Battery Swaps for Taxies

Battery Swaps for Taxies

A huge market for battery swaps will be taxi companies. They run their cars in two or three shifts, which limits the time for refueling. Fuel is their big cost and the price would plummet, if they had a fleet of electric cars with available battery swaps. They could have the swap stations in their own garages and simply circulate their own batteries. It may also result in lower taxi fares, which would increase the demand for taxi rides and therefore a need for more taxies. It's a big win for the taxi companies, their passengers and Tesla Motors. | 19 juin 2013


baku | 19 juin 2013

100% electrica cars are the wiinners, whichever way you look at them.

In short period of time ALL taxy companies should switch to fully electric vechicles. As the people will choose electric car taxies, not just because this is environmentally firendly option, safer, more comfortable drive, but because this is also cheaper than dirty oily ICE cars!