Barstow to Las Vegas with a 60KW Battery?

Barstow to Las Vegas with a 60KW Battery?

I'm concerned the 60KW Battery with Supercharger still won't make the 155 miles distance with driving slow.
Driving slow to LV would be a real bummer... I don't think Telsa put the supercharger in the right place in Barstow.
I think it should have been a little closer to Vegas (maybe 15-20) miles closer.


Yes, one solution is the 85KW battery but I really don't need it other than this Vegas run.

scottssp | 5 décembre 2012

Stop at state line and plug in at the RV park for an hour or so to finish the drive.

TimJ | 5 décembre 2012

Even though the numbers are not out yet, the range of the with the new EPA numbers should be within 155 miles.

Fredhmartin | 5 décembre 2012

Scott. Thanks for state line RV suggestion.

Sudre_ | 5 décembre 2012

Tesla estimates the 85kWh battery at 300 originally.
They estimated the 60kWh battery at... 240 I think.
The 85kWh battery actually gets 265 miles.
Proportionally that comes up with the 60kWh battery getting 212 miles.
212 miles with A/C at full blast might be around 190 miles.
Should make the distance, barely at higher speeds.

A few years of degradation and it will not. The 85kWh battery would be recommended. If you need it for the drive to LV then you need it for the drive to LV. How often is irrelevant unless you want to rent a car for the trip.

mrspaghetti | 5 décembre 2012

You're going to be more limited with the 60kwh battery than the 85, no way around it. For me the 85 is worth the extra $$ to have the fewest limitations.

mbcaffe | 5 décembre 2012

Tesla estimate for 60 kWh is 230 miles. will that proportionately equate to 203 miles? If I get mine in time, I am planning to drive to Vegas on Feb. 7th. with 4 adults in the car. where is the RV park near state line?

JimmyN | 5 décembre 2012

I did the drive a few weekends ago (for the first time). With the thought of determining a baseline (because I do the trip a lot) – I had the following conditions:

- Sig/Performance
- Cruise control for about 90% of the time between 70-75mph
- Did not allow the car to go above 80mph (when CC was off)
- AC on w/ rec. air at 75 deg
- 2 people + 1 small dog :)
- No traffic

I used 57.89kWh from unplugging it at the SC station to exiting I-15/Flamingo. It’s those two hills after Baker that really eats up the juice.

For you as I don’t know how much of the battery power Tesla designed to keep on “reserve” - I would probably figure a short stop somewhere in Baker or Stateline; do 60-65mph up the two hills; and/or no AC (but I always keep it on – so I can’t even follow that advice).

If it’s any consolation – I used 52.0kWh for the 158.2mi drive back the other way (same conditions other than heavy traffic between Jean and Stateline).

I must say that it was probably the slowest drive I’ve ever done to Vegas – but hey, there was a lot of rubber necking and camera phones at the S - Haha! Hope these real numbers help.

R3dStang66 | 5 décembre 2012


Did you stay at a hotel that provided EV charging or something else?

I hear that the Aria and Mandelay Bay have std EV charging.

pbrulott | 5 décembre 2012

Fredhmartin, I have the exact same issue. Driving Montreal to Quebec City is 155-160 miles.

I wanted the 40kWh but went for the 60kWh for the 10 times a year I go to Quebec City. Still waiting for the EPA numbers though.

Figured 230 miles of the 60 kWh pack in EPA terms should be around 204 miles. That is 44 miles of buffer. With 4 people in the car + luggage, heating or AC, head wind, I would end up with no juice really at or really close to destination. With battery aging, it will only be worse in a couple of years...

Also on the fence with the Supercharger option as I don't see any SC coming soon to Canada

Fredhmartin | 5 décembre 2012

Thanks JimmyN.

Excellent summary!

Brian H | 5 décembre 2012

I believe even the 1-yr "rough" map showed something on that run, and another between Tor. and Mtl. Those were just mapmaker's WAGs, though.

Superliner | 5 décembre 2012

There MUST be a means to charge @ State Line Casino?? That would be an ideal location for a Supercharger or at the very least several public chargers

JimmyN | 6 décembre 2012

@R3dStang66 – The hotel I stayed at didn’t have adequate EV charging – I had to go somewhere else to charge it. But they have them in a good amount of places. (e.g. Aria/Crystals, Mandalay Bay, Venetian; if you have an adapter, they have Tesla HPC at Palazzo and Cosmo)

@Superliner – I agree – Primm or even the outlet at Primm should have at least some charging stations (but wouldn’t mind a SC though – good for prepping for the trip back while shopping/eating)

JimmyN | 6 décembre 2012

Especially with the solar farm right up the highway!

Volker.Berlin | 10 décembre 2012

The new "How far can I go" tool on Tesla's website indicates 167 miles of range for the 60 kWh battery in the worst of conditions (within the range the tool offers):

Based on that information, you should be able to make those 155 miles. If you run low, decrease speed while you still can, just to be sure. Then, if you do that trip again, you already know how fast you can go and still make it.