "best case" usually begin to have problems, some major, approx. + or - 10 years out the gate.

I've had to replace the air springs in every car I've owned that was so equipped. Air springs depending on type can cost anywhere from $300.00 to upwards of $1000.00 per unit for genuine replacement parts. There are some less costly aftermarket solutions in certain applications but they are usually of lesser quality.

I'd still like to have it just for the improved ride comfort and consistent ride frequency and height under varying loads but as of now it is a coin toss that's leaning towards standard suspension.

hayabura | 10 février 2013

thank you
air compressor

hayabura | 10 février 2013
olanmills | 11 février 2013

I only sometimes notice a noise when approaching the car (as the car is activated/unlocked by the key fob) or exiting the car.

djl | 11 février 2013

I definitely notice a very low frequency rumble from time to time. Hadn't occurred to me that it might be the compressor (I assumed battery heating or cooling), but it easily could be.

The funny thing is that it sounds and feels much like a gas powered car idling, which is very weird ;-)