Anyone notice that your DRL lights dim when your turn signals are on?

Anyone notice that your DRL lights dim when your turn signals are on?

I was driving in the day and was a stop light, and I was looking my car through the reflection of the rear end of a black SUV. I was in a turn lane and I had my left turn signal on. The SUV's reflection of my car was very clear (since it was a dark color in the middle of a sunny day). I noticed that the LED DRL light dimmed when the orange turn signal light was flashing. Anyone experience have any similar experiences. I tried to see if this happens when the headlights are on (at night) and it doesn't seem to be the case when the headlights are on.

dashrb | 9 janvier 2013

I've noticed some audi's extinguish the DRL on the side with the turn signal, to help ensure the oncoming drivers clearly see the signal flashing. Was it like that, or did it seem like both DRL's (right and left) were dimmed unintentionally?

daveyb23 | 9 janvier 2013

It was just the one corresponding DRL light. Perhaps you're right. I did as the service advisor and he didnt know if it was supposed to be that way.

pilotSteve | 9 janvier 2013

I really like these kind of innovations. Also the 'turning' lights that illuminate one the side of the car you are steering toward.

This is good and unobtrusive use of technology to help reduce lane change accidents even if the turn signals are not used. Way to go Tesla!

sandman | 9 janvier 2013

I think this is intentional as well. I agree it is a better way to communicate intentions with other drivers and therefore a great safety feature.

olanmills | 9 janvier 2013

Yes this is normal, other cars that have bright LED DRL's and bright LED turn signals do the same thing, such as newer Audis.

I don't know if it's a regulation thing or somethign manufacturers just found works better through testing, but I think it has to do with the desire to constrain the total amount of light/brightness coming from the front of the car, or as sandman suggested, maybe it helps make the turn signal more conspicuous.

Brian H | 9 janvier 2013

Yeah, it's all about contrast, it seems. If it's a bug, it's also a feature!