Anyone park in a parking garage?

Anyone park in a parking garage?

I would love to get a model S. However I live in Manhattan and must park in a parking garage (Icon). The company that runs the charging stations said that the guys that work the garage have been trained on how to charge the car, but he said it in a slightly dubious "well, they've been trained..." I'm particularly concerned about having it consistently topped off before trips. I use my car only on weekends (and sometimes not for a month or more), and then usually take drives of about 150 miles, so Id need them to be very reliable as far as having the car charged before I pick it up. Seems tricky.

Anyone have any experience with this? I know your garage and its workers might be very different from mine, but I'm just curious in general if this is as tricky as I'm imagining, or have people had success?


CC | 1 mars 2013

The charing is not tricky at all. Topping it off is actually best for the lithium ion battery. Also, if you are not going to use it for over a month, it's best to just leave it plugged in. These are recommendations staight out of the Tesla owner's manual.

So, if your garage is welling to charge for you, or if they have outlets for you to plug in, you are all set :) The model S will regulate everything once you plug it in.

jchangyy | 1 mars 2013

Also, your iPhone/adroid phone app will tell you if your car is being charged---as long as 3G signal gets through the garage for AT&T.

bradslee | 1 mars 2013

As CC pointed, if your garage will allow you to leave your MS there plugged in all the time (either 110V or 240V) and you only use your MS in weekends for a range of 150 miles, assuming that you have a 85kWh MS, you should definitely be fine.

rmbod | 1 mars 2013

Buy One. You will drive a lot more than just weekends!!!! you will never have more fun in a car. (almost never :-)

CC | 1 mars 2013

+1 rmod


even the 60kwh Model S would be enough for your usage. I picked up mine 1 week ago, and is loving every bit of it. Standard charge is 190 miles. I have made two 140 mi trip without problems, and I was going +5 to +10 mph over the speed limit in the cold in NJ. Havent' tried range charge yet, i am guessing 208 - 210 mi.

stimeygee | 2 mars 2013

Actually the garage will NOT allow me to stay plugged in. That's the trick, as with most 'valet' garages in manhattan (the only kind near me). So the guys would have to charge it when I drop it off, then when I call for it charge it again, being sure to time it right so the charging is finished before I need the car. So not uncomplicated, potentially, especially of they're not used to it.

Anyone with a Tesla that lives in manhattan and has a similar situation...?

nlightened | 2 mars 2013

@stimyg, I live downtown and have been spending a lot of time on this very issue. My current garage graciously offered to install a charging station for my car at no cost, in the back of the garage since I'm only a weekend driver. I was skeptical until they called me a couple of days later and said it was all set. I was impressed with the speed and service, until I went to look and found they had installed a 110V standard wall outlet. Great for keeping the car plugged in but not so great if I need a full charge overnight after a full day of Saturday driving.

Went to another garage that has installed a Level 2 charger, but right in front of the entrance, so that if you're charging, no cars can enter or exit the garage! Blunder! The manager agreed the placement didn't make any sense and that they would only be able to charge my car at night, when there is less traffic. Fine for me, but if that garage gets more than one electric car, we're all screwed. (Here's hoping mine gets delivered soon!) I noticed nearly every garage in my neighborhood has the same setup.

The good news is, this garage has a couple of 110V outlets in the back where I can stay plugged in during the week.

But NYC is a cautionary tale over the near-term future of EVs. There is a woeful lack of education over how the infrastructure needs to be built to make EVs convenient for city dwellers. There are terrific tax incentives for businesses and garages to set up charging stations in NYC, and I'm now seeing them everywhere. But they're poorly placed, in some cases WAY more expensive than gas. And they don't allow for customers to remain plugged in when they're not using the car. Nearly every garage attendant I talked to assumed you pumped electricity into the car like it was gas. A few minutes and you're done.

I shudder to think how painful it's going to be to train my valets on the car. There will be a LOT of app monitoring for a while!

stimeygee | 2 mars 2013

Is your garage underground? Because doesn't that mean your app won't connect? Mine is, and wouldn't.

nlightened | 2 mars 2013

That's another worry. Don't have the car yet so I don't know. But I have to imagine the app is going to be useless for me. This could end up being the worst purchase decision I've ever made.

And I can't wait!

Robert22 | 2 mars 2013

Do you have wifi in the garage? Soon to be enabled this would provide another potential way to access your car remotely.

stimeygee | 3 mars 2013

Definitely no wifi, no. It's just your usual parking garage.

I sorta feel the same way - I'm eager to try even if it creates challenges. It's my wife who might feel otherwise, which is why Im trying to figure things out ahead of time.

JoeBadge | 3 mars 2013

I'll be parking in my apt. building garage in Chicago - with no outlets. But the condo association is allowing me to install a separate meter with a 110A pipe right to my parking space. Do you own your parking space or is it a rental?

stimeygee | 3 mars 2013

It's a rental, and they don't normally out the car in the spot every time.

I wonder if Id far anywhere trying to get the garage to give me a dedicated space, with an outlet. Worth an ask I suppose. How did you meter the outlet, I'd read elsewhere that's an expensive install.

JZ13 | 3 mars 2013

I have a condo in a building in San Diego. I got an estimate to run a 240v outlet to my parking space - $3k. They would need to rent a lift to install the conduit along the ceiling. I decided that was not worth it as this is a second home that is only 80 from my main home.

