Bike rack for Model S

Bike rack for Model S

Apologies if this topic has been covered - I'm sure it has but I couldn't find a search button to allow me to search the forums.

My MS is slated for delivery next month and I need to find a bike rack that will fit it. Roof-mounted racks are a pain and since a trailer hitch isn't an option I want a trunk-mounted rack. I almost bought the Saris Bones 2 at my local bike shop but they checked and Saris does not approve it for use with the Model S. It might fit but the warranty would be void if anything ahappened to the car, rack or bike.

Does anyone know of a rack that is approved for the Model S? What do folks on this forum use? I only need 2-bike capacity. | 30 avril 2014

First you'll need to order the MS with the pano roof.

Then order roof rack:

And lastly, you'll need to order the bike attachment:

Dooley | 30 avril 2014

I have the Whispbar rack with three WB200's on it and I LOVE it. The rack is very easy to install/remove but I always keep it on. I have not noticed any reduced mileage with just the rack on, but with all three bikes on top the mileage is approximately 30% less. This rack fits the design and shape of the MS perfectly.


PS You must have the Pano roof...

MSmbc | 30 avril 2014

Sorry - thought I made clear in my original post that I don't want a roof rack, I want a trunk-mounted rack. I have the pano roof, but rook racks are generally a pain to load and unload, and that whispbar combo is over $800. Anyone know of a trunk-mounted rack that will work?

nau | 30 avril 2014

Dooley, Can the rack fit four WB200's? Also, do you keep them on all the time? I am concerned about the wind noise generated by the bike adapters. thx

Velo1 | 30 avril 2014

Any external bike rack has it's pros and cons. I'd suggest looking at Rack Attack at and seeing a variety of options. I kept my Escalade so I can fit and transport 3 bikes inside the vehicle, which is pretty much the only time I take that beast out of the garage.

I do drop both rear seats in the Model S and lay my bike on an old blanket in the back, but I would not put two bikes inside the S. | 30 avril 2014

@MSmbc - Sorry I didn't read your post carefully! The MS doesn't have a trunk, but a hatch. That may make it harder to find a rack that works for it.

While, rare, I've seen roof mounted bikes, and ones on the rear hitch (with the third-party attachment) on the MS. I've never seen anything attached to the rear hatch. I've seen at least 500 Teslas in the last year here in California in and about. Doesn't mean a third-party hatch rack isn't available, but I have my doubts. I'd also be a little concerned about the ability to open/close the hatch with anything attached to it. Good luck and let us know if you do find something that works!

Fins | 30 avril 2014

This hitch works perfect... No drilling watch the video | 30 avril 2014

You can easly carry two bikes in the back seat; outside I do not know.

Dooley | 30 avril 2014


I only have three WB200's and it is easy to put 3 road bikes on at one time all facing forward. If you were to stager the bikes so the bars didn't touch, I am sure 4 road bikes could be done at one time. Thinking only 3 Mtb's for sure.

As for the additional wind noise, there is a little more with just the rack but not enough around town to worry about. On a long trip I would remove the rack completely if I was not bringing my bikes.

I think the MS looks very cool with the rack on!


Pungoteague_Dave | 30 avril 2014

You should not mount a standard bike rack on the rear body of the Model S. Aluminum bodywork cannot support the rack feet without deformation. We have a hitch-mounted Saris rack, which works great on the Eco-Hitch, and nothing touches you car body.

MSmbc | 30 avril 2014

Dave, is the aluminum bodywork less rigid than normal sheet metal? I thought aluminum was supposed to be lighter and stronger.

I looked at the Eco-Hitch and it looks great, but at pricey at $350. Anyone know how much Tesla would charge to install it at their Service Center, if they even will?

NOLEK SUM | 30 avril 2014

Loaded It will do interesting things to Range, I imagine.

bjm | 30 avril 2014

Has anyone compared bikes mounted on the roof rack vs. the hitch rack in terms of the effect on range?

Zebuf | 1 mai 2014

Just get a foldable bike from BikeFriday!
Fits easily in the trunk ;-)

Dr. Bob Reinke | 1 mai 2014

We bought and installed the echohitch on our P85 Signature and have noticed little to no range reduction. The echohitch came with excellent easy to follow instructions and took about a day of labor. Contrary to the instructions to drill a hole in the chrome trim plate under the rear bumper cover, we drilled only the bumper cover. That way there is no need for the cover echohitch sells and we could install the the chrome trim with the (2)external trim screws covering the hole for the receiver with the chrome plate and no indication that the hitch was there when it is not in use. The echohitch welded steel frame adds substantial beef to the rear bumper with no cosmetic change to the rear of the Tesla. The echohitch 2" receiver easily accepts the bike carrier frame we have used for years on our Supera. Everything, including fasteners soft and hard, that you need to install it are in the kit. Chicago SC refused to install it. Have fun!

tesla | 25 janvier 2016

Will a Service Center install this? (It seems like the Chicago SC said no, but has anyone else had luck?)

How tough is the install to do by yourself on the eco-hitch?

Pungoteague_Dave | 26 janvier 2016

Full installation details here:

we tow lots of things with it:

Here I am ICEing a Florida Supercharger because it was easier than taking off the trailer (no one inconvenienced)

Towing is sometimes fun

tesla | 26 janvier 2016

Hey Dave,

Thanks for the details. Does your MS have autopilot? If so, do you notice any issues while towing things? Someone mentioned having a bike rack attached causes issues with AutoPilot. I can certainly see this causing issues with the backup sensors and 'summon' -- but I'm hoping that AutoPilot on the interstate still works with something like a bike rack attached.

Thanks again

Pungoteague_Dave | 26 janvier 2016

We do have autopilot. That still works fine when towing or with bikes behind the car. However, the parking assist is disabled after the first time we reverse.

tesla | 26 janvier 2016

Awesome! I'll be ordering my EcoHitch soon. Thanks again!

mkennedy1146 | 23 mai 2018

rear mounted bike rack for 2 bikes

Andrew_OH_70D | 23 mai 2018

I have an Ecohitch, and it is great. My bike rack works great. I am on the waiting list for a Kitty Hawk flyer, which I intend to tow to the lake to fly.

SCCRENDO | 23 mai 2018

Ordered my Echohitch over 2 weeks ago and it seems like they are on backorder. Glad to know that it works well.

akikiki | 23 mai 2018

Guys before you decide to install the hitch get as many facts about it as possible.

dborn | 24 mai 2018

The seasucker rack works great. Easy to put on even easier to remove. I never leave it on when out for a ride.
I have the whispbar rack which is a 10minute install. Don’t leave it on because the wind whistles around it. Only ever use that now to carry long awkward loads which is not often. Plywood sheets and the like.

MJP.75D | 24 mai 2018

@dborn +1

SCCRENDO | 24 mai 2018

@akikiki. I called up the local installer to discuss this. They stated that there was an issue prior to 2016 related to the bolts that were being used. They deny any recent issues. This company specializes in Teslas. And have been doing Model S for years. They were doing their first Model 3 a few weeks ago. I have decided to play it safer and do it on my 142000 mile Model S rather than my 3

freddysigs | 12 septembre 2019

How many bikes can you fit on the Tesla Model S with the cross-bars sold by Tesla?