On Being Seen With A Supermodel....

On Being Seen With A Supermodel....

Do you recall seeing pictures of models and actors on the red carpet? The person with them is usually cropped out of the picture. I now appreciate the experience of that "unseen" other person. Yesterday the people behind me and on my left were snapping pictures of my supermodel. Today I was waiting at a traffic light & person walked out in the crosswalk, snapped a few pictures, and then went back into a restaurant on the corner.

The turned heads and pointing have become routine in the first 1000 miles. My daughter said, “You’re cool Dad.” I smiled, “No, but the car sure is.” Such is life when you spend time driving with the SuperModel S. | 11 janvier 2013

Thought you should be prepared when your time arrives.

pvenkate | 11 janvier 2013

I am seeing so many (super)Model S's of late in and around I280/8. Usually my 13 year old son is riding with me and our favorite sport is to try and pull in close and he takes close up pictures on his ipod touch. I think we already have framed about 8 different S's in the last 2 -3 weeks alone..

Dr. Bob Reinke | 11 janvier 2013

The first day of ownership we took our Signature Red Signature S to a friends computer shop about three miles away. Two cars and a pickup followed us into the parking lot. Three familys asking if they could take pictures in front of our car. Without exception, nearly every time we return to our parked car, there is a group gathered around the Model S taking pictures and ready with dozens of questions about it. Ours is the third Tesla Model S in Wisconsin, so it is still a rare car-buff find.