JZ13 | 3 mars 2013

80 miles

nlightened | 4 mars 2013

#stimyg, my garage didn't meter the outlet. It's just a standard 110V plug. They're not charging me for electricity. I think because I'm the first EV in the garage, they're not set up for any of this and it's very loose. Watch how fast it all changes (and more more expensive it gets) as soon as a few more monthly customers get EVs. I'm getting ready for a lot of major hassles that people with homes and garages don't have. But I'm a New Yorker. Everyday living is a bloodsport, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

jemartin | 4 mars 2013

stimyg - My Model S and I were in Manhattan for 3 days - 2 nights last week (my wife came with us as well). I'm from a more rural area (Wash. DC), where wide open parking and charging options abound, so it was a rude awakening for me. I left the car overnight at the Central Parking on 29th and 1st Ave. I also checked out the Icon parking on 21st and Park. Those were the only two charging options within 6 blocks of my hotel. The icon parking had its charger at the entrance and the car was pretty exposed. I picked the Central Parking because of where the charger was. None of the attendants I spoke with at either place had ever seen an electric car. At Central they let me park the car and take it out, even though it's valet parking only. I showed them how to use the charger but they may forget by the time the next MS comes by. $.49 /kWh at Central and $2.99 /hour at Icon, which comes out pretty close since those are 6kW chargers. Definitely not cheap to do this on an ongoing basis, but we all know that the MS is worth it. Overall, the trip to NYC was great. I got to use the supercharger at Delaware House for the first time. That was pretty amazing. Now let's hope that Michael Bloomberg's call for 10,000 charging stations in NYC before 2020 comes relatively close to his goal...

lukewalch | 6 mars 2013

@nlightened I live in lower manhattan (Soho/Nolita) and haven't found a garage that will let me stay plugged in. Can you share where you saw the Level 2 charger and where you've got your car? Maybe we will have some leverage together. I've been calling around trying to cut a deal in my neighborhood, even if just a 110 so it stays topped off.

mikegre | 6 mars 2013

Try Garage Management Company. They have a bunch of garages in NYC and are to speed on EVs. Ask for Matt Collum...212-888-7400 Ext 7361. I think he's the guy in charge of their program.

youlikeadajuice | 6 mars 2013

There's a discussion going on at the TMC forum about poster (Seegem) managed to get his garage to install a 14-50 at his space with a separate meter so he can reimburse them...perhaps they would be willing to do this again for you? I believe he is at the Mercedes house at 53rd & 10th in Manhattan. I park at Manhattan Plaza Parking Garage between 9th & 10th on 42nd street. It's a self park, which I like. I'm trying to get them to install a charger or two for public use. If you're interested (or even if you're not) give them a call, if more people call, the better chance we'll have getting it going! All the info is in post #9 of this link:

alexjohnson | 28 janvier 2014

Sorry if there's a thing about hijacking old threads but this is a key issue in Manhattan. I have seen at least one in the Village, but others look like visitors. I'm in the Far West Village so parking is in older valet garages, and even if Beam were the solution, there isn't one particularly close. Maybe some legwork for sure, but I'm wondering what the latest is on this? On the one hand a city where almost everyone has to garage should be perfect for an EV, and yet as we know it ain't necessarily so.

Olof | 28 janvier 2014

I live in Manhattan and charging is easy now that I found a nice garage. The attendants plug the car into 120 V every night and it stays like that until I need it.

For the rare occasion when I come back from a road trip with a depleted battery and need to go on another road trip the following day I use their Beam charger.

Minocqua | 8 avril 2014

Does anyone have a recommendation for where to park in a monthly lot on the UWS in Manhattan (NYC)?


Galve2000 | 12 décembre 2014

Just wondering if there has been any recent update on this?

Olof: does the 110 V charging still fit your needs? or do you find yourself paying $0.49/kwh more and more?

youlikeadajuice: Any luck getting your self park garage to install a charger for you?

I've been lobbying for Battery Garage which is another self park facility in downtown manhattan close to my office to install chargers and I know they have looked into doing so, but I suspect my grandkids will have grandkids of their own by the time the chargers are installed as this facility is owned by the Port Authority of NY & NJ and there is a lot of red tape as you need to deal with a govt, agency.

EssDub | 12 décembre 2014

I've had my s60 in tribeca for nearly 2 years. Here's what I've learned.

There's hundreds of garages in Manhattan with Chargepoint / Beam. None of them are convenient or cheap. Then again, if cheap is your thing you live in the wrong city.

Edison Park Fast still has free level 2 charging via Chargepoint - if you can monthly in one of those lots that's a great situation. You'll still probably have to go to the lot to plug / unplug.

If your garage will let you plug into a 110v that's a great situation.

If you're downtown and can deal with the PATH, you can park at the Hyatt in Jersey City -- they're a Tesla charging partner so they can deliver 80A. And monthly is only 250-

You can't leave the island without getting pretty close to a supercharger (jfk, syosset, paramus, edison, greenwich) -- they are your best bet if you don't have one of the aforementioned "great situations"

Hope this helps a few of you...

Galve2000 | 12 décembre 2014


Is the charge point charger at the ICON garage on N Moore and Greenwhich still out of order? I reported it as out of order back in may or june of this year on PlugShare

I was hoping for an affordable way to charge my model S when I get it.. every time i play with the design studio I want to punch the "gas savings" section in the face..

I have not been to the Time Warner Center kiosk yet, but i'm wondering how the reps there would react to my "charging in NYC is WAY too expensive" spiel...