Automatic additional lighting when turning

Automatic additional lighting when turning

Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere (don't remember it being discussed), but drove the S in the dark tonight for the first time and noticed that an extra light (side light? Fog light?) turns on when you turn the steering wheel, but only on the side to which you are steering. Definitely enhances cornering visibility at night.

Couldn't find any reference to this in the manual. Cool little feature.

Dennis | 3 janvier 2013

i noticed that too. pretty cool. haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere.

reitmanr | 3 janvier 2013

Me to! What a nice surprise to see the turn light up as I drove through the hills at night. That's the first I knew of it
Just got the S last Sunday and I am in love! As are many admirers.

desiguy | 3 janvier 2013

I wanted to ask if the car had cornering lights...great it has it. I love that feature in my merc.

Michael37 | 3 janvier 2013

I really appreciate the feature, but I wish that it had some hysteresis in it. I was going around a sweeping turn onto the freeway, and the radius was right at the threshold of the cornering light's activation, so it was flickering on and off all around the turn. I think if it comes on, it should stay on until you have (nearly) straightened the steering wheel.

Desai | 3 janvier 2013

@Michael37: Great suggestion. I hope they can add this into a future software update.

jbunn | 3 janvier 2013

This is a Tech Package option. Not on standard S.

Desai | 3 janvier 2013

@jbunn: Thanks for the clarification. Yet another reason that I am glad I purchased the Tech Package.

Alex K | 3 janvier 2013

@nickjhowe | JANUARY 3, 2013: but drove the S in the dark tonight for the first time and noticed that an extra light (side light? Fog light?) turns on when you turn the steering wheel

Do you know if this is an LED light or a conventional bulb?

brijam | 3 janvier 2013

@Michael37 - that's a great idea. You should post your request to the software enhancements thread here:

olanmills | 4 janvier 2013

Yeah, DS told me about it the day I picked up my car. He had just found out about it too. Pretty cool.

rwang | 4 janvier 2013

Tech package requirement but it's very nice. It's based on the degree of the turn not the turn signal which is even smarter.

nickjhowe | 4 janvier 2013

@AlexK - nope - will check it out and post here.

Alex K | 5 janvier 2013

@Alex K | JANUARY 3, 2013: Do you know if this is an LED light or a conventional bulb?

To answer my own question: Got the car today and the side illumination lights appear to be LED. Unfortunately, the license plate lights are standard 36mm incandescent Festoon bulbs - shameful. I've ordered a set of LEDs to replace them.

Robert22 | 5 janvier 2013

Where exactly is the light source for side illumination in turns located?

Brian H | 6 janvier 2013

I saw a diagram once, I believe. Slightly offset in the same housing.

Alex K | 7 janvier 2013

@Robert22 | JANUARY 5, 2013: Where exactly is the light source for side illumination in turns located?

It appears to be located in the lower, outside, part of the bumper (near the amber lights). It's hard for a single person to photograph since you need to be moving for it to be activated. I'll see if I can get someone to take a picture for me, preferably at dusk.

nickjhowe | 7 janvier 2013

I had the same problem. Even tried videoing out of the window - no luck. Will ask my wife to take a look tonight.

hsadler | 7 janvier 2013

Great feature!! I occasionally drive a Lexus which has a turning illumination feature, but it is a set of lights that turn with the steering wheel. Unfortunately it is always on. When going through fog on a winding road, it sweeps left and right. Kinda makes you nauseous.

rlpm | 7 janvier 2013

My to-be-replaced BMW 335i coupe also has lights that track with steering. It's a nice feature. I never got nauseated, IIRC. I don't think I'll miss it, given the extra lighting reported in this thread.

nickjhowe | 7 janvier 2013

Was down at the Dania service center today and asked one of the techs. He says it is part of the fog-light assembly.

Epley | 7 janvier 2013

It's one of my favorite features of the car! It's a light just outside the fog lights, and only goes on when the headlights are on.

Alex K | 7 janvier 2013

I tried to take a picture, but it didn't come out good. I'm including it here anyway, since it's better than nothing. One thing I noticed is that both the side illumination lights come on when in reverse.

dtich | 7 janvier 2013

yes, the cornering light function works very well. i too had panning headlamps in my bmw, which were very nice, but i have to say i don't miss them at all in the model s. the lighting systems are very effective.

nickjhowe | 8 janvier 2013

My wife says it is the area pointed at by the arrow. Looks like the light is actually housed above the area and shines down into the reflector...

nickjhowe | 8 janvier 2013

Fog light?

jinglehyme | 8 janvier 2013

I like the feature - and was happy to see it included in the tech package. But it's not really that special. Even my lowly first generation VW CC had the feature.

EcLectric | 8 janvier 2013

I just noticed it last night. I wonder if it changed in the one software update I've had...

Osiris | 8 janvier 2013

I really love the Model S beeing an updateable car! I think we can't image the kind of functinallity updates and apps will bring to the Model S. I personally dream of linking the Tesla charger to my solar inverter, so that it charges accoringly to my solar electricty "production". Controlling charge-current should definitly be part of the Tesla API.

Superliner | 8 janvier 2013

Cornering lamps have been around for nearly 50 years. Most activated by the turn signal. Having them automatic based on steering wheel angle is neat though. They are not specifically listed in those items included with the tech package "but might be considered as convenience lighting" which is mentioned but it does not specify what that includes either.

cgiGuy | 9 mars 2013

Here's a video showing what appears the be the cornering light turning off after a slight turn. Skip to 22 seconds in. Also, fog lights are clearly visible under the cornering light.

bsimoes | 10 mars 2013

It also appeared to have the metal pedals!