Beta is coming to Toronto

Beta is coming to Toronto

I got an e-mail notifying me that the Beta will be on display:

Brookfield Place
Sam Pollock Square
181 Bay Street
Toronto, ON M5J 2T3

Wednesday, Nov 2nd - Sunday, Nov 6th
7am - 7pm

Looking forward to this since I couldn't go to the October event.

Brian H | 28 octobre 2011

Be interesting to see if the Cdn. reservation numbers jump during/after that showing.

stephen.kamichik | 28 octobre 2011

I'm coming in (with my better half) from Montreal.

Leofingal | 29 octobre 2011

I plan to go up from Rochester, NY on Saturday. Might take a co-worker that is considering a Leaf/Model S/Focus Electric.

ncn | 29 octobre 2011

Do we know which color is coming? I'd go to see the red.... but I think I know what the white and black look like.

Leofingal | 29 octobre 2011

I sent an e-mail asking, so hopefully Monday I'll know.

Leofingal | 30 octobre 2011

@ncn - The e-mail I got from Sarah says that it will be the Signature Red Beta.

Vawlkus | 31 octobre 2011

I hate Central Canadians; they get to see all this cool *ahem* stuff, and us on the coast don't }B(

ColinBowern | 5 novembre 2011

I stopped by to see the beta in Toronto. I was able to sit in it and get a full tour of the vehicle. Overall it's what I expected - pretty darn nice! Hopefully they will polish up the interior for the final delivery as there was some minor awkward design elements - for example, the interior door handles need a bit of a rethink as they were poorly positioned. The seats were also quite firm. All said it is shaping up to be a pretty stellar vehicle.

At the same time it was a sad moment as a few days prior I gave up my Signature reservation. We are planning a move to New Zealand in the next year or two and according to the folks at Tesla there are no plans at this time to support NZ as a market.

VolkerP | 7 novembre 2011

They do have electricity in NZ? Imagine your solar powered car being the only one left drivable after earth quake, and all the ICE ran out of petrol...

Robert.Boston | 7 novembre 2011

They do have electricity in NZ, but the killer would be the $5,438 per trip charge for the Rangers to come service your car from the Tokyo shop....

ckessel | 7 novembre 2011

NZ is quite small and I can see why, on the "passing regulatory stuff" priority they'd be way down the list. I'm a little surprised that, being that small, they don't have a waiver if you've cleared some other equivalent country's regulations. Sort of a shame, since NZ is a very beautiful and environmentally aware country and I suspect they'd be pro-EV.

Brian H | 8 novembre 2011

Get Gandalf to intervene.